Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Climate groups applauded HSBC's announcement that it is moving away from fossil fuels. (Photo: ItzaFineDay/flickr/cc)
The development is "yet another signal to Donald Trump and the rest of the world that, despite their worst laid plans, the era of fossil fuels is coming to a close."
Jake Johnson, staff writer
Press freedom advocates denounced the claims advanced in the suit, arguing they...
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Israeli-American actress Natalie Portman was among those to express concern...


Israel this week again laid bare the old, grim juxtaposition that marks its birth: As it celebrated the 70th anniversary of the state's founding, thousands of disenfranchised Palestinians marched to one of 500 demolished villages to mourn their own "catastrophe," victims of the violence on both sides held an alternative ceremony to honor "the void created by loss,” and Israeli right-wingers nearby chanted "Death to the Traitors." 70 years on, the ugly chasm seethes.