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March 2008

Monday, March 31
James Carroll: Forty Years After Vietnam, a Reckoning
Alice Walker: Lest We Forget: An Open Letter to My Sisters Who Are Brave
Robert Dreyfuss: The Lessons of Basra
Gary Younge: America Lauds Martin Luther King, but Undermines His Legacy Every Day
Sally Kohn: Juan’s Story: Undocumented but Not Un-American
Ray McGovern: Delusionary, Dancing Bush
Sean Gonsalves: What’s the ‘Color of Wealth’?
Paul Krugman: The Dilbert Strategy
Nick Turse: Weaponizing the Pentagon’s Cyborg Insects
Bridget Stutchbury: Did Your Shopping List Kill a Songbird?
Joschka Fischer: The New Nuclear Risk

Sunday, March 30
John Gray: Those Who Control Oil and Water Will Control The World
Clint Talbot: Let Us Reason Together
Carl Coon: Toward a Humanist Foreign Policy
Elizabeth Drew: Molehill Politics
Matthew Rothschild: Disgusting Profits by Armament Companies
Eric Margolis: Obama-Clinton Spats A Gain for McCain

Saturday, March 29
Ramzy Baroud: Where Are The Iraqis in The Iraq War?
Robert Naiman: Basra Assault Exposes Fraud of “National Reconciliation” in Iraq
Gabriela Lemus & Hector Sanchez: Forming a More Perfect Union: Beyond Black and White
Greg Mitchell: For the Press, No Iraq Introspection
Glenn Greenwald: Michael Mukasey’s Tearful Lies
Caroline Lucas: Blood On The Ice
Christopher Brauchli: Preachers & Politicians
James Ridgeway: It’s The Deregulation, Stupid
Chris Mooney: The Manufacture of Uncertainty
Matthew Rothschild: Bush Totally Out of It on Iraq
Sami Ramadani: A Great Leap Backward
John Bruhns: Time Is Not On Our Side

Friday, March 28
John LaForge: Three Mile Island at 29: Reactors and Infant Health
Glenn Greenwald: Bush and McCain’s Shared Foreign Policy Approach
Jennifer Daskal & Leslie Lefkow: Off-Target: Missile Strikes Harm US Foreign Policy
Andrés Izarra: Letter from Venezuela’s Communications Minister to the Washington Post
Steven Kull: American Public Says Government Leaders Should Pay Attention to Polls
Chris Cooper: Lord Protect My Child
David Michael Green: The Swiftboating of Barack Obama
Tom Engelhardt: The Little Administration That Couldn’t
Arianna Huffington: John McCain, Iraq, and the Eyewitness Fallacy
Garrison Keillor: Poor America

Thursday, March 27
Amy Goodman: Body of War
Norman Solomon: NPR News: National Pentagon Radio?
Jeremy Brecher/Tim Costello/Brendan Smith: How Green Is Your Collar?
Robert Weissman: How Things Work: FTC Chair to Join Procter & Gamble
Joseph Galloway: Shame on Them and Shame on Us
Rolf Carriere & Michael Nagler: Fight Violence With Nonviolence
Janine Jackson: Fear & Favor: News, Journalism, and Power
Marie Cocco: Nixon’s Heir
Robert Weitzel: Palestinian, Israeli kids Are Cannon Fodder for Rapture
Helen Thomas: Cheney Believes War Is Not the People’s Business
Las Vegas Sun: Food Without Borders

Wednesday, March 26

Naomi Klein/Jeremy Scahill: Anti-War Campaigners Have to Change Electoral Tactics
Ray McGovern: Frontline: Too Timid, Too Little, Too Late
Gary Kamiya: Rev. Jeremiah Wright Isn’t the Problem
Robert Scheer: War of the Word
Peter Dreier: The Mortgage Mess and the Economic Meltdown: What McCain (and the Rest of Us) Should Learn From the Keating Scandal
Anita Sinha/Jill Tauber: Dreams Turned Into Rubble in New Orleans
Stephen Zunes: Hillary Clinton’s Iraq Speech at GWU: An Annotated Critique
Mark Morford: Tax My Rich White Torturer
Tom Hayden/Bill Fletcher/Barbara Ehrenreich/Danny Glover: Progressives for Obama
Pat LaMarche: Wake up and Smell the Coffee
Robert Borosage: Who Gets Us out of the Mess?
Rhianna Tyson: Forsaking Space Weapons Would Spur Peace
Zia Mian: The Costs of War
Mark Danner: Taking Stock of the War on Terror

