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February 2005

Monday, February 28
  • Trauma of Iraq War Haunting Thousands Returning Home
  • Bush Plan to Follow Texan Lead in Ending Social Security Splits US
  • In Vermont, a Town-Meeting Revolt Over Iraq War
  • Flap Over White House Press Corps is Far from Over
  • Recruiters Finding it Tougher to Get Into Some NH Schools
  • Churches Big Winners in Grab for Micro Radio
  • Annan Says Women's Equality Hurt; U.S. Raises Abortion
  • Global Aid 'Failing Poor Nations'
  • U.S. Workers Voice Increasing Dissatisfaction With Jobs, Survey Says
  • DeLay PAC Lawsuit Goes to Trial in Texas
  • Haitian Police Open Fire on Nonviolent March for Democracy
  • Lebanon's Government Quits in Face of Mass Protest

    Sunday, February 27
  • Top Former CIA Agent Condemns New Terror War
  • Private Health Care in Jails Can Be a Death Sentence
  • Ché Guevara's Journey Leads to the Oscars
  • A City's Gays Defy Conservatives
  • Air Quality Officials' Group Protests Senator's Actions

    Saturday, February 26
  • Venezuelan Warns of U.S. Overthrow
  • For Many Vermonters, Iraq is on the Ballot
  • Justice Dept. Opposes Bid to Revive Case Against F.B.I.
  • Powell Criticizes Iraq Troop Levels and Rift with Europe

    Friday, February 25
  • Putin Loses His Smile After Lecture from Bush On Democracy
  • US Poll Backs Bigger Gov't Role on Drug Prices
  • 10 Voters on Panel Backing Pain Pills Had Industry Ties
  • Boost Women to Bust Poverty - Researchers
  • Hidden Costs of Israel's Occupation Policies
  • Empty Town: The Germans Bush Wasn't Able to See
  • I Saw Americans Kill Terror Suspects, Says Guantanamo Briton
  • Kansas Prosecutor Wants Abortion Patients' Files
  • World Bank May Fund Israeli Checkpoints
  • Tobacco Treaty Takes Effect, Without the U.S.
  • Senator Seeks to Curb Controversial "Patriot Act"
  • White House Press Room as Political Stage

    Thursday, February 24
  • President's Uncle Bucky Emerges as a Big Winner from Iraq War
  • Fresh Doubts are Raised Over the Legality of Iraq Conflict
  • Health-Care Costs Expected to Soar Over Next Decade
  • German Protesters Call Bush 'No. 1 Terrorist'
  • Nobel Laureate Urges Global Tree-Planting Campaign to Support Kyoto
  • Empty Town: The Germans Bush Wasn't Able to See
  • Brazil Environmentalist Shot in Rain Forest
  • With a Hush and a Whisper, Bush Drops Town Hall Meeting with Germans
  • Task Force Criticizes Bush's 'No Child' Law; 50-State Group Says It's Unconstitutional
  • Anti-Poverty Funds Come With Strings Attached
  • Both Houses of Congress Get Involved in 'Gannon' Case
  • Ward Churchill Gets a Warm Welcome in Speech at U. of Hawaii

    Wednesday, February 23
  • Sharing His Experiences
  • Peace Coalition to Assist Objectors
  • Revealed: The Rush to War
  • U.S.' Prewar Visions Get Further Out of Focus
  • Company's Work in Iraq Profited Bush's Uncle
  • World Council of Churches Asks Members to Consider Bringing Economic Pressure on Israel
  • Canada Will Not Join U.S. Missile Defense System
  • Bush Administration Policies Based on 'False Ideology' of Power: Soros
  • One Question Each: Europe's Leaders are Awarded Topics for their Presidential Chat
  • Thousands of Germans March to Protest Bush Visit

    Tuesday, February 22
  • If It Bleeds, It (Still) Leads
  • New Diseases Arise as Environments Destroyed, Says UN
  • Americans and Rebels Begin Talks on Timetable for Withdrawal from Iraq
  • U.N. to Debate How Best to Curb Mercury
  • Madison Politics Not Per Usual
  • Shrek Character is Target of Traditional Values Religious Group
  • Mayor Is on a Mission to Warm U.S. Cities to the Kyoto Protocol
  • Amnesty: Iraqi Women No Better Off Post-Saddam
  • Bush Disappoints Europe With Climate Change Ideas

