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January 2007

Wednesday, January 31
Howard Zinn: Impeachment by the People
Simon Tisdall: Bush 'Spoiling for a Fight' with Iran
Laura Flanders: Obama's Ruined Homeland
James Bamford: Bush Is Not Above the Law
Chalmers Johnson: Empire v. Democracy
Robert Parry: Iran Clock Is Ticking
Adam Elkus: The Will to Power
Jack Shanahan: Spacepolitik
Larry Beinhart: What is Habeas Corpus?
Robert Scheer: A Case for Impeachment
Ted Rall: Iraq Fiasco Exposes Faith-Based Reasoning
Francis Fukuyama: The Neocons Have Learned Nothing from Five Years of Catastrophe

Tuesday, January 30
Kathy Kelly: Engagement with War
Ruth Rosen: Note to Nancy Pelosi: Challenge Market Fundamentalism
Harvey Wasserman: We Love You Molly
John Nichols: "Exercising Congress's Constitutional Power to End a War"
George Monbiot: Don't Be Fooled by Bush's Defection: His Cures Are Another Form of Denial
Mike Honda: Watada Chose to Stop Fighting
Aaron Glantz: What I Told Congress
Imani Countess: Debt Cancellation: A National Priority
Michael Winship: b Back to the Future of Public Broadcasting
Richard Gwyn: Out of the Blue: Why Green Became So Cool

Monday, January 29
James Carroll: Deathtrap
Thom Hartmann: Join The Parade For We The People
Geov Parrish: Hillary Clinton: A Triangulator for Non-Triangulating Times
Ira Chernus: 2, 3, Many Vietnams and Iraqs
Jane Bright: Playing The Numbers Game in Iraq - Let's Do The Math
Lisa Rowe Fraustino: From the Middle of the Crowd
Bob Herbert: More Than Antiwar
Beth Quinn: At Long Last, Bush is a Uniter, Not a Divider
Karen Houppert: Voices of Protest
Richard Curtis: War Criminals 'R' US
Paul Rogat Loeb: Don't Fear A Filibuster
Steve Connor: Global Warming is Not Some Conspiratorial Hoax

Sunday, January 28
John Nichols: DC Marchers Challenge Congress to End War
Glenn Hurowitz: Move to Middle Hurts Democrats
John Stauber: Defend the Press and Sarah Olson
Bill C. Davis: Hucksterism
J. Brian Atwood: To Fund or Not to Fund
Eric Margolis: Imperial Presidency
Les Payne: Bush Can't Dodge Webb's Critique

Saturday, January 27
Meg O'Shaughnessy: Taking It To The Streets - The Surge Of Yes
Sidney Blumenthal: The Myth of McCain
Robert Fisk: World Ignores Signs of Civil War in Lebanon
Derrick Jackson: Bush's Blessed Omission
Joe Copeland: Watada Points out Our Responsibilities
Christopher Brauchli: Arms Sales As Alternative To Dialogue
Ralph Nader: Democratic Elbow Room

Friday, January 26
Medea Benjamin: The Peace Movement to Congress on Eve of Mobilization
Elizabeth Holtzman: Impeachment: The Case in Favor
Jim Abourezk: The Hidden Cost of Free Congressional Trips to Israel
John Nichols: Edging Impeachment Back Onto the Table
Helen Thomas: Congress Responds to Bush's Iraq Plea
Matthew Yglesias: Smears for Fears: Wes Clark Just Got Caught up in the Rigged Rules for Discussing Israel-Related Issues in America
Tom Englehardt: The Forgotten American Dead: Rural America Pays the President's Price in Iraq
Rosa Brooks: The Dubya Vinci Code: Picking Apart Bush's Words to Decipher the State of the Union Message
Frida Berrigan: Protesting Guantanamo
Caroline Arnold: If We Don't Get Out of the Weasel-Hole of Iraq, We Won't Have Much of a Future

Thursday, January 25
Scott Ritter: Stop the Iran War Before It Starts
Amy Goodman: Up to Democrats to investigate Torture
Jeremy Scahill: Our Mercenaries in Iraq
Susan Linn: Baby Einstein and the Bush Administration: There's More than Meets the Eye
Bob Herbert: Long on Rhetoric, Short on Sorrow
Matthew Rothschild: Bush's Specious Arguments on Iraq in his State of the Union
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Not a Single Word
Pierre Tristam: Worse To Come: The Bush Presidency is Over
Rory O'Connor/David Olson: Helping Lara Logan
Garrison Keillor: Ice-Cold Redemption

