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January 2007

Wednesday, January 31

  • Senate Allies of Bush Work to Halt Iraq Vote
  • Europeans Fear US Attack on Iran as Nuclear Row Intensifies
  • US 'Victory' against Cult Leader Was 'Massacre'
  • Birth Rates 'Must be Curbed to Win War on Global Poverty'
  • Texas Grandmother Sweeps Streets of Washington as Punishment for Protest
  • Germany Orders Arrest of 13 over CIA 'Kidnapping'
  • GOP Fears War Could Help Dems for Years

    Tuesday, January 30

  • Congress Can Stop Iraq War, Experts Tell Lawmakers
  • US Climate Scientists Allege White House Pressure
  • UN Agency Pressures Ban Ki-moon on Climate Crisis Summit
  • Millions to Go Hungry, Waterless: Climate Report
  • Maine Public Utilities Commission Not Letting Verizon off Hook
  • Bush Directive Gives White House Control over Public Health, Safety, Environment, Civil Rights, Privacy
  • 10 Years to Save the Planet
  • Who Is the Enemy?
  • SOA Protesters Sentenced
  • Writers Won't Be Called in Army Officer's Case

    Monday, January 29

  • Anti-War Marches Draw Hundreds of Thousands
  • Activists Hunting Japanese Whalers Offer $25,000 Reward
  • Mandela Calls for Gandhi's Non-Violence Approach
  • New Climate Report Too Rosy, Experts Say
  • 13% of Americans Have Not Heard of Global Warming: Report
  • Poor Are Priced out of Healthful Eating
  • Veteran Peace Protester Sent to Jail Despite Prisons Crisis

    Sunday, January 28

  • America ‘Poised to Strike at Iran’s Nuclear Sites’ from Bases in Bulgaria and Romania
  • Doubt Cast on Dire Exit Scenarios
  • On Iran, Bush Faces Haunting Echoes of Iraq
  • Cluster Bombs: Israel May Have Violated Arms Pact, US Officials Say

    Saturday, January 27

  • Anti-War Surge on Capitol Hill
  • Rove, Whitehouse Spokesman Get Subpoenas
  • Gonzales Appoints Political Loyalists into Vacant US Attorneys Slots
  • US Answer to Global Warming: Smoke and Giant Space Mirrors
  • World Social Forum: Activists Determined to Take On Globalization's Challenges
  • Court Fight over Warrantless Wiretaps in Doubt
  • UN Nuclear Chief Calls for 'Timeout' over Iran

    Friday, January 26

  • Bush OKs Killing Iranians in Iraq
  • Groups Head to Capital to Step Up Antiwar Drive
  • Cheney's Key Role in Leak Case Detailed
  • Sheehan Expected to Headline Vermont Impeachment Tour
  • Iraq Leader and Sunni Officials in Clash on Security
  • Mideast Strategy Increasingly Targets Iran
  • Fruit Shown on Label Often Not in the Box, Kids' Food Study Says
  • Right and Left Ask, Who Would Jesus Deport?
  • Endless Summer Not As Nice As It Sounds

    Thursday, January 25

  • Anti-War Groups Plan Surge on Washington
  • Bush's 'Clean Fuel' Move May Cause More Harm, Say Environmentalists
  • Saving The Planet: Empty Gestures
  • US Military Spied on Hundreds of Antiwar Demos
  • Revolt Builds Against Bush's Iraq Policy

    Wednesday, January 24

  • Bill Targets US Companies Profiting from Sweatshops Overseas
  • Opposition Demonstrations Turn Beirut into a Violent Sectarian Battleground
  • Explosive Start to Libby Trial
  • Military Builds Robotic Insects
  • White House Left Out in the Cold on Warming
  • Bush Focus on Oil Imports Marks Failure on Climate, Say Greens
  • 'There is No War on Terror', Says Top UK Prosecutor
  • World's Waterbirds in Decline, Study Warns
  • Carter Wins Applause at Brandeis
  • Iraq Parliament Finds a Quorum Hard to Come By
  • Japan's Defense Minister Calls Bush 'Wrong' on Iraq

    Tuesday, January 23

  • Bush Continues to Unite the World... Against Him
  • UN Climate Panel to Project Wrenching Change
  • Menopause at 30 for Millions in Poverty
  • Israeli Separation Barrier is Cutting off Palestinians from Their Livelihood
  • Tuna Stocks Close to Exhaustion, Says WWF
  • New Coalition Aims to Keep Dems in Check
  • Resident Aims to Impeach

