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September 2006

Saturday, September 30

  • Human Rights Groups Unanimously Assail New Detention Law
  • $1,000,000,000,000: The Cost of Capping Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    Friday, September 29

  • Woodward Book Reports Bush Ignored Urgent Warning on Iraq
  • They Cry, Pray to Bush and Wash out the Devil - Welcome to Jesus Camp
  • Secret US Deal 'Broke EU Privacy Law'
  • Previously Unknown Lawyer Central to Exposing Mistreatment
  • Terror Suspects Tortured, Claims Amnesty Report
  • Bipartisan Congressional Report Links White House and Abramoff
  • Take UK Troops out of Iraq, Senior Military Told Ministers
  • Poll: Nearly Two-Thirds of Americans Say Iraq in Civil War
  • President Carter: Bush Has Brought US 'International Disgrace'
  • Hundreds Arrested in Week of Anti-War Actions

    Thursday, September 28

  • Israeli Group Calls Power Plant Attack a 'War Crime'
  • Forests Worth Far More Alive Than Dead
  • Iraq War Was Terrorism 'Recruiting Sergeant'
  • US General Warns That Iraq is Close to Dissolving into Civil War
  • Oaxaca Protesters Fear Major Police Crackdown
  • New York to Outlaw Trans Fats in 24,000 Restaurants
  • Media Critic Takes on Major TV Networks
  • Hundreds Turn Out to Hear Views of Former CIA Analyst
  • Pentagon Whistleblower, South American, Indian Activists Win 'Alternative Nobels'

    Wednesday, September 27

  • Community Groups Sidelined in Gulf Coast Rebuilding
  • Health Insurance Premiums Continue to Soar
  • Cluster Bombs Imperil Southern Lebanon
  • Pesticide Residues Found in Nearly a Third of Britain's Food and Drink
  • Journal: Agency Blocked Hurricane Report
  • Bush's Declassified Papers Reveal Iraq Conflict Fueling Jihad
  • Most Iraqis Want US to Leave Now
  • Senators Propose Funds for Paper Ballots to Back Up Electronic Ones
  • The Big Question: Is Saddam Hussein Getting a Fair Trial in Baghdad?
  • Army Medic Who Went AWOL Surrenders
  • 71 War Protesters Seized in Baltimore

    Tuesday, September 26

  • Bush Facing Growing Revolt among Top Military Commanders over Iraq
  • Global Temperature Highest in Millennia
  • US Drops to 6th in World Competitiveness Ranking
  • Catastrophic Mudslide Could Last 100 Years, Say Scientists
  • Supporters of ACLU Call for the Ouster of Its Leaders
  • Chopper Tragedy Blow to Nature Conservation

    Monday, September 25

  • Army Withholds Budget, Warns Rumsfeld It's Billions Short
  • Bush's Church Urges Pull-out of US Troops from Iraq
  • CIA Paid Pakistan for al-Qaeda Suspects: Musharraf
  • Retired Officers to Criticize Rumsfeld
  • A Journey into the 'Taliban Republic' Where the Militias Rule Unchallenged
  • All 24 Aboard WWF Helicopter Killed in Nepal
  • Torture Victim Had No Terror Link, Canada Told US
  • Chomsky Book Still Tops Sales after Plug by Chavez at UN

    Sunday, September 24

  • Leaked Intelligence Report Rocks Bush Election Stance
  • Officials Wary of Electronic Voting Machines
  • US Army’s Kill-Kill Ethos Under Fire
  • Tens of Thousands Protest Against Wars Before British Labour Party Conference
  • Venezuelan FM Protests US Detention, Washington Denies Claims

    Saturday, September 23

  • Nationwide Actions 'Declare Peace', Raise Pressure on Congress
  • Groups Denounce Deal on Detainee Rights
  • US Deaths In Iraq, Afghanistan Now Equal To 9/11 Toll
  • AWOL Soldier Says He Wants to Come Home
  • Wolfowitz Crusade Could Hurt Poor, Group Warns

    Friday, September 22

  • The New Terror That Stalks Iraq's Republic of Fear
  • Top CIA Expert Slams Bush Anti-Terror Actions
  • Civilian Deaths Soar to Record High in Iraq
  • Chavez to Double Energy Subsidies to Needy in US
  • Mass Tourism and Climate Change Could Lead to Destruction of World's Wonders
  • Fate of Some CIA Detainees Still Unknown
  • Watch That Box for Al Jazeera, and More
  • All Saints Episcopal Church Won't Comply With IRS Probe

    Thursday, September 21

  • Capital Punishment: DNA Tests Prove Justice Has Failed
  • Toxic Shock: How Western Rubbish is Destroying Africa
  • Restraining Order against Bush Denied
  • 60 Years to Restore the Ozone Layer Over Antarctica
  • UN Finds Baghdad Toll Far Higher Than Cited
  • Arctic Thaw Opens Passage to Pole
  • Judge Overturns Bush Policy on New Forest Roads
  • Chavez's Anti-US Fervor
  • CIA ‘Refused to Operate’ Secret Jails

