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July 2005

Sunday, July 31
  • US Troops in Afghanistan: They Expected an Easy Ride, Then the Enemy Struck Back
  • Playwright Bears Green Party Flag in 5th District Race
  • Boycott Mania: As Business Ethics Fall, Consumer Activism Rises
  • Carter Criticizes Iraq War, Detentions at Guantanamo
  • Anger Over 'Shoot to Kill' Policy Grows
  • A Lost Liberal in Bush Land? You Need a Stiff Drink
  • The World has Turned Away - But Darfur's Misery Goes On

    Friday, July 29
  • New Calls for Coalition Forces to Count Iraqi Casualties
  • U.S. Beaches Getting Dirtier, Report Finds
  • Group Slams the "Iron Triangle" of US Food Aid
  • Anti-Chavez Broadcasts May Be Hot Air
  • Up to Half of Ocean Species Lost to Overfishing
  • Murder of Envoys Casts Shadow on US Hint at Troop Pullout Next Year

    Thursday, July 28
  • House Passes Free-Trade Agreement in Tight Vote
  • MI5 Analysts Admit Link between Iraq War and Bombings
  • Military's Opposition to Harsh Interrogation Is Outlined
  • Gaza Will Be 'Vacated But Still Occupied'
  • Tehran Accuses US of Nuclear Double Standard
  • Brazilian Did Not Wear Bulky Jacket
  • Opponents Want Bush Barred From Summit
  • Soldier Who Refused Iraq Duty Faces Charge

    Wednesday, July 27
  • Clinton Angers Left With Call for Unity
  • Subway Hell Just Got a Little Hotter
  • Activists See CAFTA as Gift to Big Pharma
  • Local Initiatives to Address Climate Change
  • Bush Was Unready for Postwar Iraq
  • Britain May Be Left to Hold the Fort in Afghanistan
  • Airwaves Off-Limits to New Propaganda Tsar

    Tuesday, July 26
  • New Name for 'War on Terror' Reflects Wider U.S. Campaign
  • Opponents Still See Chance to Block Bush on CAFTA
  • Italians Issue Six New CIA Warrants
  • Democrats Watch in Horror as Union Base Falls Apart
  • Civil War Specter Spurs New Iraq Exit Plans
  • Democratic Senators Press CIA Leak Probe
  • Despite $2 Billion Spent, Residents say Baghdad is Crumbling
  • Afghan Protesters Try to Break Into U.S. Base
  • Former Bush Aide Turns Tough Critic As Iraq Inspector
  • Proposed Chapter for Iraq's Constitution Likely to Anger Women Who Fear Losing Some Rights

    Monday, July 25
  • Shots to the Heart of Iraq
  • Melting Greenland Glacier May Hasten Rise in Sea Level
  • Lawyer's Painting Met With Calls for Removal
  • Tim Robbins at War
  • Protesters Bear Heat to Get Anti-War Message Across
  • Fonda to Oppose Iraq War on Bus Tour
  • Gonzales Says He Told Card About CIA Probe
  • Manchester United Boss in US Clash with Greenpeace
  • One Year After Declaring It Genocide, U.S. Congress Still Yet to Act to Protect Darfur's Citizens, Groups Charge
  • GM Crops Created Superweed, Say Scientists

    Sunday, July 24
  • Liberals Gather to 'Demand Answers'
  • Iraq: This is Now an Unwinnable Conflict
  • Who Told Bush What in Leak Case, and When Was He Told?
  • Defying U.S. Efforts, Guerrillas in Iraq Refocus and Strengthen
  • Man Shot in Terror Hunt was Innocent Young Brazilian

    Saturday, July 23
  • CIA Leak Investigation Turns to Possible Perjury, Obstruction
  • Ex-CIA Officers Rip Bush Over Rove Leak
  • Government Defies an Order to Release Iraq Abuse Photos
  • Muslims Fear Officers Have Adopted 'Shoot to Kill' Policy
  • UK Ministers Accused of Double Standards Over Arms Exports
  • Iraqi Women May Lose Basic Rights Under New Constitution

    Friday, July 22
  • Sick of Globalization
  • Iraq Seen as Weakening Terror War
  • Venezuela vs US: Looming War of the Airwaves
  • Students Flock to Campus Organic Farms
  • 300 Events to Call for Bush's Impeachment over 'Downing Street' Allegations
  • Rove, Libby Accounts in CIA Case Differ With Those of Reporters
  • House Votes to Keep Anti-Terror Law
  • Haitian Priest Assaulted by Mob at Funeral and Arrested for Murder
  • Rovegate: The Scandal That Lays Bare the Cynicism Behind Bush's War in Iraq