Tuesday, March 25

Elaine Brower: Winter Soldier 2008: A Marine Mom’s Eyewitness Account of the Testimony
Tom Andrews: 4,000 and Counting…
Nat Hentoff: The Torture President
Dean Baker: Financial Meltdown: Time For a Holiday From Progressive Politics?
Robert Naiman: Four Thousand US Deaths Should Spark Congressional Debate
Linda McQuaig: Iraq War Botched and Illegal
Pierre Tristam: When America Can’t Handle the Truth
Sean Gonsalves: Just a Typical Black Person
Marie Cocco: Greed Is Not Good
Helen Thomas: Telling Bush the Truth Is Costly

Monday, March 24

Ed Ludwig: Make Oil A Public Utility
Michael Moore: So?...
Judith Blau:
Michael Schwartz: The Battle of Baghdad
Craig & Marc Kielburger: Invest In People Not Weapons
Robert Jensen: Look Beyond War and Peace to Global Justice
J. Carl Ganter: Deep Pangs of Irony: Courting Water to Conquer War
Robert Fisk: From ‘War Criminal’ to ‘Statesman’
Bruce Speight: Politicians Must Support Safety Not the Chemical Industry
Chris Hedges: A Conscientious Objection

Sunday, March 23

Bob Fitrakis/Harvey Wasserman: How an Unwanted Guardianship Cost a Firefighter His Freedom and His Fortune
E. Benjamin Skinner: Slavery's Staying Power
Monique Doyle Spencer: Working Women, Where Did We Go So Wrong?
Eric Margolis: Dalai Lama Holds Key to Peace in Tibet
Elizabeth Sullivan: In New, More Detailed DNA Tests, Geography Meets Genetics

Saturday, March 22
Ramzy Baroud:
The Coming Uncertain War against Iran
Eric Reeves: China's Genocide Games
Caroline Arnold: 'It Doesn't Have to be this Bad'
Christopher Brauchli: The Clout of George Bush
Hank Kalet: Dispatches: Across the Great Divide

Friday, March 21
Frances Moore Lappé: The New Deal: The Only Fitting Tribute
John Bruhns: On Iraq: The People Have Spoken
Van Jones: Shining a New Light
Glenn Greenwald: The Obama Passport Snooping and the Unchecked Surveillance State
Gore Vidal: Gore Vidal Speaks Seriously Ill of the Dead
Howard Zinn: Beyond the New Deal
Martha Rosenberg: Happy Easter From United Egg Producers, the Battery Cage People
John Dean: Barack Obama’s Smart Speech 'A More Perfect Union': Did It Reveal Him to Be Too Intellectual to Be President?
David Michael Green: Happy Anniversary, America! How Lethally Stupid Can One Country Be?
Paul Rogat Loeb: Can SuperDelegates Stop the Scorched Earth Campaigning?
John Nichols: Clinton Lie Kills Her Credibility on Trade Policy
David Sirota: New Crisis, Old Isms

Thursday, March 20
Amy Goodman: Winter Soldier Marches Again
Barbara Ehrenreich: Hillary’s Nasty Pastorate
Robert Koehler: Where War Meets Peace
Ann Wright/John Brown/Brady Kiesling: Why We Said No: Three Diplomats’ Duty
Daniel Ellsberg: Words to the Die-In Participants: We as a People Have the Power
Sara Gould: Five Years and Counting: A Call to Pundits and Politicians to Deepen the Conversation
Joseph Gerson: Resisting the Empire
Nadje Al-Ali: A Blind Eye on Iraqi Women
Dilip Hiro: Bush’s Napoleon Moment
Juan Cole: Five Years of Iraq Lies

Wednesday, March 19
Rebecca Solnit: Five Years Later
Robert Scheer: Bush’s Legacy of Failure
Greg Mitchell: Unsung Heroes and Alternate Voices of Iraq War Coverage
Robert Weissman: Heads Monsanto Wins, Tails We Lose; The Genetically Modified Food Gamble
Madeleine Mysko: The Nation Must Heed the Horrifyng Words of the Winter Soldiers
Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater Seeps Into the Campaign
Nomi Prins: Ode to Bear, Stearns
Joe Brewer/George Lakoff: We Need a President, Not Just a Commander-in-Chief
Laura Kaminker: Turn off Your TV: Why I Won’t Watch the Beijing Olympics
Robert Fisk: The Only Lesson We Ever Learn Is That We Never Learn
Leonard Pitts Jr.: 4,000 Americans, Innumerable Iraqis, $3 Trillion