Wednesday, January 24
J. Michael Taylor: What it Meant When Abortion Was Illegal
Jeff Cohen: Jim Webb Offers the Democratic Response. . .to Hillary and Obama
Elizabeth de la Vega: Lying and Spying: How the Administration Slip-Slides Away
Stephen Dick: Toward a New Moral Majority
Laurie King: The Union of the State
Robert Scheer: The World Agrees: Stop Him
Ted Rall: The Government's $8 Billion a Month Con Job
Joel Barkin: Lobbyists Turn Their Attention to States
Randy Newman: A Few Words in Defense of Our Country
Marie Cocco: State of Union: Stunned
Floyd McKay: The US War Machine: Shockingly, Awfully Expensive
Stephen Zunes: Bush's SOTU: Annotated
John Nichols: The President's Healthcare Deform Plan
Dean Baker: The Social Security WMD Story
Victoria Samson: Five Minutes to Midnight, Nuclear Time

Tuesday, January 23
Robert Freeman: Bush's Iraq "Surge": The Fraud Exposed
Peter Flom: A Victim's Response to 9/11's Aftermath
Helena Cobban: Iraqi Millstone Round Bush's Neck
George Monbiot: If Tesco and Wal-Mart are Friends of the Earth, Are There Any Enemies Left?
Jane Bright: When Will We Know That Enough Americans Have Died?
Tony Norman: Bush Has Little to Fear at Press Corps Roast
Bill C. Davis: In Harm's Way
Karl Grossman: China's Test and War in Space
John Dear: The Trials, and Blessings, of Peacework
Martha Rosenberg: Biotech " Solutions " for Factory Farming Worse than Problem
Barbara Crosby: Consider a Truly Universal Draft
John Buell: Slavery's Bitter Residue Proves an Enduring Legacy
Jesse Jackson: Bush Ignores True Cost of Iraq War

Monday, January 22
James Carroll: Sigh for America
Cynthia Tucker: Speaking Out Now against the Iraq Disaster is Too Little, Too Late
Dexter Kamilewicz: No Escape from Accountability
William Hartung: Looking Forward: A Model State of the Union Address for January, 2009
Jeff Cohen: Can Indy Media Stop the Corporate Media's Hillary Bandwagon?
Ira Chernus: A War of Stomach Versus Spine...or Heart?
Norman Solomon: The Pentagon vs. Press Freedom
Louis Freedberg: The Art of Abu Ghraib
Debi Smith: The Dump, a Soldier Called Name, and Butterfly Wings: Changing the Course
Dave Zweifel: Yes, Bush Has Failed This Country
Gary Younge: The West Persists in Using Race to Decide Who Can Cross its Borders
John Nichols: Sarah Olson and the Struggle to Save Journalism

Sunday, January 21
Bernard Chazelle: Bush the Empire Slayer
Elizabeth Sullivan: War Hits Home in Pockets of Pain
Les Payne: Cheshire Cheney: Menace on a Limb be Complicit in Nuclear War Crimes
Steven Weber/Ely Ratner: Who Screwed Up Globalization?
Michael Bywater: Welcome Back. Sorry We Ruined the Planet
Rupert Cornwell: Out of America: Decline (and maybe fall) of Death Row
John Nichols: "Cheney Has Stepped Way Over the Line"
Adam Hochschild: The Big Push
Robert Weitzel: Growing Up In The Shadow Of A Mushroom Cloud . . . Again

Saturday, January 20
Jacqueline Marcus: Bush's Soldier-Kids: Sacrificing Children to Iraq's Purgatorial Combat Zone
Christopher Brauchli: Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall
Jorge Hirsch: How Congress Can Stop the Iran Attack - Or be Complicit in Nuclear War Crimes
Kathy Freston: Vegetarian is the New Prius
Ralph Nader: Open Letter to the President
Patrick McElwee: Moves Toward War with Iran: We Must Stop This
John Nichols: Shaken By Obama, Clinton Moves Up
Amitabh Pal: Dinesh D'Souza's Bizarre New Book
Ray McGovern: Show Me The Intelligence
Dave Lindorff: Was Iraq War a `Blunder' or Was It Treason?

