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February 2007

Wednesday, February 28

  • Antiwar Leader Tries To Light Fire Under Dems Over Iraq
  • Pentagon Meeting Discussed Escalating Pressure on Iran
  • New Iraqi Oil Law Seen as Cover for Privatization
  • US Official Warns Against Europe's C.I.A. Flight Probe
  • Service Members Sign Appeal Calling for Troop Withdrawal
  • In Iraq, the Killing of 18 Teenagers is a Horrible Routine

    Tuesday, February 27

  • Senators Eye Curbs on Cluste Bombs beyond Israel's Use
  • Voice to Debate Sheehan Can't be Found
  • Number of Americans in Extreme Poverty Has Grown 26% under Bush
  • Honeybees Vanish, Leaving Keepers in Peril
  • Scientists from 63 Countries to Investigate Polar Melting
  • Gen. Pace: Military Capability Eroding
  • Baghdad Sees Resurgence of Bomb, Mortar Attack Deaths
  • Prince Charles Calls for 'Ban' on McDonald's

    Monday, February 26

  • Fed up American GIs Bypass Chain of Command, Petition Congress to End Iraq War
  • Why Have So Many U.S. Attorneys Been Fired? It Looks a Lot Like Politics
  • Sparks Rise From a Time Bomb
  • Melting Ice Gives Birth to a Strange New World
  • As Candidate, Obama Carves Antiwar Stance
  • Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" Wins Documentary Oscar

    Sunday, February 25

  • US Developing Contingency Plan to Bomb Iran: Report
  • US Generals 'Will Quit' if Bush Orders Iran Attack
  • Seymour Hersch: Is the Administration’s New Policy Benefitting Our Enemies in the War on Terrorism?
  • Global Warming: Enough to Make You Sick
  • Egyptian Cleric Says Americans Tortured Him
  • UN Calls US Data on Iran's Nuclear Aims Unreliable

    Saturday, February 24

  • US Rejects Ban on Cluster Bombs
  • Corporate Profits Take an Offshore Vacation
  • Israel Seeks All Clear for Iran Air Strike
  • Israelis and Palestinians Unite in Protest at Barrier
  • Corporate Profits Take an Offshore Vacation

    Friday, February 23

  • US Economy Leaving Record Numbers in Severe Poverty
  • US Intelligence on Iran Does Not Stand up, Say Vienna Sources
  • Speculation Rages: Is Iran Bush's Next Target?
  • Dems in Uproar over Fox Plan to Cover Democratic Debate
  • Democrats Seek to Repeal 2002 War Authorization
  • Pressure Mounts on Blair for Inquiry into Mistakes in Iraq
  • Press Failing, Says Critic Norman Solomon
  • Wolfowitz May Bring Bank Back to Iraq
  • More US Military Assaults on Media
  • Standing for Peace, 212 Straight Sundays
  • Guatemalan Peace Activist to Run for President

    Thursday, February 22

  • Army Commanders Wanted Bigger and Faster Troop Pullout
  • UN 'Underestimated' Sea-Level Rise Threat to South Pacific
  • Iraq War Protests Greet Cheney's Australia Trip
  • 48 Countries to Meet in Oslo in Bid for Global Drive against Cluster Bombs; US Snubs
  • Gore's Rock Star 'Buzz' Pushes Agenda
  • Great Barrier Reef Polluted by Pesticides
  • Rice Faces Formidable White House Foe: Elliot Abrams
  • Vaccine Meeting, Merck Donation to Texas Governor Coincide
  • Shopkeepers Protest as Wal-Mart Checks out India

    Wednesday, February 21

  • Deteriorating Conditions at Texas Nuclear Plant Raise Alarm
  • Lebanon Will Be First Victim of Iran Crisis
  • US Government Misstated Statistics on the War on Terror, Audit Shows
  • Among Rich Countries, U.S. Child Well-Being Poor, But Optimism Prevails
  • At Mardi Gras, Politics Fuels Revelers
  • Report Blames Factory Farms for Bird Flu
  • Anti-American Feelings Soar as Muslim Society is Radicalised by War on Terror
  • Former Admiral Says All American Forces Should Pull out by Year's End
  • Hundreds Turn out for Media Forum