    Wednesday, September 20

  • Royal Society Tells Exxon: Stop Funding Climate Change Denial
  • The Beauty Industry's Ugly Secret
  • Hewlett-Packard Said to Have Studied Infiltrating Newsrooms
  • Ted Turner Says Iraq War among History's "Dumbest"
  • Toxic Mercury Contaminating More Species, Report Shows
  • US May Ban Sale of Cluster Bombs to Israel
  • Sea Levels are Rising Faster than Predicted, Warns Antarctic Survey
  • Home Raids Provoke Increased Unrest
  • Faith Leaders Call Torture Immoral

    Tuesday, September 19

  • Bush to Be Met with Anti-War Protests Outside UN
  • Big Jump Found in US Anti-Muslim Incidents
  • Israel Cluster Bomb Use in Lebanon "Outrageous": UN
  • Gore Calls for Immediate Freeze on Heat-Trapping Gas Emissions
  • Canadians Fault U.S. for Its Role in Torture Case
  • Senator Says Media Study Suppressed
  • World Bank Profits From Poor Countries - Report
  • Thousands Demonstrate at UN Against Iraq War, Bush

    Monday, September 18

  • Deadly Harvest: The Lebanese Fields Sown with Cluster Bombs
  • US Resorting to 'Collective Punishment' in Iraq
  • World Marches to Save Darfur
  • Nuclear Reactors Prone to Long Closings, Study Finds
  • Pasadena Church May Fight IRS Summons
  • Chavez Seeks Lofty Platform

    Sunday, September 17

  • U.S. War Prisons Legal Vacuum for 14,000
  • In a Replay of Iraq, A Battle is Brewing Over Intelligence on Iran
  • Ten Nobel Peace Prize Winners Take Aim at US
  • Throng Calls Loser Mexico’s ‘Legitimate’ President
  • Muslims Protest at 'Crusades' Mentality as Pope Fails to Apologize
  • Inconvenient Truths (for Al Gore and the Rest of the Planet)
  • Bush 'Prepares Emissions U-Turn'
  • New Leaders, Similar Story at Iraq's Abu Ghraib

    Saturday, September 16
  • IRS Orders All Saints to Yield Documents on '04 Political Races
  • Afghanistan: U.S. 'Handed Off a Mess' to NATO Forces
  • Mahatma Gandhi: A Century of Peaceful Protest
  • NGOs to Sue Singapore, WB-IMF for Abuse at Airport
  • WHO Urges DDT for Malaria Control Strategies
  • EPA Plans to Close Labs, Drop Scientists and Reduce Oversight

    Friday, September 15

  • Lawyer Says FCC Ordered Study Destroyed
  • Mass Boycott by NGOs May Yet Shame World Bank-IMF
  • IAEA Says Congress Report on Iran's Nuclear Capacity is Erroneous and Misleading
  • Bush Stance on al-Qaida Suspects is Morally Wrong, says Colin Powell
  • UK War Protesters Banned from Labour Conference
  • From Alaska to Australia, The World is Changing in Front of Us
  • First Official Demonstration at Singapore IMF-WB Meeting
  • Mall Sues War Protesters

    Thursday, September 14

  • World has 10-Year Window to Act on Climate Warming - NASA Expert
  • Even in Winter, Arctic Ice Melting
  • Charities Threaten to Boycott IMF over Ban on Singapore Protests
  • Amnesty Intl: Hizbollah Rocket Attacks on Israelis 'War Crimes'
  • PeaceJam Marks 10 Years With Laureates
  • Bad News From Iraq: Is It the PR, or the Policy?
  • Jailed for Life, Migrant Says Justice Was Too Blind

    Wednesday, September 13

  • 10 Billion Dollars Could Buy Universal Schooling
  • Five Former Soviet Republics Give Up Nukes
  • Armchair Sleuths Uncover Strange Military Sites in China
  • Neo-Con Favorite Declares World War III
  • Soldiers Reveal Horror of Afghan Campaign
  • Landmine Casualties up Despite Record Clearing
  • Singapore Puts the Squeeze on Protesters at IMF Meet
  • Gandhi Film Inspires Down East Audiences

    Tuesday, September 12

  • Bush's 'Campaign of Retribution' for 9/11 Felt Worldwide
  • Pakistan Rape Reform Fails after Musharraf Caves in
  • IDF Commander: We Fired More Than a Million Cluster Bombs in Lebanon
  • Iraqi Elections Believed to Have Worsened Divisions, Report Says
  • Junk Culture Killing Childhood: Experts
  • Spying: Business as Usual in the World of Corporate Snooping
  • New Data Erases Doubt on Storms and Warming
  • In Unpredictable District, Some Say Bush Is Politicizing Terrorism
  • Peace Activist Kathy Kelly Recounts Her Visits to War Zones
  • Time Runs Out on Bolton Nomination

