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December 2005

Saturday, December 31

  • House That Jack Built Comes Tumbling Down on Tuesday
  • US and Iran: Is Washington Planning a Military Strike?

    Friday, December 30

  • Palestinians Attack Kidnap of Briton Devoted to their Cause
  • Review of the Year: Climate Change
  • How Bedrock Promises Of Security Have Fractured Across America
  • Italy's Pursuit of CIA Operatives Stalls
  • Sedition Project Aims for Posthumous Pardons
  • Oil Market Analysts Issue Dire Warnings
  • Coalitions Reject Election Results
  • US Reports Surge in Guantanamo Hunger Strike
  • President Bush's "Brownie" Quote Wins Award

    Thursday, December 29

  • Chilean Police Book Gen. Augusto Pinochet
  • Audit Finds FEMA Weaknesses
  • NSA Web Site Places 'Cookies' on Computers
  • Uranium Suspected in Iraq Merc's Death
  • Thousands Protest War by Withholding Phone Tax
  • Pentagon Calls Its Pro-U.S. Websites Legal
  • Anti-Imperialists Beware - Bush Is Reading Again
  • The Freest Press Money Can Buy?
  • Interfaith Leaders Invoke Morality in Healthcare Debate

    Wednesday, December 28

  • US No Longer Promoting Landmine Abolition
  • CIA Watchdog Eyes Renditions
  • Defense Lawyers in Terror Cases Plan Challenges Over Spy Efforts
  • Lawyer Says Rendition 'Part of a Larger Pattern'
  • Some Conservatives Return To Old Argument
  • 2006: Racing Toward Climate Disaster
  • Kurds in Iraqi Army Proclaim Loyalty to Militia
  • Many Iraqi Soldiers See a Civil War on the Horizon
  • Secret Surveillance Up Sharply Since 9/11

    Tuesday, December 27

  • U.S. Stalls on Human Trafficking
  • US-Shiite Struggle Could Spin Out of Control
  • Hometown Snubs Schwarzenegger Over Death Penalty
  • A Veteran's Iraq Message Upsets Army Recruiters
  • Bush's Envoy Sparks Another Diplomatic Incident Over War Claims
  • US Embassy Close to Admitting Syria Rendition Flight
  • Celebrities 'Hijacked' Poverty Campaign, Say Furious Charities
  • Greenpeace, WWF Slam Moscow Over Toxic Slick, Environment
  • Thousands Protest Election Results in Baghdad

    Monday, December 26

  • Nuclear Clouds Gather Over Asia
  • Internet Fosters Local Political Movements
  • Bush Presses Editors on Security
  • Violence Flares Up Across Iraq
  • Number of Troops in Iraq May Grow if Attacks Persist, Pace Says
  • Doc Makes Candid Comments on HIV Vaccine
  • U.S. Opposes Litany of Global Treaties in 2005

    Saturday, December 24

  • Federal Agents' Visit Was a Hoax
  • Emblem of Apartheid Resurfaces in Iraq
  • Alito Backed Immunity for Wiretapping
  • Ex-Powell Aide Moves From Insider to Apostate
  • Family of Hostage in Media Plea to Iraqi Captors
  • Spy Agency Mined Vast Data Trove, Officials Report

    Friday, December 23

  • Darwinism Hailed as Breakthrough of Year in Snub to Creationists
  • Israeli Police 'Tied Palestinian to Galloping Mule'
  • On Opinion Page, a Lobby's Hand Is Often Unseen
  • Police Infiltrate Protests, Videotapes Show
  • Double Rebuke for Bush as Judges Attack Terror Moves
  • U.S. Shelves Arabic `Propaganda' Mag
  • Wal-Mart Workers Win Suit
  • Wiretaps Said to Sift All Overseas Contacts
  • Congress Said No on War Powers: Daschle

    Thursday, December 22

  • American Global Warming Gas Emissions Accelerate to a Record High
  • Japanese Whalers, Greenpeace in Ocean Battle
  • Lobbyist Nears Terms on Plea Deal
  • Britain Will Be First Country to Monitor Every Car Journey
  • Iraqis Glad 2005 Over, Dim Hopes for 2006
  • ACLU Asks State if it is Providing Data to FBI
  • 'Impeachment' Talk, Pro and Con, Appears in Media at Last
  • U.N. Threatened with Budgetary Shutdown
  • Bush Denied Indefinite Patriot Act Extension
  • U.S. Senate Blocks Attempt to Allow Oil Drilling in Alaska Wildlife Refuge
  • Nun Who Defaced Missile Silo Released from Prison