    Monday, January 22

  • Lobbyists Find New Congress is Open for Business
  • Czechs Give Go-Ahead for US 'Son of Star Wars' Base
  • US Urged to Ramp up Geothermal Power
  • Global Warming: the Final Verdict
  • Programs Let Homes Produce Green Power
  • Blue Monday: The Most Depressing Day of the Year

    Sunday, January 21

  • World Social Forum: Small Ways to Solve Big Problems
  • Synthetic Biology: Group Seeks Ban on "Living Machines"
  • At Least 25 Americans Died in Iraq Saturday
  • Prophet of Doomsday: Stephen Hawking, Eco-Warrior
  • US Farming Watchdog Accuses Wal-Mart of Mis-Selling
  • French Farmer-Activist Bove Plans Presidential Bid

    Saturday, January 20

  • Bush has Done 'Tremendous Damage', says Nobel Peace Prize Winner
  • US Air Strikes in Somalia Condemned for Killing Innocent Civilians
  • The Tragic Death of an Activist's Daughter
  • Opposition to Iraq War Simmers in America's Heartland
  • Big Business Joins Greens to Pressure Bush on Climate
  • Two US Grandmothers Voice Protest Against Iraq War
  • Swiss Glaciers Melting Rapidly

    Friday, January 19

  • Landmark UN Study Backs Climate Theory: Human Activity Causes Global Warming
  • U.S. Media Overlooked Major Humanitarian Stories in 2006
  • Doctors Issue Plea to Tony Blair to End the Scandal of Medical Shortages in the War Zone
  • Blindly into Baghdad … Again
  • Surge in Carbon Levels Raises Fears of Runaway Warming
  • Retired Generals Criticize Bush’s Plan for Iraq
  • Democracy Languishes, but Neo-Con Strategy Lives
  • Sundance Opens with Call to Speak out against War
  • Relocating, and Reclaiming a Mentor’s Legacy

    Thursday, January 18

  • Poll: Most Oppose Troop Buildup
  • White House Resists Calls for Carbon Emission Caps
  • Congress Unleashes Antiwar Proposals
  • Washington 'Snubbed Iran Offer'
  • US Offers Scant Help to Fleeing Refugees
  • Nicotine Boost Was Deliberate, Study Says
  • Hawking Warns: We Must Recognize the Catastrophic Dangers of Climate Change
  • Internet as Political Force Grows, Poll Finds
  • Granny Peace Brigade is Mounting an Assault on Capitol Hill
  • Judge Lets Charges against Army Officer Stand

    Wednesday, January 17

  • Iraqi Death Toll Exceeded 34,000 in 2006, U.N. Says
  • Bill Would Require Congress Approval to Increase US Troops in Iraq
  • UN Move to Downgrade Disarmament Triggers Protests
  • Law Groups Want Pentagon Official Fired
  • Military Members Make an Antiwar Plea on Capitol Hill
  • The Guilty Conscience of the West: Iraq and the Art of War
  • Doomsday Clock Reset for an Alarming World
  • Protesters' Names in Pentagon Database

    Tuesday, January 16

  • Washington Trial Forces Cheney into the Spotlight
  • US Defense Secretary: Iran Target of US Gulf Military Moves
  • Service Members Join War Protest
  • U.N. Officials Question Iraq's Rough Justice
  • Charging Towards the Big Melt

    Monday, January 15

  • Bush Administration Leaving out Important Details on Iraq
  • US War Costs are Hitting Historic Proportions
  • EU Warns US Bombing Escalates Somalia Violence
  • Jane Fonda Wraps up Media Reform Conference in Memphis
  • Tasers under Fire after Two Men Die
  • US under Fire in Mideast over Iraq Plan

    Sunday, January 14

  • Shock and Oil: Iraq's Billions and the White House Connection
  • Military Is Expanding Its Intelligence Role in US
  • Never Too Old to Save the Earth

    Saturday, January 13

  • Bush Official: Boycott Law Firms Representing Gitmo Detainees
  • Tony Blair Blames Media for Anti-War Mood
  • Public Inaction Dismays Watada
  • Scientists Prepare to Move Doomsday Clock Forward
  • US Strikes on al-Qa'ida Chiefs Kill Nomads
  • Israel Looking for an Extreme Makeover
  • Rice Says Bush Authorized Iranians’ Arrest in Iraq

    Friday, January 12

  • Gates Foundation May Shift Billions into Ethical Stocks after Attack on Investments
  • Isolated Bush Faces Rebellion over Iraq
  • Protests Worldwide Mark the 5-year Anniversary of Guantanamo
  • World Social Forum: "We at the WSF Don't Have an Agenda"
  • EU Urged to Lead on Human Rights as U.S. Loses Moral Authority