    Monday, February 21
  • Pakistan's Gas Fields Blaze as Rape Sparks Threat of Civil War
  • American Troops Prepare for Assault on Sunni Stronghold
  • Violence Trumps Rebuilding in Iraq
  • Iran Readies Military, Fearing a U.S. Attack
  • A New Target for Advisers to Swift Vets
  • Venezuela's Chavez Says U.S. Plotting to Kill Him
  • Panelists Decry Bush Science Policies
  • A Third of World's Amphibian Species Threatened with Extinction: UN
  • 'Fear and Loathing' author, ex-columnist for S.F. Examiner dies of gunshot wound

    Sunday, February 20
  • Knocking on the Nuclear Door: Is Bush Triggering New Global Nuclear Arms Race?
  • War on Terror: A Switch to Covert Operations, Dirty Tricks?

    Saturday, February 19
  • The Final Proof: Global Warming is a Man-Made Disaster
  • Opponents of Bush's 'Clear Skies' Bill Bullied, Intimidated

    Friday, February 18
  • Exxon Chief Calls for Kyoto Reality Check
  • PBS Under Fire for Editing Iraq War Documentary
  • Veteran of Dirty Wars Wins Lead US Spy Role
  • New Data Point to Man-Made Global Warming, Severe Climate Change
  • US Army Destroyed Mock Execution Pictures
  • US Troops Say it's Hard to Get Medical Care
  • Brazil Orders Amazon Reserve After Killing
  • Files Suggest US Troops Tried to Hide Abuses
  • Groups Preparing New Push Against Iraq War
  • Negroponte Draws Criticism South of Border

    Thursday, February 17
  • Ridge, Pollsters Met During Bush Campaign
  • Iran and Syria Confront US With Defense Pact
  • Iran Calls Blast Scare U.S. 'Psychological Warfare'
  • Pressure Growing on Bush to Send Darfur Killings to The Hague
  • Greenpeace Activists Bring Oil Trading to a Halt
  • Sellafield Cannot Account for 30 kilos of Plutonium
  • Bush is Accused of Hot Air as Kyoto Comes Into Force
  • Scientists Find Dramatic Changes in Southern Ocean, Fear Climate Link
  • Iraqi Died While Hung From Wrists

    Wednesday, February 16
  • U.S. Contractors in Iraq Allege Abuses
  • Hariri Killing Sure to Bolster U.S. Hawks
  • Activists Hope Nun's Slaying in Amazon Is Catalyst for Change
  • For Democrats, Rethinking Abortion Runs Risks
  • States Limit Ex-Cons' Voting Rights, Report Says
  • MD Expert Reopens Row About 'Sexed-Up' Dossier
  • Exploring the Context of War: Educators Challenging Students to Research Past Conflicts
  • Become an Armchair Activist
  • New Documentary Takes Aim at US Media's One-Sided Coverage of War in Iraq
  • Iraq War was Illegal, British Court Told
  • Historic Kyoto Treaty Inked Without the World's Biggest Polluter the US

    Tuesday, February 15
  • Study Predicts City Flood Threat Due to Warming
  • 'McLibel' Campaigners Win Legal Aid Battle
  • The Life and Brutal Death of Sister Dorothy, a Rainforest Martyr
  • US Accused of Plan to Muzzle Al-Jazeera Through Privatization
  • White House Turns Tables on Former American POWs
  • Study: Homeless Shelters, Food in Demand
  • Iraq Vets Say Services, Compassion Lacking
  • Big Bush Donor Was Promised Ambassadorship
  • Corporations Painted in Red and Blue: S.F. Man Politicizes Purchasing Power

    Monday, February 14
  • How to Get Straight to the People: Control the Message, Stage the Event
  • Iraqi Election Catapults Critic of U.S. to Power
  • Iraqi Vote Gives Shia Parties a Mandate for Islamic Law
  • Gold Jewelry - World's Dirtiest Valentine's Day Gift?
  • Assassination Puts the Spotlight on Syria
  • 'Rendition' Case Takes a New Twist
  • World Tribunal on Iraq: Media Held Guilty of Deception
  • Iraq Rebuilding Operations Branded Scandalous By US Democrats
  • 'Over My Dead Body'

