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January 2005

Monday, January 31,
  • Hollow Election Held on Bloody Day
  • U.S. Students Say Press Freedoms Go too Far
  • NAACP Calls IRS Probe 'Political,' Refuses to Comply
  • German Farmers Championing 'Flower Power' for Cleaner Energy
  • Global Warming: Grim News Expected from Scientists' Council of War
  • Healthcare Overhaul Is Quietly Underway
  • Iraqi Leader's Uncertain Future
  • Sunnis Absent from Iraqi Polling Stations

  • Sunday, January 30
  • War Dominates the 2005 Sundance Film Festival Winners
  • 'Dangerous' Global Warming Possible by 2026 - WWF
  • World Social Forum: Activists Urge Free Open-Source Software
  • Soros Says Kerry's Failings Undermined Campaign Against Bush
  • Parents Fight to Learn Why Israeli Sniper Shot Their Son
  • US General Gets Earful From Men in Sunni City Who May Forgo Polls
  • One More 'Moral Value': Fighting Poverty
  • A 'Stop-Dean' Effort Arises at DNC Forum; Stakes High as Party Seeks New Chairman
  • Baseball's Carlos Delgado Cleanly Fields Questions Regarding War Protest

    Saturday, January 29
  • Forced Labor, Iraq War Take Center Stage at World Social Forum
  • Public Eye on Davos Award: Unique Awards Highlight Corporate Irresponsibility
  • Cheney Criticized for Attire at Auschwitz Ceremony
  • Iraq War, Budget Pressures Squeeze Aid for Poor Nations
  • Bush Payola Scandal Deepens as Third Columnist Admits Being Paid
  • Flashback to the 60's: A Sinking Sensation of Parallels Between Iraq and Vietnam
  • In Interview, Bush Belittles Gay Parents

    Friday, January 28
  • Arabs Say Iraq Vote Gives Democracy a Bad Name
  • A Tale of Two Forums in Worlds Apart
  • Bush's Rhetoric Remains High-Flown, But His Arguments for War Have Fallen Apart
  • Guantanamo: Sex Used to Break Detainees: Report
  • Iraq: Is the World Safer Now?
  • Book on Environmentalist Creates a Storm
  • Iraq: One Nation, Divided People
  • FCC Won't Appeal Media Ownership Decision
  • Latino Democrat Lawmakers Won't Back US Attorney General Nominee
  • Returning Veterans Paint Grim Picture of War's Toll
  • Kennedy Bashes Bush for 'Crimes Against Nature'
  • Baseball's Carlos Delgado Cleanly Fields Questions Regarding War Protest

    Thursday, January 27
  • Global Warming is 'Twice as Bad as Previously Thought'
  • Free Trade Leaves World Food in Grip of Global Giants
  • Woolsey, 24 Dems, Ask Bush to Withdraw GIs
  • Iraq Forces Not Ready, General Says
  • Democrats Divided Over Rethink on Abortion
  • Oil Firms Fund Climate Change 'Denial'
  • The Neo-Cons: From Holocaust to Hyperpower
  • Appeals Court to Revisit Cheney Lawsuit
  • Mother of Soldier Slain in Iraq Speaks Out
  • Original Venue, New and Improved Methodology for Giant Meet
  • As Texas Judge, Gonzales Heard Donors' Cases
  • Kennedy Calls for U.S. Withdrawal from Iraq

    Wednesday, January 26
  • AFL-CIO Targets Bush Social Security Plan
  • MoveOn Steps Into DNC Chair Contest
  • Isolation, Breakdowns and Mysterious Injections
  • Media Mogul Accused of Running Saudi-Funded Propaganda Campaign
  • Brazil's Leftists No Longer See President as Their Champion
  • Torture Treaty Doesn't Bar 'Cruel, Inhuman' Tactics, Gonzales Says
  • Amnesty, Oxfam Call for Urgent Adoption of UN Arms Trade Treaty
  • World Social Forum: Open Systems for Open Politics
  • 36 U.S. Troops Die in Iraq in Their Bloodiest Day
  • Rice Confirmed Despite Dems' Criticisms: How Did Your Senators Vote?