    Thursday, July 21
  • Nomination Vexes Liberals, Women
  • 'Why Did They Force My Son Into the Water?'
  • Yemen: 13 Dead in Riots Over World Bank-Backed Price Hikes
  • Environmental Groups Study Roberts's Rulings with Concern
  • Italian Prosecutor Seeks Arrest Warrants for Six More Purported CIA Operatives
  • Wife of Nominee Holds Strong Antiabortion Views
  • Roberts Gave GOP Advice in 2000 Recount
  • Two Men Claim Hunger Strike at Guantanamo
  • Supreme Court Pick Shifts Attention From Rove, Agent Disclosure
  • Riot Control Ray Gun Causes Worry
  • US Invasion of Iraq was a Mistake: Manmohan

    Wednesday, July 20
  • Bush's First Supreme Court Nominee Faces Questioning on Host of Contentious Issues
  • Peace Begins With Mothers, Daughters, Sisters
  • Iraq Constitution Body in Turmoil
  • Global Warming: Blue Skies, Green Cities
  • Protecting, Conserving Water Resources Could Save Communities Immense Sums - Report
  • Review of Executed Man's Conviction Boosts Anti-Death Penalty Lobby
  • Mayor Blames Middle East Policy
  • India, US Open Can of Nuclear Worms

    Tuesday, July 19
  • Two-Thirds Believe London Bombings are Linked to Iraq War
  • 25,000 Civilians Killed Since Iraq Invasion, Says Report
  • Iraq's Top Shia Cleric Warns of 'Genocidal War'
  • Baghdad Hospital Doctors on Strike Against Soldiers
  • "PlameGate" Is Hardly a Summer Squall
  • New Film Exposes Plight of 9/11 Rescuers
  • Anti-gay Santorum Stands by Outed Spokesman
  • Small Arms Control Remains "Toothless"

    Monday, July 18
  • Reporter Ties Cheney Aide to CIA Story
  • Frustrated Iraqis Ready to Take Law into Own Hands
  • Get Out the Vote: Did Washington try to Manipulate Iraq's Election?
  • Global Warming: France Feels the Heat
  • Australian Broadcaster Claims Proof Japan Bought Whaling Votes
  • Large Volume of F.B.I. Files Alarms U.S. Activist Groups
  • Weekend of Slaughter Propels Iraq Towards All-out Civil War
  • Foreign Office Accused of Censoring Insider Book on Iraq War
  • Blair Under Pressure After Think-Tank Link London Attacks to Iraq War

    Sunday, July 17
  • Study Cites Seeds of Terror in Iraq
  • White House in Panic Over Spy Scandal
  • Casualty of War: US Economy
  • Report of Covert Aid to Iraqi Candidates
  • Writing Poetry was the Balm That Kept Guantanamo Prisoners from Going Mad

    Saturday, July 16
  • Small Arms Inflict Huge Toll
  • Pro-Aristide Priest Reportedly Detained on Return From Miami
  • Prosecutors Zero in on Memo for Clues in CIA Agent Leak
  • Labour MPs Blame Bombings on Iraq War
  • 11 U.S. Troops Charged with Abuse in Iraq
  • War Protester Pulled from Oswego County Parade, Arrested

    Friday, July 15
  • NIH Finds Ethics Violations in 44 Cases
  • Five Blasts Reported in Baghdad Suicide Bomb Spate
  • Haitian Journalist Kidnapped, Tortured, Killed
  • 8 Months After U.S.-Led Siege, Insurgents Rise Again in Falluja
  • Guantanamo Degradation Revealed
  • Iraq Seen Wasting $300 Million on Substandard Military Equipment
  • Corruption Threatens to Leave Iraq With a 'Ghost Army'
  • Civilians Bear Brunt of Iraqi Insurgency
  • Muslim World Rejecting Violence, Says Poll
  • Anti-Bush Protester Sues Houston Cops
  • US Still Pursuing Nuclear Options 60 Years After First Bomb
  • Immigration Debate Misses the Point, Expert Says

    Thursday, July 14
  • Kennedy Rips Santorum Comments
  • Poll Suggests Drop in Bush's Personal Credibility
  • Bush and His 'Brain' Besieged
  • UN Arms Trade Deal Toothless, Say Critics
  • Coercive Methods Prompted Sept. 11 Figure to Talk, General Testifies
  • Scientists Raise Alarm About Ocean Health
  • Attorneys Find Dykes on Bikes Patently Offensive, Reject Name

    Wednesday, July 13
  • Was Iraq a Factor in UK Bombs? Lawmakers Wonder
  • US Group Calls for Health Warnings on Soft Drinks
  • EPA Is Faulted as Failing to Shield Public From Toxins
  • Bush's POW-MIA Chief Accused of Abuse
  • DA Drops Charges Over Gay Marriage
  • Michael Jackson Easily Trumps Darfur on Nightly News