    Sunday, February 13
  • Pentagon Covers Up Failure to Train and Recruit Local Security Forces
  • Postelection Optimism Ebbing in Iraq
  • Climate Fears Prompt Energy U-Turn in China
  • Iran Warns U.S. Not to Play with Nuclear 'Fire'
  • U.S. Nun, Amazon Forest Activist, Murdered in Brazil
  • Global Warming: "Tragedy of the Commons" Revisited
  • US Army Launches Fraud Probe in Iraq Contractors' Killing, Disappearance
  • Cities Eye Ocean Waves for Power Supplies

    Saturday, February 12
  • Post Surgery, Granny D Speaks
  • Chocolate Industry Isn't Living Up to Labor Agreement, Senator Says
  • Their Objections to War Lead Activists To Do Battle with IRS
  • Bush Cuts Hit Democratic States, Analysis Finds

    Friday, February 11
  • Fast-Food Documentary Heading to Schools
  • Newsom Rips N.Y. Mayor on Gay Marriage
  • Quebec Unions Call for Wal-Mart Boycott
  • Poll Shows Drop in Bush's Job Approval
  • Democrats Want Investigation of Reporter Using Fake Name
  • Democrats Getting Lessons in Speaking Their Values
  • Children's Show Faces PBS Inquiry
  • Texas GOP Trying to Gut Ethics Inquiry, Critics Say
  • Despite Record of Atrocities, U.S. Moves to Normalize Ties with Indonesia Military
  • Democrats Aren't Giving Bush a Break This Term
  • Bush Team Tried to Suppress Pre-9/11 Report Into al-Qa'ida

    Thursday, February 10
  • America Still Holds 480 Nuclear Weapons in Europe, Says Survey
  • Pentagon Inquiry Said to Confirm Detainee's Allegations
  • Big Brother Thriving in High School Classrooms
  • 2004 Was Fourth-Warmest Year Ever Recorded
  • ID Card Proposal Denounced from Left and Right
  • The Battle of the (Bush) Bulge: Why Did the 'NYT' Kill Its Story?
  • U.S. Firms Said Lagging in Global Warming Fight
  • Germany Rejects Call for Rumsfeld War Crimes Probe
  • White House Queried on Media Policy
  • Britain Accused Over CIA's Secret Torture Flights
  • U.S. Scientists Say They Are Told to Alter Findings
  • As Union Nears Win, Wal-Mart Closes Store

    Wednesday, February 9
  • CNN Executive Says G.I.s in Iraq Target Journalists
  • Sistani's Vision for Democratic Iraq has Cricket but No Chess
  • Eco-Products in Demand, but Labels Can be Murky
  • How Canada Stunned Bush
  • Mining Executives 'Won't Pay With their Lives for Asbestos Poisoning'
  • Prof: Never Back Down
  • Good Ecological Sense Starts at Home: World Bank
  • Churchill Supporters Lash Out at the Media
  • Committee Evaluating 2004 Voting Annoyed by No-Shows
  • Iraq Death Toll Back at Pre-Election Levels
  • Westport Activist for Peace Never Slows Down

    Tuesday, February 8
  • Back from Iraq - and Suddenly Out on the Streets
  • Some Bush Foes Vote Yet Again, With Their Feet: Canada or Bust
  • GOP Fears a Redistricting Backfire
  • Bush Seeks Nearly 6 Pct Cut in Environment Funding
  • Strike Iran and Risk Huge Backlash, Blix Warns US
  • Military Gobbles Funds Earmarked for Social Development
  • States Failing to Pay Tsunami Pledges
  • Kuwaiti Prisoners Accuse U.S. Soldiers of Abuse
  • Western German Streets Fill Up as Carnival Pokes Fun at Bush
  • Oil Companies Impatient for 'New Iraq'
  • Cable Companies Provide Porn While Funding Politicians
  • Outsourcing Torture