    Tuesday, January 25
  • Dream On America: World Rejects US Model
  • Mass Suicide Bid at Guantanamo
  • Drilling Plan OKd for Rare Desert Land
  • Threat of Election Violence Empties Streets of Baghdad
  • How the U.S. Can Attack an Ally
  • Argentine Children Celebrate "Week Against Guns"
  • Less Than 25 Percent of Eligible Overseas Voters Have Registered for Iraqi Elections
  • US War Spending to Hit $300 Billion
  • Abuse, Torture by Iraqi Police Called Routine

    Monday, January 24
  • Climate Change: Countdown to Global Catastrophe
  • Iraq: Election Divides a Nation
  • Pentagon Operating Secret Spy Branch - Report
  • Product Placement Turns TV Programs into Commercials
  • Bush Sparred With Canadians on Missile Defence in Tense Meeting, Says Report
  • Gonzales: Did He Help Bush Keep His DUI Quiet?
  • On Eve of Iraq Vote, War Less Popular in US
  • Storm Clouds Gather for Iraq's Ill-Omened Election
  • Peace Effort Takes New Form in Granville Township

    Sunday, January 23
  • Global Warming Approaching Point of No Return, Warns Leading Climate Expert
  • Afghan Women Still in Chains Under Karzai
  • Survey Finds Church-Going Americans Less Tolerant
  • Violence and Fear is Growing in Iraq Ahead of Next Sunday's Vote

    Saturday, January 22

  • Bush Pulls 'Neocons' Out of the Shadows
  • Iraqi Overseas Voter Registrations Extended Because of Poor Turnout
  • Bush Administration OKs Expanded Oil Drilling in Alaska
  • Retiree Doggedly Pursues Legal Challenge of Iraq War
  • 'God-Drenched' Speech is Second Nature to Born-Again Bush
  • US and UK Look for Early Way Out of Iraq
  • Outcry Over Creation of GM Smallpox Virus
  • Iraqi Insurgency Growing Larger, More Effective

    Friday, January 21
  • Bush's Democracy Crusade Defies Public Opinion
  • Unclouded by Doubt, Bush Vows Freedom-Spreading Mission
  • Inaugural Protests in Many Cities
  • Smiles for the Family, A Fiery Warning for the World
  • Second Term is Met by a Mourning March
  • Mock Coffins, Real Anger
  • FCC Chairman Powell Says to Step Down in March
  • Corporate Honchos Take Care of Their Own First
  • 15 Killed in Baghdad Shiite Mosque Blast after Zarqawi Vows Holy War
  • Redford Kicks Off Sundance on a Political Note

    Thursday, January 20

  • From the 'Axis of Evil' to the 'Outposts of Tyranny'
  • Voter Turnout Won't Be Enough to Legitimize Election
  • Bush Bad for Global Peace, US Image, World Believes
  • NGOs Rally Behind UN Plan to Slash World Poverty
  • Protesters Refuse to Stand on Ceremony
  • U.S. Contractor Slain in Iraq Had Alleged Graft
  • Group Sees Gay Hook in SpongeBob Cartoon
  • Cheney Says Iran Tops List of Trouble Spots
  • Protesters Target Bush's Inauguration
  • Iraq Militants Promise Long War as Bush Takes Vows

    Wednesday, January 19
  • Four More Years of Bush Makes the World Anxious
  • Tony Blair's Greenhouse Gas Policy 'Scandalous'
  • Shocking Images Revealed at Britain's 'Abu Ghraib Trial'
  • Demonstrators Rally Outside San Quentin to Assail Execution
  • Support for War in Iraq Hits New Low
  • Harvard Women's Group Rips Summers
  • Iran Issues Sharp Warning to US Over Any Military Action
  • Dean Gaining Early Momentum in DNC Race
  • CIA Called Exempt From Torture Ban
  • Activist Gives Blistering Address at King Celebration
  • Why the Hawks are Circling Over Iran
  • Ohio's GOP Attorney-General Launches Revenge Attack on Election Protection Legal Team