Tuesday, March 18
Scott Ritter: Dinner With Ahmed
Michael Winship: Cry Havoc, and Let Slip the Dogs of Torture
Danny Schechter: As Big Banks Fall: The Bear Has Fallen and the Bull Is Gone
Ira Chernus: The Real Eisenhower: Planning to Win Nuclear War
David Pimentel: Corn Can’t Save Us
Laura Flanders: Stop the Next My Lai
George Monbiot: Carbon Capture Is Turning out to Be Just Another Great Green Scam
Kathleen Taylor: Let’s Talk About Marijuana

Monday, March 17
Jeff Cohen: Iraq Winter Soldier Hearings: Victory for Independent Media
Patrick Cockburn: A Gross Failure That Ignored History and Ended With a Humiliating Retreat
Tom Engelhardt: Blowing Them Away Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry
Frida Berrigan: Guantánamo: The Bigger Picture
Dahr Jamail: Rule, Not Reconciliation
Sean Gonsalves : Who’s the War Boss?
Gary Younge: Ranking Race Against Gender Is the First Step Towards Fundamentalism
Jon Wiener: Clinton’s Iraq Vote - Five Years Later
Leonard Boasberg: Republican War Rhetoric Devoid of Reality

Sunday, March 16
Linda Bilmes: Another Year, Another $300 Billion
David Cole: The Torture Veto
Patrick Cockburn: Five Years of Occupation, Iraq Destroyed
Claudia Ayers: Fear-Based Education as the Testing Season Starts
Eric Margolis: Things More Important Than the Spitzer Spectacle
The Boston Globe: Devastation at 3,000 Feet

Saturday, March 15
Tom Hayden: Reviving Vietnam War Tactics
David Krieger: Accountability for the Iraq War
Dennis Jett: America Must Not Justify Torture
Lena de Casparis: Youth Against the War: Marching in March
Raj Purohit/Rich Stazinski: In Defense of Samantha Power
TPM Café: Truth Time: Wright Is Right
Robert Fisk: Political Prisoners Shut Up. Locked Up. Silenced
Derrick Jackson: Prisoners of Sentencing Politics
Christopher Brauchli: A Modest Proposal

Friday, March 14
Robert Pollin/Heidi Garrett-Peltier: The Wages of Peace
Ann Wright: Counter-Recruitment Is Not Counter-Military: A Letter From a Colonel
Stephen Zunes: To My Daughter, on the Fifth Anniversary of the US Invasion of Iraq
Robert Fisk: The Cult of the Suicide Bomber
Amy Goodman: A Cause Bigger Than Any Scandal
Women for Genuine Security: Gender and US Bases in Asia-Pacific
Dilip Hiro: Powerless on Oil Prices
Hank Kalet: Victory: Just Around the Corner?
David Sirota: Remembering What Nixon Learned
David Michael Green: Why Eliot Spitzer Should Have Resigned… And Why He Shouldn’t Have
Ryan Blethen: Time to Ditch Legacy Politics and Chart a New Direction

Thursday, March 13
Nomi Prins: Eliot Spitzer or the Subprime CEOs – Which Crime Should Really Call up Outrage?
Tom Engelhardt: The First Sixth-Anniversary-of-the-Iraq-War Article
Anna Lappé: There’s a Homegrown Way to Address Climate Change
Stan Cox: SUVs Without Wheels
John Nichols: David Paterson: Activist, Progressive…Governor
Martha Rosenberg: Accused of Abusing Workers, Animals and Watersheds, ‘Teflon’ Tyson Eyes China
Paul Rockwell: Cluster Bombs Are Not Good for Children, Hillary
John Atlas/Peter Dreier: The Wire: Bush-Era Fable About America’s Urban Poor
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: KBR: Dirty Water, Dirty Deals
Robert Koehler: The Fear Fundamentalists
Alex Stein: Stalking the Arctic
Pratap Chatterjee: Spitzer versus Schwarzman
Thomas Schaller: McCain Running in Reverse: From the Middle to the Right
Johann Hari: What Wouldn’t Clinton Do to Secure Power?