    Monday, February 7
  • Activists Against Iraq War Refuse to Call it Quits
  • Anti-Terror Laws Attract Unwelcome Comparison With Despotic Regimes
  • Conscientious Objector Launches Web Site
  • Religious Right Fights Science for the Heart of America
  • Breaking Ranks to Shun War
  • GOP Takes Another Stab at Drilling in Alaska Refuge
  • An Idyllic Scene Polluted With Controversy
  • Protesters Challenge NYC Arrests
  • Veterans Protest Iraqi War
  • Chisholm '72' is Riveting Portrait of a Pioneer
  • Activists Against Iraq War Refuse to Call it Quits
  • CIA 'Outsourcing Torture'

    Sunday, February 6
  • Apocalypse Now: How Mankind is Sleepwalking to the End of the Earth
  • Iraq Shiite Leaders Demand Islam be the Source of Law
  • Bush to Propose Billions in Cuts

    Saturday, February 5
  • US Torpedoes G7 Agreement on Poor Aid
  • California Wine Country Considers Biotech Ban
  • Judge's Ruling Opens Window for Gay Marriage in New York City
  • Rice Talks Language of Diplomacy - But It Has Alarming Echoes
  • Social Security Overhaul is Long-Standing Conservative Dream

    Friday, February 4
  • 'Make Poverty History': People Power Gets to G7
  • Rights Festival Opens with Story of 9/11 Roundups
  • Some in Fargo Find They're Not Wanted at President's Speech
  • U.N. Experts Fear 'Irreversible Psychiatric Symptoms' in Guantanamo Detainees
  • Rumsfeld Fears War Crimes Charges in Germany
  • General Draws Fire for Saying 'It's Fun to Shoot' the Enemy
  • Iraq Oil-For-Food Audit Finds No Widespread Abuse
  • Democrats Register Significant Protest with 35 No Votes on Gonzales Nomination
  • US in Shock: In early election results, Shiite cleric's alliance trouncing Washington's favorite
  • School Halts Adopt a Sniper Fund-Raiser

    Thursday, February 3
  • Ideologues Poised to Kill Social Gains, Rights Leader Says
  • DeLay Critic Removed From Ethics Committee
  • U.S. Invokes Secrets Privilege in Torture Lawsuit
  • Global Warming: Scientists Reveal Timetable
  • Archbishop Tells Church to Help Save the Planet With Green Policies
  • Telling Details Missing in Bush's Account of Retirement Plan, Jobs, Iraq
  • Bush May End Amtrak's Operating Budget
  • Oakland City Council Settles Claim Alleging Police Assaults
  • Shiite Leaders to Challenge Allawi
  • Marine General's Blunt Comments Draw Fire
  • First Partial Result in Iraq Vote

    Wednesday, February 2
  • Gonzales OK Could Be Seen as OK for Torture Rules
  • Iraqi Sunni Clerics: Election Lacked Legitimacy
  • Videos of Riot Squads at Guantanamo Show Prisoners Being Punched and Stripped From the Waist Down
  • Dramatic Change in West Antarctic Ice Could Produce 16ft Rise in Sea Levels
  • Anger as American Troops Kill Four Inmates in Jail Riot
  • More Cannon Fodder, Please
  • Judge: Bush Administration Violated Endangered Species Act
  • Half of Bankruptcy Due to Medical Bills -- U.S. Study
  • Rumsfeld Mulls German Visit Amid Concern Over Possible War Crimes Prosecution
  • Rumsfeld Asks for Restoration of Nuclear 'Bunker Buster' Program
  • White House-Friendly Reporter Under Scrutiny
  • Evolution Takes a Back Seat in U.S. Classes

    Tuesday, February 1

  • Bush Urged to Drop Anti-ICC Campaign For Darfur's Sake
  • Climate Change Already Here, Conference Told
  • Pentagon's Guantanamo Courts Ruled Illegal
  • The Risks to World Social Forum Posed by Its Own Success
  • Low Voter Turnout by Sunnis Fuels Fears of More Civil Strife in Iraq
  • Professor Quits a Post Over a 9/11 Remark
  • Ward Churchill Statement
  • Doubts Cast on Allawi's Vow to Unite the Country
  • Military Facing Budget Gap with Halliburton -- WSJ
  • Dean Wins the DNC Primary
  • 4 Networks Reject Ad Opposing Bush on Lawsuits

    January 2005

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