    Tuesday, January 18
  • Condi Rice: Tsunami Provided "Wonderful Opportunity" for US
  • Kerry Alleges Voters Were 'Suppressed'
  • New Dissent Tactics Will Mark Bush Inaugural
  • Bush Opts for Costly Bash in Wartime
  • Iraq Violence Spreads to 'Safe' Areas
  • UN Unveils 10-Year Plan to Lift 500 Million Out of Misery
  • New Intelligence Reports Raise Questions About U.S. Mission in Iraq
  • Polls: Bush Not Backed on Iraq War
  • Fearful US TV Networks Censor More Shows

    Monday, January 17
  • Bush Faces New Breed of Policy Protesters
  • Jackson Says War, Poverty Sap King Legacy
  • Big Companies' Inauguration Donations Raise Eyebrows
  • The Coming Wars: What the Pentagon Can Now Do in Secret
  • Bible vs. Science War Rages On In Classrooms
  • Special Forces 'On the Ground' in Iran
  • Even Bush's Most Loyal GOP Soldiers Alarmed by Strain on Troops
  • Images Behind Soldier's Iraq Refusal
  • U.S. Gathering Nuclear Intelligence Inside Iran for Possible Strike: New Yorker

    Sunday, January 16
  • Coalition Admits 'The Battle for Iraq May Never Be Won'
  • Iraqis Say Graner Abuse Sentence Too Lenient
  • Bush Protesters Rethink Tactics
  • Wal-Mart 'Duped' Locals to Build on Holy Site
  • The Daring of Nonviolence: Civil Rights Activist Diane Nash is Sure It has Power to Disarm Injustice

    Saturday, January 15
  • GOP Seeks Exemption to Bias Law
  • Anti-Bush Bracelets Say, 'Count Me Blue'
  • FCC Orders Probe of Williams-Bush Deal
  • Monsanto "Seed Police" Scrutinize Farmers
  • Mainstream Religious Leaders Urge Bush To Push Hard on Middle East Peace
  • Inspector General Rebukes F.B.I. Over Espionage Case and Firing of Whistle-Blower
  • Babylon Wrecked by War; US-Led Forces Leave a Trail of Destruction
  • US Military Pondered Love not War

    Friday, January 14
  • CIA: Bush's Iraq War May Incite Terror, CIA Study Says
  • Global Gulag to Hide the War on Terror's Dirty Secrets
  • Tamer Protests Expected for Second Inauguration
  • How Big Tobacco Reneged on Pledge; Industry Tried to Subvert Study, UCSF Report Finds
  • Aide to Bush's Father Urges Pullout
  • Bush Under Fire Over Human Rights; Watchdog Says US Setting Bad Example
  • Georgia Evolution Stickers Ordered Removed
  • War's 'Hidden Cost' Called Heavy; Billions Eyed to Replenish Forces
  • Army Sergeant Refuses 2nd Iraq Deployment; Seeks Conscientious Objector Status

    Thursday, January 13
  • 16 Dems Urge Bush to Start Pullout from Iraq
  • Big-Money Contributors Line Up for Inauguration
  • US School in Eye of Creationist Storm
  • 22 Gay, Lesbian Groups Reset Priorities in Wake of Losses
  • New FBI Software May Be Unusable
  • Terror War Diverting Attention from Roots of Insecurity
  • Toll of Missing, Dead in Indonesia Estimated Near 210,000
  • Lawmakers Seek Probe of Long Voting Lines
  • FDR's Grandson Protests Soc. Security Ad
  • Protesters Get Prime Spot for Inauguration