    Monday, September 11

  • Global Media Abhors US Response to 9-11
  • New Oil Find in Gulf of Mexico 'Bad Public Policy'
  • Fallujah Under US Threat - Again
  • 'Shame on You, Mr Blair': Protest Disrupts Lebanon Press Conference
  • Global Warming to Wash away Beaches, Warns Spanish Study
  • Tainted Biotech Rice Found in Germany - Greenpeace

    Saturday, September 9

  • Five Years in, Bush is Losing Terror War
  • No Qaeda-Saddam Links: Senate Report
  • Another Piece of Alaska Goes on Sale
  • IMF-World Bank Exposed by Ban on NGOs at Singapore Meet

    Friday, September 8

  • Interrogation Methods Rejected by Military Win Bush’s Support
  • 'Gaza is a jail. Nobody is allowed to leave. We are all starving now'
  • What Lies Beneath
  • European Watchdog Calls for Clampdown on CIA
  • Bush and Bin Laden Locked in an Embrace
  • Questions Raised about Bush’s Primary Claims in Defense of Secret Detention System
  • FCC Hears Local Views on Media
  • 10 Miami Journalists Take U.S. Pay
  • Space for Dissent Narrows on Eve of Bank/IMF Meet
  • Local War Vets Take Fight Against Government Over DU Exposure To Court
  • Greenwald's `Iraq for Sale' Veers off the Small-Film Path

    Thursday, September 7

  • Scientists Find New Global Warming 'Time Bomb’
  • Is Brain Drain Robbing Poor to Pay for the Rich?
  • Bush Yields to Geneva Conventions on Detainees
  • Iraq Deaths Multiply in New August Count
  • Disapproval of Bush Nears European Levels
  • Iran President Proposes Debate with Bush
  • War Turns Southern Women Away From GOP
  • Poll Finds Waning Faith in Military Interventions

    Wednesday, September 6

  • U.S. Threatens to Revoke Trade Preferences from Left-Leaning South American Countries
  • NYC Children Struggle with Hunger, Obesity
  • Afghanistan: Campaign against Taliban 'Causes Misery and Hunger'
  • Intelligence Estimate on Iran Blocks Neo-Con Plans
  • Rights Group Asks Judge to Stop Wiretap Program
  • 9/11 Miniseries Is Criticized as Inaccurate and Biased
  • Nokia, Dell Get 'Light Green' Rating from Greenpeace; Apple in the Red

    Tuesday, September 5

  • US Losing Control of Iraq - Fast
  • Ice Bubbles Reveal Biggest Rise in CO2 for 800,000 Years
  • Another Fatal Day in the 'War on Terror
  • Documentary Slams US Companies Working in Iraq
  • GMO Chinese Rice Found in EU
  • Vermont Walkers Tackle Global Warming
  • Israel Said to Fear War Crimes Charges

    Monday, September 4

  • Gaza Doctors Encounter 'Unexplained Injuries'
  • US Winning Battles, but Losing the War?
  • The War on Terror, Five Years on: An Era of Constant Warfare
  • Texas Mayor Wants Horse Slaughter Plant Closed
  • Adapt to Climate Change, World Leaders Warned
  • Snubbed by US, Pakistan Doing Nuclear Deal With China

    Sunday, September 3

  • 'Made in the USA': Hezbollah Turning Rubble into Rhetoric
  • Financier Soros Believes US is Lost
  • An Army Minus One
  • Maude Barlow Primes the Clean-Water Pump; Every Drop in Bucket Matters to Those Fighting Privatization
  • Khatami: US Policies Trigger Terrorism
  • Camp Crawford Bush Protesters Moving Operation to DC
  • Robert Fisk: American and Muslim: Six Million People in Search of an Identity

    Saturday, September 2

  • Critics Decry "Destroy and Lend" Policy
  • Pentagon Issues Grim Iraq Report
  • Union Carbide Must Clean Bhopal Mess - Residents
  • NATO Gives Itself Six Months to Tame the Taliban: Report
  • 'Why Did Blair Send My Teenage Son to Fight an Illegal and Dishonest War?'
  • Department of Energy Reorganization Raises Concerns About Worker Safety

    Friday, September 1

  • "Fascism" Frame Set Up by Right-Wing Press
  • Oxfam Reports: Private Sector 'Not the Answer to Poverty'
  • Pentagon Moves Toward Monitoring Media
  • An Army Minus One: Army Specialist Mark Wilkerson turns himself in after being AWOL for more than 18 months.
  • US Direct Action: How American Cities Have Bypassed Bush on Kyoto
  • Activists Want Ohio Election Chief Out
  • For US Muslim Law Students, Knowledge Is Power

    August 2006




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