Friday, January 19
Paige Doughty: What does it Mean to be a Politically Active Citizen if No One is Listening?
Gail Dines: CNN's "Journalism" is a Fool's Paradise
Rosa Brooks: Those Ingrate Iraqis
Leslie Smith: The World's Largest Mineshaft Canary
Saif Rahman: Five Reasons Why I'll March on Jan. 27 (and You Should Too)
Amy Goodman: Make King's Dream Come True
David Sirota: What They Said, and When They Said It
Tony Norman: Saturday's Peacemakers Stand Tall
Andrew Greeley: Bush is a Picture of Defeat
Paul Krugman: Surging and Purging
William Hartung: US Allies Arm and Train US Adversaries in Somalia

Thursday, January 18
George McGovern: An Impartial Interrogation of George W. Bush
Bob Herbert: The Lost Voice of Protest
Bill Moyers: Life on the Plantation
Larry Beinhart: Failure is Not an Option! It Comes Standard with Every Bush Model!
Kathy Kelly: "We Have Tasted War"
Robert Reich: Only Appearing to Clean House
Nancy Pace: Fair Negotiations with Iran. NOT.
Daniel Coquillette: Patriots in Defense of the 'Enemy'
Garrison Keillor: A Whale of a Challenge
Jay Bookman: US Official Terrorizes Atlanta Firms
Mikhail Gorbachev: History is Not Preordained: A New Cold War Can Be Averted
Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Triad
Jon Wiener: Iraq: Counting the Dead
David Bacon: The Population Bubble
Karen Horst Cobb: The Truth Shall Set Us Free

Wednesday, January 17
Medea Benjamin: The Shame of Guantanamo Exposed in Cuba
Ted Rall: The Healthcare Crisis for the Rest of Us
Floyd Rudmin: Preparing Us for War with Iran: The Difference Between "a" and "the" Can Be the Difference between No War and Nuclear War
Lori Wallach/Todd Tucker: The Korean Public Will Determine the Fate of the Korea-US Trade Agreement
Lynn Woolsey: A Fully Funded 6-Month Withdrawal Plan
Derrick Jackson: Amid Bloodshed, Bush Wants a 'Thank You'
Susan Goering: Reclaiming our America
Michael Klare: Petro-Power and the Nuclear Renaissance
Conn Hallinan: Iran: Thinking the Unthinkable
William Greider: The Denial of Death
Robert Scheer: Chuck Hagel for President!
Matthew Rothschild: Journalist on Hot Seat in Court-Martial Case
Katrina vanden Heuvel: A 50-State Response to Bush
Boston Globe: Another Pentagon Smear

Tuesday, January 16
Marie Cocco: Resolving to End the War
Kamil Mahdi: Iraqis Will Never Accept This Sellout to the Oil Corporations
Paul Campos: Not Just Wrong, but All Wrong
Courtney Martin: 'Fake' News is a Bogus Feel-Good
Michael Winship: Media Reform: Arming the Lambs
Ken Caldeira: When Being Green Raises the Heat
Jesse Jackson: America's Global Role Costs Us at Home
Pierre Tristam: Sen. Boxer Right: Personal Price of the War Paid by Few Americans
HDS Greenway: What's Next -- War with Iran?
Michael Copps: Chance to Speak on Media Control
John Nichols: Cheney is Longtime Bad News for US
Joseph Galloway: Hoping for a Miracle, against All the Evidence
International Herald Tribune: Energy Time: It's Not about Something for Everyone
Stephen Zunes: Somalia as a Military Target

Monday, January 15
Ira Chernus: MLK'S Guide for Antiwar Activists
John Nichols: Dr. King and the Media
James Carroll: An Unrealized Dream of Justice
Joan Chittister: Try to Remember: The Dilemma is a Human One
Beth Quinn: Mistakes Were Made, but There Is No Mistaker
Danny Schechter: What Next for Media Reform?
Matthew Rothschild: Chris Wallace Softballs Dick Cheney
Chris Hedges: War of Shadows
George Lakoff: Framing, Death, and Democracy
Michael Klare: Is Energo-Fascism in Your Future?