    Wednesday, January 12
  • US Search for WMD in Iraq is Over: Report
  • Soros Group Raises Stakes in Battle with US Neo-Cons
  • Activists Drop a Challenge to Bush's Ohio Victory
  • Clinton Nemesis Named as Security Chief
  • Deluge of Unfocussed Kindness Can 'Kill' - Experts
  • Families of the Fallen Unite in Grief - And Anger
  • Iraqi Victim Says U.S. Torture Worse Than Saddam
  • World Social Forum: In the US, Polls and Bullets Blot Out Upcoming Summit
  • Protesters Plan to Mark Bush Inauguration
    Tuesday, January 11
  • Film Reveals True Destruction to Ghost City Falluja
  • Allawi Group Slips Cash to Reporters
  • Witness: CIA and SEALs Beat Prisoners During Interrogation in Iraq
  • Iraq's Shaky Rush to Polls
  • Protester Carrying Anti-Bush Sign Cited
  • Tsunami Relief: Freeze Debts, No Strings Attached, Groups Urge
  • The Sister of Mercy: Helen Prejean
  • Writer Urging Inauguration Day Boycott
  • Mississippi Library Board Puts Stewart's Best-Selling "America (The Book)" Back on Shelves
  • City of Ghosts

    Monday, January 10
  • New Attack on Civilians Feeds Calls for Iraqi Withdrawl
  • Cardinal Says Bush Broke Iraq Promise
  • To Jordan and Back - Escondido Father, War Protester Returns from Latest Trip
  • Saying No To Bush Agenda: Democrats United In Desire To Resist White House Tactics
  • Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" Voted US Viewers' Favorite Movie of 2004
  • N.C. Congressman Calls For Withdrawal From Iraq: Coble Among First To Publicly Push Pull Out
  • Canadian Professor Develops Plastic that More Efficiently Converts Solar Energy
  • Some Mississippi Libraries Ban Jon Stewart Book
  • Bush's Budget Moves Have Made the Future a Voiceless Victim

    Sunday, January 9
  • Many Americans Refuse to Concede 'Stolen Election'
  • 'The Salvador Option':The Pentagon May Put Special-Forces-led Assassination or Kidnapping Teams in Iraq
  • Congress Passes 'Doomsday' Plan
  • Ohio Secy of State Blackwell Letter Seeks Illegal Donations
  • Purging of Rolls, Confusion Anger Voters
  • US Military Admits It Hit Wrong Target After Bomb Kills 14 Iraqis
  • Poll Will Be Illegitimate, Iraqi Elder Statesman Warns
  • Local Activists Heading to Brazil for Social Justice Forum
  • Targeting Teens for Troops
  • New Zealand Confirms Supplying Agent Orange in Vietnam War
  • Palestinians Elect Abbas to Succeed Arafat
  • Withdrawing Ukraine Troops from Iraq Priority, Yushchenko Says

    Saturday, January 8
  • Billionaire Urges Bush to Give Inaugural Funds to Tsunami Survivors
  • Campaigning in Iraq has Worsened Ethnic, Religious Tensions
  • US to Overhaul Beleaguered Forces in Iraq
  • Campaign Fever Grips Gaza, as Palestinians Pray for Better Tomorrow
  • Case Shines Harsh Light on 'Pundit Industry'
  • Mysterious Jet Tied to Torture Flights
  • Report Paints Bleak Picture of Iraqi Forces

    Friday, January 7
  • Lawmakers Launch Historic Protest of Electoral Vote
  • White House Paid Commentator to Promote Law
  • Scowcroft Skeptical on Iraq Vote
  • After Leveling City, U.S. Tries to Build Trust
  • US Doctors Accused Over Guantánamo Abuse
  • Green Warriors on Mercy Mission to Indonesia's Tsunami-Hit Coastline
  • Bush's Drug Videos Broke Law, Accountability Office Decides
  • Geneva Convention Overhaul Considered
  • Effort Under Way to Weaken US Endangered Species Law
  • Monsanto Settles with US Over Indonesia Bribe
  • Bush Approval Rating Low At Start Of Second Term

