NOVEMBER 18, 2003
11:00 AM
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Progressive Majority Launches PROPAC

WASHINGTON, DC - November 18 - Candidates and money: the progressive movement’s missing link—until now. Progressive Majority recently unveiled PROPAC, a bold new strategy to redefine progressive electoral politics by recruiting, training and supporting progressive candidates for office in 2004 and beyond.

“PROPAC is a unique grassroots initiative that will find, recruit and shepherd the next generation of progressive elected leaders,” said Gloria Totten, Executive Director of Progressive Majority. “In both its scope and vision, PROPAC goes beyond all traditional candidate recruitment programs on the political Left.”

“For too long, progressives have allowed the Party to dominate candidate recruitment,” said Totten. “As a result, the Party has drifted to the political right due to the influence of the Democratic Leadership Committee (DLC).

Integrated with other organizing efforts on the Left—voter registration, field, fundraising, issue identification—developing a “farm team” of candidates is essential to building an enduring majority for progressive reform.

PROPAC will provide guidance and support for every aspect of a candidacy. As candidates decide to run for office, write their campaign plan, hire staff, draft their announcement, and prepare a victory speech for Election Night, PROPAC will be there every step of the way.

Candidates will have access to intensive, ongoing trainings covering everything from media and message to public policy and get-out-the-vote techniques. PROPAC will lend candidates critical fundraising support, tapping candidates into a growing network of more than 20,000 small donors and helping them develop their own donor bases.

For the 2004 cycle, PROPAC will be active in Pennsylvania, Washington and Wisconsin, and two other states. But 2004 is just the beginning. Adding states each cycle, Progressive Majority’s vision is to make progressive candidate development part of the permanent political infrastructure in 15 presidential battleground states over by 2008.

“This is a long-term strategy that will invest in new progressive leaders,” said Totten. “We won’t be another group from Washington that swoops into a community, tells people what to do and then leaves. We are working at the grassroots to develop lasting relationships to continually identify and recruit good progressives to run for office.”

Progressive Majority already has a track record of making a difference supporting progressive candidates. During the 2002 cycle, in its first year, Progressive Majority raised more than $818,000 for its candidates and political program.

More than 20,000 small donors contributed to victories in three of seven targeted federal races and six of eight targeted statewide races in 2002. Progressive Majority volunteers contributed more than 450 hours to Rep. Chris Van Hollen’s successful congressional campaign in Maryland.

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