    Tuesday, July 12
  • CIA Leak Quotes
  • Exxon Mobil Becomes Focus of a Boycott
  • Lawmakers Criticize Efforts to Monitor Public Television for Bias
  • Iraqi Commandos Accused in Deaths of 10 Sunni Muslim Tribesmen
  • US Bans Military Staff from Travelling to London

    Monday, July 11
  • Bush Aide Rove was Time Reporter's Source-Newsweek
  • Pop Campaign on Africa Fizzles Out
  • Father of War Victim Says Attack was Inevitable
  • Dangerous Summer for Nuclear Power Plants
  • Powers Declare Protest Must Go
  • First Man Up Everest Says UN Must Act to Save It
  • Four Militants Escape U.S. Afghan Detention Center
  • UN Troops Kill Six in Haiti Raid
  • Somali Peace Activist Shot Dead

    Sunday, July 10
  • Secret Plan To Quit Iraq
  • Wal-Mart Hires Justice Scalia's Son for Whistle-Blower Suits
  • Report: France's Mitterrand Authorized 1985 Bombing of Greenpeace Boat
  • Confessed Iran-Contra Figure Lands Sensitive Pentagon Post

    Saturday, July 9
  • Data Reveal Sea Levels Have Risen More Than 1 Inch in Last Decade
  • Familiar Debate Resumes in Wake of London Bombings
  • G-8 Summit: No Solutions Here to 'Climate Chaos' - Activists
  • Fox News Slammed Over 'Callous' Line
  • Moral Ties Attached to US AIDS Cash
  • U.S. Sued on Anti-Gay Military Policy
  • Appeals Court: Abortion Ban Unconstitutional

    Friday, July 8
  • G-8 Summit: U.S. Trips Up Climate Agreement
  • London Blasts No Shock to Protesters in Gleneagles
  • What 800 Million Buys Big Pharma on Capitol Hill
  • London Hit as Skepticism Grows on 'Terror War'
  • Musician Willie Nelson Expands Biodisel Brand BioWillie
  • Muslims Told Not to Travel as Retaliation Fears Grow
  • Costs Prompt Many Women to Skimp on Health Care, Survey Finds
  • Italy to Start Iraq Troop Pullout in Fall

    Thursday, July 7
  • Lawmaker: Guard Spying Investigation Being Blocked
  • London Blasts Attack the "Heart" of Europe
  • Energy Company Paid $25,000 for DeLay Meeting
  • US Will Gain Most from Green Aid for Poor Nations
  • Afghanistan's Alleged War Criminals Still Hold Top Offices - Report
  • World Movement of Democracy, More than a Luckless Acronym?

    Wednesday, July 6
  • Reporter for New York Times Sent to Jail in Legal Wrangle Over First Amendment Rights
  • G8 Protesters to March on Gleneagles
  • Reporters Face Jail in High-Stakes Battle for Press Freedom
  • Nigerian Challenge Over Emissions
  • Suspects Held in New Rape Case in Pakistan, Police Official Says
  • From Filmmaker in Los Angeles to Iraq Detainee
  • Property Seizure Backlash
  • Hundreds Protest in Pamplona Against Bullfighting
  • Military Expands Homeland Efforts
  • L. Patrick Gray, FBI Chief During Watergate Break-in, Dead at 88

    Tuesday, July 5
  • Protesters Prepare "Warm" Welcome for World Leaders
  • Bush, the Obstacle to a Deal on Global Warming
  • Protesters in Court Ahead of G8
  • US Church Backs Same-Sex Marriage
  • Studies Bolster Evidence Linking Lots of TV with Poor Academics
  • Homeless and Hopeless: Bulldozers Carve out a Bleak New Reality for Poor Zimbabweans
  • Chavez Says Americas Trade Plan 'Should Be Buried'
  • Liberal Legislative Caucus Envisions Post-Bush Era
  • Iraq Emerges as a Terrorist Training Ground
  • Gaylord Nelson Dies at 89

    Saturday, July 2
  • Bush Administration to Keep Control of Internet's Central Computers
  • Zapatistas Go on Tour to Broaden Appeal
  • Blair Pressed to Isolate US Over Climate Change
  • White House Described Darfur as 'Genocide' to Please Christian Right
  • Specters of Militarism, Nationalism Dog Independence Day
  • NOW Declares 'state of Emergency,' Plans March After News of O'Connor's Retirement
  • Tens of Thousands of Anti-Poverty Demonstrators March Through Edinburgh
  • MSNBC Analyst Says Cooper Documents Reveal Karl Rove as Source in Plame Case

    Friday, July 1
  • House Ethics Panel Ends Impasse; DeLay Investigation Now Possible
  • Senate Approves Controversial CAFTA
  • Time Will Surrender Reporter's Notes
  • FDA Was Told of Viagra-Blindness Link Months Ago
  • British Scientists Say Carbon Dioxide Is Turning the Oceans Acidic

    June 2005
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