Saturday, January 13

Evan Frisch: Breaking! Our Armed Forces
Christopher Brauchli: 'Taxes Are What We Pay for Civilized Society'
Eugene Register-Guard: Temperatures Rising
Tony Norman: Have You No Decency Mr. President?
Paul Rogat Loeb: A Storm of Denial
Ralph Nader: The Boiling, Surging, Churning and Corporatizing Economy of the United States

Friday, January 12

Danny Schechter: Beyond the Call to Surge, the Need to Purge Our Media
Lisa Farino/Medea Benjamin: Peace is Possible in Iraq
Sally Kohn: The Minimum Wage is Just the Minimum: A Call for Moral Outrage
Anne Penketh: Bush's Tough Tactics Are a 'Declaration of War' on Iran
Rosa Brooks: How Republicans Win if We Lose in Iraq
Vikram Dodd: This is a US Torture Camp

Thursday, January 11

Molly Ivins: Stand Up Against the Surge
Amy Goodman: Global Warming, Warring and Warning
Stephen Zunes: Bush's Iraq Speech Annotated
Robert Fisk: Bush's New Strategy - The March of Folly
Chris Cooper: Bullets Can Harm You And Death Can Disarm You
William Hartung: Bush's Rx for More War
Robert C. Byrd: Enough Time Has Been Wasted, Mr. President. Enough!
Kathy Kelly: Refugee Dreams
Bill C. Davis: The Strategy of Atonement
Yifat Susskind: Beyond the Surge: Demanding an End to Bush's War
Rev. Bob Edgar: History Always Teaches, But Not Everyone Learns
Melissa Hoffer: Trapped at Guantanamo

Wednesday, January 10

Frida Berrigan: Raptors, Robots, and Rods from God: The Nightmare Weaponry of Our Future
Joanna Garritano: US Health Care Puts Profit over People
Carl Conetta: A Troop Surge Can't Win a Victory from a Bad Decision for War
Pico Iyer: Truly, It's a Surprisingly Hopeful World
Ira Chernus: Why Bush Fights: It's the Morality Stupid
Joseph Galloway: Continuing the Flight from Reality
Derrick Jackson: Filling up on Sweetened Research
Ted Rall: Politics as a Spectator Sport
Robert Scheer: Brooding Prince's Soliloquy

Tuesday, January 9

Tom Andrews: It's Time for an American Surge To Stop the Bush War in Iraq
Jane Bright: Letter From the Heart
Michael Klare: Ominous Signs of a Wider War
John Brown: How the World Will See the Surge
Norman Solomon: The Headless Horseman of the Apocalypse
Monica Collins: When the Weatherman Plays Dumb
Tom Hayden: Presidential Campaign Launched in America with Ethnic Cleansing in Iraq

Monday, January 8
Robert Weitzel: Cure For Yellow Ribbon Patriotism
James Carroll: The Lynching of Iraq
Gary Younge: Many More Sons Will Die While the Democrats Do Nothing to Stop the War
Gene Racz: Don't Allow Impeachment of President Bush to Fall off the Table
Kelly Rae Kraemer: Jon Stewart's Gandhian Struggle
Jeff Leys: The Occupation Project: A Campaign of Sustained Nonviolent Civil Disobedience to End Iraq War Funding
Sean Gonsalves: Profiting from the Prophets
Patrick Cockburn: Some Advice for George Bush: A 'Surge' in US Troops in Iraq Will Not Bring about Peace
Paul Krugman: Quagmire of the Vanities
Jay Bookman: Military Knows Troop 'Surge' is Not the Answer
Nick Turse: Baghdad 2025: The Pentagon Solution to a Planet of Slums
Kassie Siegel: Don't Wait to Save the Polar Bear

Sunday, January 7
Marie Cocco: Time to Bury Reaganism
Robert Fisk: The Whole Bloody Thing Was Obscene
Andrew McGall: When Democracy Gets in the Way, The US Squashes It
Eric Margolis: Lynching Won't Help US
Richard Rapaport: Dying and living in 'COPS' America
Frank Rich: The Timely Death of Gerald Ford
Geoffrey Lean: Oil. The Fast-Vanishing Drug the World Can't Yet Live Without
Ari Berman: Selling the Surge
New York Times: The Imperial Presidency