Wednesday, March 12
Joseph Stiglitz: The $3 Trillion War in Iraq
Barbara Ehrenreich: The Fall of the American Consumer
Greg Mitchell: The Iraq Follies: Things You’ve Already Forgotten About the Media’s Flawed Coverage of Iraq
Robert Scheer: Spitzer’s Shame Is Wall Street’s Gain
Pat LaMarche: President Bush’s Stinking Endorsement
Ronnie Cummins: Beyond Progressive Malpractice: Taking Down Big Pharma
John Pilger: The Prisoner of Dhaka
Dave Lindorff: It’s the ‘Oh Shit!’ Moment on Iran
Tom Teepen: Bush’s Chamber of Horrors
Ted Rall: Eco-Terrorism: There’s No Such Thing
James Denselow: No-Man’s Land: Palestian Refugees in Syria
Conn Hallinan: Afghanistan: A River Runs Backward
Sally Kohn: Poorism? What Is Inequality Coming To?
Bob Edgar: A Test of Ethics for Congress
Paul Campos: Was Spitzer Targeted?
Reed Jarvis: Keep Guns out of National Parks

Tuesday, March 11
Michael Klare: The Bad News at the Pump
Norman Solomon: Warfare and Healthcare
Sarah Browning: Poets Against War: Hear This Hammer Ring
Ira Chernus: Hillary Flirting With Fear
Pierre Tristam: Terrorism Less Deceptively Defined
Deborah Orrick: Lifting the Global Gag Rule on Day One
Peter Erlinder: The Torture of Sami Al Arian
Jeremy Brecher/Tim Costello/Brendan Smith: Labor’s War on Global Warming
Dean Baker: The War and the Recession
Geoffrey Stone: Loyalty Oaths Fail the Test of Democracy
Eugene Robinson: So Much for the Surge
Nat Hentoff: Guantánamo Trials Fail the Nuremberg Test
Dan Carol: The Math on Government Spending

Monday, March 10
Chris Hedges: The World As It Is
Dave Zweifel: War Profiteers Work Their Schemes in Iraq
Olga Bonfiglio: BTW, What Do the Iraqis Want?
Robert Costanza: Our Three-Decade Quality of Life Recession
Cynthia Banham: At Last, Australia Takes a Stand Against the Dark Side and the Bush Administration
Bob Fitrakis/Harvey Wasserman: Did Republicans Give Hillary Her Victory in Ohio?
Sean Gonsalves: Chewing on the Constitution
Marian Wright Edelman: Where Are the Children in President Bush’s Budget?
Juliet Lyon: America's Penal System: Nothing to Emulate
The Roanoke Times: Abuses Show Need for Net Neutrality
James Early: Cuba’s Post-Castro Revolutionary Transition
Ellen Kadransky: Voting Security Needed Now

Sunday, March 9
Pierre Tristam: Bush The Torturer, The Tyrant, The Disgrace
Eric Margolis: Mutual Assured Spending
Haroon Siddiqui: Chaos of Gaza Cries Out For a Political Deal
Nomi Prins: Subprime Lending’s Smartest Guys in the Room

Saturday, March 8
Aaron Glantz: Winter Soldier Hearings
Chris Hedges: Dr. Al-Arian’s Third Strike
Glenn Greenwald: Tucker Carlson Unintentionally Reveals The Role of The American Press
Martha Rosenberg: USDA Says It’s None of the Public’s Business Who Ate Recalled Meat
Nir Rosen: The Myth of The Surge
Helen Thomas: Keep The New York Philharmonic On The Road
Bernie Sanders: Changing Our National Priorities
Auden Schendler: The Big Green Lie
Lissa Weinmann: Getting Smart About Cuba
Christopher Brauchli: Iraq & Sleepovers

Friday, March 7
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Missile Defense: ‘Longest Running Scam’ Exposed
Tom Hayden: The New Phase for Obama, Clinton and the Rest of Us
John Lindsay-Poland: Linking the US Military and Latin America
David Michael Green: A Not-So-Simple Twist of Fate: Could Hillary Bequeath Us Our Long-Awaited Third Party?
Greg Grandin: Fidel Castro, the First Superdelegate
Caroline Arnold: The Pain of the GWOT: Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet...
Jeff Malachowsky: 10,000 Maniacs: Oregonians Exercising Democracy Through ‘Voter Owned Elections’
Anika Rahman: Giving Birth Should Not Cause Death
Glenn Greenwald: The Banality of the Surveillance State
David Sirota: Hope in the Time of NAFTA
Stephen Fleischman: Plan Colombia: Mixing Monsanto's Roundup With Bush's Sulfur

Thursday, March 6
Betsy Hartmann: The Election That Might Not Happen
Ruth Rosen: The Politics of Fear — Again
Amy Goodman: As Goes Vermont
Lucinda Marshall: With Strength, With Wisdom, With Solidarity: Reflections on the Importance of International Women’s Day
Robert Koehler: Losing the Future
Bruce Afran/Carl Mayer: Halting Illegal Spying on Americans
Heather Wokusch: Breaking the Nuremberg Code: The US Military’s Human-Testing Program Returns
Roger Doiron: Peak Oil? Peak Soil!
Irma Montoya: The Least Among Us
Paul Rogat Loeb: Did Clinton Win Ohio on a Lie?
Tom Gallagher: Ralph Nader-Apoplexy Season All Over Again
Joe Conason: McCain’s Very Own Farrakhan
Monica Hesse: Greed in the Name of Green
Amin Saikal: US Deafening Silence on Israel Speaks for Itself