    Thursday, January 11

  • Unprecedented Activism Has Little Impact in Darfur
  • What Bush Didn't Say in His Speech
  • War's Highest Price Paid by Civilians, Critics Say
  • Trying to Censor Blogger
  • Of 744,000 Homeless Estimated in US, 41 Percent are in Families
  • Slum Hordes? World at Urban Crossroads, Warns Report
  • Bush Plan for Iraq Fails to Sway World Doubters

    Wednesday, January 10

  • Democrats Rist Antiwar Wrath if They Waver on Iraq Exit
  • Soldiers Doubt an Influx of American Troops Will Benefit Iraqi Army
  • Bush to Face Street Protests over Iraq Escalation Plan
  • YouTube User Spurs Iraq War Dialogue
  • GE Crops Slow to Gain Global Acceptance
  • Bill Moyers Has Harsh Words for President, Christian Right
  • Record Warmth (Again) in 2006
  • Hardliner's Hardliner Led Bush's Iraq Review

    Tuesday, January 9

  • On Guantanamo Prison Camp's Fifth Birthday, New Pressure to Shut It Down
  • US Somali Air Strikes 'Kill Many'
  • Why is My Dad Far Away in That Place Called Guantanamo Bay? Young Boy's Plea to Tony Blair
  • How Richest Fuel Global Warming - but Poorest Suffer Most from It
  • Carry on Flying, Says Blair - Science Will Save the Planet
  • Latin American Elites More Doubtful of US
  • More Subpoenas Come Down in Watada Case
  • Beverage Research Tied to Corporate Dollars

    Monday, January 8

  • US Twists Civilian Arms to Fill World's Largest Embassy in Iraq
  • Activists Demand an End to War Funds
  • Iraq PM's Stand on Saddam Death Reminds of Former Regime: HRW
  • Activists Hope Cuba Sanctions Are Eased
  • Gates Foundation Money Clashes with Mission
  • Tax Cuts Offer Most for Very Rich, Study Says
  • War Could Last Years, Commander Says

    Sunday, January 7

  • How the West Will Profit from Iraq's Most Precious Commodity
  • Revealed: Israel Plans Nuclear Strike on Iran
  • Dark Cloud Over Good Works of Gates Foundation
  • Saddam Hanging Boosts Case for Int'l Criminal Court
  • US Activists Arrive in Cuba to Protest Guantanamo Prison

    Saturday, January 6

  • White Small-Town America Pays Price in Iraq
  • Bush's Surge Strategy Faces Heavy Opposition
  • Images of Hanging Make Hussein a Martyr to Many
  • Congress Called on to Halt Immigration Raids

    Friday, January 5

  • New Congress Leery of Bush's Troop Increase and Secrecy
  • Peace Activists Plan Trip to Cuba to Protest US Base at Guantanamo
  • Chirac Slams Iraq War as Boost to Terrorism
  • Ethanol's Success Story May Have Downside
  • My Crime Was to Protest at Israeli Assassinations'
  • Hanging 'Makes Martyr of Saddam'
  • Journalist in Legal Battle with Military

    Thursday, January 4

  • Bush Issues Signing Statement, Declares Right to Open Mail
  • Iraq Vets Left in Physical and Mental Agony
  • 2007 Predicted to Be World's Warmest Year
  • ExxonMobil Accused of Disinformation on Warming
  • US Bars Lab From Testing Electronic Voting
  • Blair Fails to Condemn Hanging as Bush Ducks the Question
  • Hussein's Execution May Trigger UN Backlash
  • Saddam: From Monster to Martyr?
  • Anti-War Camp Gears up for Watada's Trial

    Wednesday, January 3

  • Exxon Mobil's Biggest Oil Spill? Look in Brooklyn, Not Alaska
  • Vigils, Rallies Commemorate 3000 U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq
  • End to Death Penalty is Urged
  • Networks' Foreign News Coverage Focused on Iraq
  • Socialist Senator Makes US History
  • Activists on the Left Applying Pressure to Democratic Leaders
  • Pacifist's 50-Year Fight against War Carries on
  • Free Press Takes on Corporate Ownership

    Tuesday, January 2

  • International Polar Year Aims to Shed Light on Ends of Earth
  • Grandmothers Hold Manhattan Vigil to Spotlight Iraq War Death
  • Enraged Sunnis Protest Saddam Spectacle
  • Officers Won't Let Protesters Cross Bridge; Traffic Snarled as 10 CodePink Members Are Arrested During Vigil for Slain GIs
  • Bush 'to Reveal Iraq Troop Boost'
  • Middle-Class French Join Sleep-In Over Homelessness

    December 2006




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