    Tuesday, February 20

  • Libby Testimony Raises More Questions about Cheney's Role In The CIA Leak Case
  • US 'Iran Attack Plans' Revealed
  • Law Restricting Guantanamo Appeals Upheld
  • Some Way Yet to Killing Off the Death Penalty
  • Court Sets Aside Award in Philip Morris Case
  • Aim for Low World Warming Despite Hardship: Scientist
  • Australia Mandates Use of Compact Fluorescent Bulbs by 2012
  • Bush Draws Parallel between US Revolution, 'War on Terror'

    Monday, February 19

  • Peace Hopes Fade as US, Israel Shun New Palestinian Coalition
  • Lack of Security in Iraq Leading to Collapse in Food Supplies
  • Dems Fail to Block Bush's Troop Surge; Revisit 2002 Resolution to Restrict How US Forces Are Used
  • Opposition to US Missle Base in Eastern Europe Rises
  • Voters' Hunger for Change Threatens Republican Dream of Eternal Power
  • Study Sees Harmful Hunt for Extra Oil
  • Call to Halt Deep Sea 'Plunder'
  • Climate Change: Scientists Warn It May Be Too Late to Save the Ice Caps
  • Prize-Winning Children's Book Offends Conservatives

    Sunday, February 18

  • Rove Said to Have Received 2003 Iranian Proposal
  • GOP Blocks Senate Vote on Troop Resolution
  • Clinton Gives War Critics New Answer on ’02 Vote
  • Jailed 2 Years, Iraqi Tells of Abuse by Americans

    Friday, February 16

  • US House Delivers Stinging Rebuke to Bush Over New Iraq Strategy
  • Greenhouse Gases Hit New High, Rise Accelerates
  • Democrats in State Capitols Push Antiwar Resolutions
  • The Neo-Con Dog That Isn't Barking
  • US Religious Leaders to Visit Iran
  • White House Is Reported to Be Linked to a Dismissal
  • Scientists Sound Alarm Over Melting Antarctic Ice Sheets
  • US Slammed for Backing off 'Genocide' Charge

    Thursday, February 15

  • Ex-aide Says Rice Misled Congress on Iran
  • Bush Top Prosecutor, Conoco-Phillips Lobbyist Bought Home
  • Senators Introduce Bill to Restrict Use of Cluster Munitions
  • Not in Our Name: Campaign Launched against Trident Nuclear Weapons System Replacement
  • Experts Fear Afghanistan Could Become the Next Iraq
  • Iraq Invasion Plan 'Delusional'
  • Ads Featuring Wounded Mark Iraq Debate
  • Scientists Warn That Bird-Flu Virus Remains a Threat
  • USDA Criticized by 2nd Judge over Genetic Crops
  • Portland, Oregon Progressive Radio-Talk Host Takes over Franken's Air America Spot

    Wednesday, February 14

  • House Democrats' New Strategy: Force Slow End to War
  • National Security Experts Grim on Terror War
  • Study: Prison Population on the Rise
  • Lebanon Slides Towards Civil War as Anniversary of Hariri's Murder Looms
  • Britain and US: Worst of Wealthy Nations for Children
  • US Briefing on Iran Discredits the Official Line
  • Doubts Raised on Linking of Iran to US Deaths in Iraq
  • Korea Deal Marks Big Victory for Realists
  • Greenpeace Try Eating Whale to Stop Whaling
  • After a Decade, Booker Winner Roy Plans New Novel

    Tuesday, February 13

  • Joint Chiefs Chairman Sees No Evidence of Meddling by Iran's Regime
  • 5 Ousted US Attorneys Received Positive Job Evaluations
  • Executions Create Generations of Victims
  • Rich Nations Prodded on "Illegitimate" Lending
  • More Troops, And More Violence
  • House's Attack on War Policy
  • Obama's Antiwar Message Receives Cheers in Nashua, Durham
  • Bush Library to Boost a Sagging Legacy

    Monday, February 12

  • Target Tehran: Washington Sets Stage for a New Confrontation
  • Monsanto Dumped Toxic Waste in UK
  • US Baiting Iran Retaliation
  • Texans Rally against New Coal Plants
  • Boost for Obama from Australia
  • Protesters Disrupt Obama Rally
  • Iran 'Fooling' U.S. Military
  • Report: Cheney to Snub Japan Defense Minister for Calling Iraq War 'Mistake'

    Sunday, February 11

  • Grammy Goes to War: At Least 12 Nominees Put Messages to Music
  • Vermont Towns Face Iraq, Bush Questions
  • Congress Finds Ways to Avoid Lobbyist Limits