    Thursday, January 6
  • Meanwhile, Back in Iraq...
  • Election Challenge: Senator Barbara Boxer to Stand Up
  • 50 Civil Rights Groups Voice Concerns on Gonzales' Record
  • Nuclear Weapons Site Still Unsafe, Says Ex-FBI Agent
  • Business Lobby to Spend Millions Pushing Bush's Right Wing Nominees
  • Mom Gets Perspective: California Woman Who Lost Son in War Returns from Jordan
  • Australian Terror Suspect Alleges He was Tortured While Detained in Egypt
  • US Army Reserve Becoming 'Broken Force," Commander Warns
  • Trickle of Prison Abuse Reports Becoming A Torrent

    Wednesday, January 5
  • US Hedges on Election Timing
  • Marine Jailed for Refusing to Pick Up Gun Following Religious Conversion
  • House Democrats to Contest Electoral Vote Count
  • Once-Hated Gray Wolf Thrives in the U.S. Rockies
  • Pinochet Under House Arrest at Ranch
  • Trio of Storm Systems Could Have Devastating Impact on US
  • Tsunami Impact: Loss of Innocence in the Politics of Aid
  • Japan to Look at Revising Pacifist Constitution
  • Rights Groups, Ex-Military Brass Call for Careful Scrutiny of Gonzales' Nomination

    Tuesday, January 4
  • End Challenge to Bush's Win, Bush/Cheney Lawyers Urge Ohio High Court
  • Could the Tsunami Disaster Be a Turning Point for the World?
  • More Than 10,000 US Troops Wounded in Iraq
  • Is the US Stingy?
  • Kuwaiti Soldiers Detained for Planning Attacks on US Forces
  • Defense Speaks in Smoketown Six Lawsuit
  • Nine Arrested in Protest of Proposed Biotech Site in Florida
  • Japan to Look at Revising Pacifist Constitution
  • Israeli TV to Show Video of Nuclear Site
  • House GOP Reverses Course on Ethics Rules
  • Bush Strategy Will Hurt Republicans, says Former Aide
  • Stop Sending us Money, French Aid Group Says
  • Whistleblower Says US Bungled AIDS Study

    Monday, January 3
  • Ex-Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm Dead at 80
  • Military's Test at High Schools Brings a Salvo of Concerns
  • $2 Billion Pledged, But Will the World Keep Its Promises?
  • Objection Sustained: Maine Soldier Home from Afghanistan as Conscientious Objector
  • Plan to Keep Detainees in Jail for Life Criticized by Senators
  • America Urged to Devise 'Marshall Plan' for Asia
  • Once-Dominant Sunnis Rejecting Iraqi Elections as January 30 Nears
  • Public Pension Funds: Corporate America Pushes Back
  • Bush 2 Off to Shaky Start
  • Military Offensive on in Tsunami-Hit Aceh - Critics

    Sunday, January 2
  • US Said to Mull Lifetime Terror-Suspect Detentions
  • Democrats Split Again Over Party's Agenda
  • Rosa Parks, Symbol of Civil Rights Struggle, Set to Win Long Battle to Reclaim Her Name
  • Death Toll May Reach 200,000 Amid Riddle of Missing Britons
  • Guantanamo Briton 'In Handcuff Torture'
  • US Intelligence Shake-Up Meets Growing Criticism

    Saturday, January 1
  • Tsunami a Reminder of Risks that Plague Coastal Nuke Plants
  • British Government Sought to Shun "Irrational" Nixon During Watergate
  • Final Six Months of 2004 Deadliest Ever for US Forces in Iraq
  • Stung by Charges of Being Tightfisted and Slow to Respond, Bush Increases Pledged Amount
  • Vote Challengers Accuse Blackwell of Trying to Let 'Clock Run Out'
  • Jordanian Authorities Ban Protest by US Anti-War Group
  • Evangelical Leader Threatens to Use His Political Muscle Against Some Democrats

    December 2004





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