Saturday, January 6
Terry Jones: US: They Have Made a Killing
Elisa Salasin: Bringing Life to Numbers in 2007
Guy Reel: The Republicrats
Noam Chomsky: South America: Toward an Alternative Future
Christopher Brauchli: Lord Bush a Great Foe to Favoritism
Ralph Nader: How Will the Democrats Control Congress?
Danny Schechter: Marching on Memphis: The Media Movement
Jeremy Brecher/Brendan Smith: Start Preparing Now for the Coming "Cataclysmic Fight to the Death"
Tom Engelhardt: Taunting Bush on Saddam's Gallows
Adele Welty: For the Sake of My Son, Close Guantanamo
Salim Lone: When the Crimes of the Hanged Compete With the Hangman's
Haroon Siddiqui: Hanging Will Haunt Bush

Friday, January 5
Bill Moyers: For America's Sake
Tony Norman: We All Must Show Some Courage
Ray McGovern/W.Patrick Lang: Can We Let Intelligence Officials Lie With Impunity?
Bob Ellis: Rattled America Will Find It Can't Spin Itself Out of This One
Molly Ivins: Stop This War, Now!
Rosa Brooks: Weaning the Military from the GOP
Seattle Times: George Bush, Snooper in Chief
Mark Weisbrot: Economy Looks Bad for 2007
Judy Wicks: In Business for Life
Joan Chittister: Justice Is Done: Why Doesn't It Feel Like It?
Chuck Collins: Ten Blockbuster Hearings
Andrew Greeley: Saddam Execution is Stain on America
Hank Kalet: 'Evolving Standards of Decency'
David Schmitz: Report Sees Tet in Iraq
Linda Bilmes: The Battle of Iraq's Wounded

Thursday, January 4
Amy Goodman: Impeaching, Prosecuting Nixon Could Have Elevated the Nation
Robert Dreyfuss: The Surge to Nowhere
Sally Kohn: An Agenda for the Democrats' Second Hundred Hours (or Putting Some Gingrich in Pelosi)
George Bisharat: A Question of Justice
Bob Herbert: Another Thousand Lives
Garrison Keillor: Time for the Father to Chat with the Son
Monica Benderman: Let There Be Peace
Conor Kenny: Lieberman, Bush and the Generals: The PR Campaign around the Troop "Surge" in Iraq
Roscoe Born: A Way out of Iraq That Sidesteps Bush
The New York Times: The Ugly Death of Saddam Hussein
Daniel Schramm: Ecological and Social Issues Get Short Shrift at the WTO
Jon Wiener: Declassified in Name Only

Wednesday, January 3

Keith Olbermann: Senseless 'Sacrifice' in Iraq Must End
Robert Scheer: A Monster of Our Creation
Joyce Marcel: Dancing in the End Zone
Ted Rall: The Fatal Hazing of a Dictator
Gwynne Dyer: US-Ordered Rush Job
Paul Rogat Loeb: Gerald Ford's Failure of Nerve
Katherine Roberts Hite/Eliana Loveluck: How to Remember Pinochet
Nicholas von Hoffman: Now You Tell Us, Jerry
Mark Engler: 2006: A Global Justice Year in Review
Danny Schechter: For the New Year: MediaChannel Honors The "We" That Care
The Guardian/UK: Death on Camera
Chris Hedges: America's Holy Warriors

Tuesday, January 2

Kathy Kelly: Wrapped Around a Bullet
Stephen Zunes: Saddam's Demise, Like His Rule, Was a Travesty of Justice
Emily Miller: What My Brother Is Fighting for
Bob Ellis: The Freedoms We're Fighting for But Not Allowed to Have
Paul Theroux: Remember the Cicadas and the Stars?
Sean Gonsalves: Getting Back to the Future?
Ret. Col. Ann Wright: Arrested on the Golden Gate Bridge for the 3,000 US Dead
Jesse Jackson: Time to Push New Congress to Revive US
Robert Dreyfuss: The Consequences of Killing Saddam
Tom Engelhardt: Let's Do It Again!: Doubling Down on the Imperial Mission in 2007
Ghada Karmi: These Shameful Events Have Humiliated the Arab World
Robert Jensen: The Problem with Solutions
Ed Garvey: Optimism Abounds in '07, Despite Bush
George Bisharat: Truth at Last, While Breaking a US Taboo of Criticizing Israel
December 2006




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