Wednesday, March 5
Robert Naiman: Obama Glosses Over Colombian Attack in Ecuador; Clinton Calls for Escalation Against Venezuela
John Nichols: Now It Gets Dangerous for Democrats
Pat LaMarche: Little-Known Candidate Fighting for Your Future
William Hartung: War Is Hell, but What the Hell Does It Cost?
Jonathan Hutto: Soldiers and Democracy: Know Your Rights!
Seumas Milne: Gaza: To Blame the Victims for This Killing Spree Defies Both Morality and Sense
Michael Klare: The China Syndrome
James Cowie: Don’t Let Verizon off Privacy Hook
Steven Hill: A Way Out of the Spoiler Dilemma
Carlos Martinez: Plan Colombia: The Real Destabilizing Force in South America
Ted Rall: Afghanistan: A War We Can’t Believe In
The Seattle Times: Internet in Jeopardy as Neutrality Erodes
Robert Scheer: The ‘Great Satan’ Strike Out
Jerold Starr: The Other Side of the McCain Lobbyist Scandal

Tuesday, March 4
Norman Solomon: The War Election
Bill Quigley: Half of New Orleans Poor Permanently Displaced: Failure or Success?
The Brattleboro Reformer: Roosevelt: Words That Inspired
Nicole Whittington-Evans: Alaskan Wildlife Refuge Should Not Be Held Hostage to Greed
Michael Winship: Peanut Butter and Buckley
Joseph Galloway: The Pentagon Is Financed Like Enron and Run Like General Motors
Al Eisele: New Hampshire 1968: A Primary That Really Mattered
David Corn: McCain’s Nuclear Waste
John Buell: Ralph Nader Is Not Simply a Spoiler
Dean Baker: The Low-Income Homeowner Tax
Bill Berry: Real Patriots Don’t Waste the Nation’s Resources
Jonathan Turley: Mukasey’s Paradox
David Michael Green: Good Time(ing) Bill: William F. Buckley and the Damage Done
Pierre Tristam: How Democrats Self-Destruct
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Supreme Caveat: FDA Approval
Jesse Jackson: Dem Contest Shows America’s Transformation

Monday, March 3
James Carroll: Torture Shocks
Thomas Moore: The Lies of War
Glenn Carroll: This Is the Time to Reject Nuclear Arms
Ira Chernus: Israeli Violence Endangers Us, Not the Presidential Candidates
Craig Kielburger/Marc Kielburger: Justice Slow for Female War Victims
Glenn Greenwald: House Democratic Leadership: Not Just Complicit but Also Self-Destructive
Alexandra Klass/Sandra Zellmer: Exxon Should Pay Its Penance
Gary Younge: Obama Must Build a Movement to Take Him Beyond the White House
John Nichols: Dennis Kucinich’s Media Fight
Gideon Levy: Self-Deception and ‘Restraint’ in Israel
Tasneem Khalil: Surviving Torture in Bangladesh
Paul Rockwell: Clinton’s Duplicity on Michigan, Florida Delegates
Robert Lipsyte: The Monster Must Die! Clemenstein, or the Post-Modern Prometheus
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Iran: Diplomacy Works

Sunday, March 2
Bethany Woolman: The Obama Generation: He's No Pied Piper
Sean Gonsalves: Hillary: What About Womenomics?
John Nichols: Crisis in Gaza? Not for Obama or Clinton
Jack Hedin: My Forbidden Fruits (and Vegetables)
Robert D. Putnam: The Rebirth of American Civic Life
Ted Lewis: Linking NAFTA and Immigration
Joan Vennochi: A Delicate Line for Michelle Obama
Donald Cohen: Shifting Ideas, Shifting Narrative: Is the Tide Turning Against the Right Wing Attack on Government?

Saturday, March 1
Robert Weissman: Human Rights Hypocrisy: Hidden in Plain Sight
Christopher Brauchli: Corrupt Dictators and Their Friends
Rebecca Solnit: One Nation Under Elvis: An Environmentalism for Us All
John Nichols: Clinton Cuts a McCain Commercial
Ari Berman: Why the Muslim Smear is Bigger than Islam
Robert Fisk: The Gardens of the Devil, Still Sowing Death
Eric Umansky: Department of Pre-Crime
Alan Block: Democrats Offer Only Shallow Changes

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