    Saturday, February 10

  • Target Iran: US Able to Strike in the Spring
  • Democratic Voters Growing Impatient with Congress
  • Putin Attacks 'Very Dangerous' US

    Friday, February 9

  • Pentagon Office Produced 'Alternative' Intelligence on Iraq
  • Hybrids Could Turn Big US Truck Fleets Green
  • Inuit Accuse US of Destroying Their Way of Life with Global Warming
  • Bush's Defense Budget Under Heavy Scrutiny
  • Smoking-gun Proof That Misuse of Antibiotics Breeds Superbugs
  • After the Disaster of Iraq, Bush Turns His Attention to Algeria
  • 'Doomsday Vault' to Resist Global Warming Effects
  • Canadian Farmer on Global Crusade against GM Seeds
  • The Protest Goes on: They bombed paradise (and I put up a multimedia extravaganza)
  • Climate Change Concerts 'to Dwarf Live Aid'
  • Cronkite Warns Drive for Media Profits Poses Threat to Democracy

    Thursday, February 8

  • Mistrial Could Be End of Watada Case
  • Billions and Billions of Dollars Just Disappear in Iraq
  • Iran Says It Will Target US Interests if Attacked
  • US Faced with a Mammoth Iraq Refugee Crisis
  • One Million Women Could Sue Wal-Mart in Sex Bias Class Action
  • Blogger Josh Wolf Behind Bars 171 Days and Counting
  • NYPD Held 2004 Convention Protesters Longer
  • Activists Warn UN on Downgrading Disarmament
  • Could Avian Flu Spell End Free Range Eggs?
  • From Hero to Villain, Ralph Nader Documented in Film

    Wednesday, February 7

  • US Refuses to Sign Global Ban on Secret Detentions
  • Climate Campaign Issues 'Wake-up Call' to World Leaders
  • Iran Blames US for Kidnap of Embassy Official in Baghdad
  • Soldier's Mother Joins Ranks of Iraqi War Protesters
  • Watada Lawyer Rebukes Judge
  • Eat To Live: 1 Million against GM Food
  • How Neocon Shiite Strategy Led to Sectarian War

    Tuesday, February 6

  • Bush Slashes Aid to Poor to Boost Iraq War Chest
  • Senate Republicans Block Vote and Debate on Troop Surge
  • No Getting Around Emissions Caps, Experts Say
  • Watada Lawyer Frustrated as Judge Narrows Defense
  • Children of War: The Generation Traumatised by Violence in Iraq
  • The Death Toll of 31 Days in Iraq
  • AIDS Activists Optimistic Despite Clinical Setback
  • One CEO's Dissent from War on Terror

    Monday, February 5

  • Iran Strike 'Would Be Disastrous'
  • One Last Party for Molly
  • Movement against War is Growing, Activists Say
  • Chavez Sets 'Green' Agenda
  • Army 1st Lt. Ehren Watada: Instead of Iraq, a Battle All His Own
  • Prominent Jews Call for Open Debate on Israel

    Sunday, February 4

  • Trial of US Soldier Who Refused to Go to Iraq Opens Monday
  • US Ex-Generals Reject Iran Strike
  • Soldiers in Iraq View Troop Surge as a Lost Cause

    Saturday, February 3

  • War a Calamity, Ex-Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski Tells US Congress
  • US Can't Prove Iran Link to Iraq Strife
  • Carbon Dioxide Rate is at Highest Level for 650,000 Years
  • Six "Grannies" Arrested at Anti-war Protest

    Friday, February 2

  • Oil Giants Offer Scientists Cash to Undermine Climate Study
  • Dems Indicate They Will Do Little to Stop Bush Troop Surge
  • 18 Years on, Exxon Valdez Oil Still Pours into Alaskan Waters
  • Bangladesh: Climate of Fear in Sinking Country
  • Mahdi Army Gains Strength Through Unwitting Aid of US
  • Lawmakers Move to Restrain Bush on Iran
  • High Stakes in Attack on Indian Patent Law
  • All Pupils to Be Given Lessons in Climate Change
  • He's Walking in Gandhi's Footsteps in His Own Way. There Isn't Any Personal Ambition about Him

    Thursday, February 1

  • House Panel Probing Bush's Record on Signing Statements
  • Official Lies over Najaf Battle Exposed
  • Molly Ivins, 1944-2007
  • Grieving Dad Takes War Protest to Times Square
  • And the Nobel Peace Prize Goes to ... Al Gore?
  • Comedian Al Franken to run for Senate in Minnesota

    January 2007




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