    Wednesday, December 21

  • Cheney Argues for Nixon-Era Powers
  • Senators Call for Probe of Bush's Domestic-Surveillance Program
  • Spying Program Snared U.S. Calls
  • Lobbyist Is Said to Discuss Plea and Testimony
  • US Judge Bans Intelligent Design from Science Lessons
  • US Senate Vote on Alaska Drilling too Close to Call
  • Fewer African-Americans Enlisting in the Military
  • Iraq's Election Result: a Divided Nation

    Tuesday, December 20

  • F.B.I. Watched Activist Groups, New Files Show
  • Sunni Arabs Call Baghdad Election Results Fraudulent, Demand Redress
  • The Presidential Pipeline: Kerry Backers Still Feel Sting of Losing 2004 Presidential Contest
  • US Research 'Endangered Amazon Villagers'
  • Public Data Show Chemicals in Tap Water
  • Little Success for Corporate Water Lobbyists at World Trade Talks
  • Venezuela Gives Exxon Ultimatum
  • Army Allows Reserve Officers to Leave Rather Than Go to War

    Monday, December 19

  • Bush Faces Growing Storm Over Secret Wire Taps
  • The Presidential Pipeline, Part 2: Bush Money Network Rooted in Florida, Texas
  • Organic Food Takes Seed in Asia After SARS, Bird Flu
  • The Presidential Pipeline, Part 1: Bush's Top Fund-Raisers See Spoils of Victory
  • Once-Lone Foe of Patriot Act Has Company
  • Rise in Poll Complaints Troubles Iraq Vote Monitors
  • Past Rulings Don't Support Bush's Use of War Powers
  • Rights Group Reports Afghanistan Torture
  • War Data Cited by Bush Are Debatable

    Sunday, December 18

  • Sen. Reid Calls US Congress 'Most Corrupt in History'
  • Castro's 'Miracle' Cures the Poor of Blindness
  • Planted PR Stories Not News to Military
  • Bush Stands Firm on Big Brother Tactics
  • Bolivia's Hero Vows to Break US Shackles
  • Colombian President to US: Stop Meddling
  • Cheney 'Must Explain Rights Abuses, Detentions in Afghan Visit'

    Saturday, December 17

  • WTO: Draft Text Is a Raw Deal, Activist Warns
  • Spying Could Create Backlash in Congress
  • Bush Acknowleges Allowing Eavesdropping

    Friday, December 16

  • Bush Lets U.S. Spy on Callers Without Courts
  • More US Aid Flows Through Pentagon
  • White House Bows to Pressure Over Torture of Prisoners
  • In the Footsteps of Che Guevara: Democracy in South America
  • Amnesty Says CIA Detainee Flights Used UK Territory
  • Most Israelis Oppose Strike Against Iran: Poll
  • New Tests Fuel Doubts About Vote Machines

    Thursday, December 15

  • Global Survey: Who Do You Believe In Any More?
  • Pentagon Admits Keeping Database on US Civilians Deemed Suspicious
  • UN Highlights Desperate Plight of World's Invisible Children
  • Anti-Globalization Protesters March on Third Day of WTO Meeting in Hong Kong
  • U.S. Court to Weigh Evolution Disclaimer
  • German Abduction Case Gets Murkier - Did U.S. Pay?
  • Myanmar's 'Invisible Woman' Still a Symbol
  • Rumsfeld's War Plan: First, Attack the Messenger
  • House Backs McCain on Detainees, Defying Bush
  • G.O.P. May Harness Arctic Drilling to Pentagon Budget
  • Coca-Cola Faces Mounting Pressure over Abusive Practices at Plants Worldwide

    Wednesday, December 14

  • Pentagon Rolls Out Stealth PR
  • U.S. Ranks Sixth Among Countries Jailing Journalists, Report Says
  • Vandana Shiva Takes Fight Against Monsanto to Hong Kong
  • Row Over CIA 'Torture' Flights Engulfs Blair
  • Bush Friend Linked to Top Job in Russian Oil Industry
  • Israelis Grow Troubled by Bush Priorities

    Tuesday, December 13

  • Myanmar Agrees to Release Aung San Suu Kyi: Source
  • CIA Secret Prisons Reports Credible: Investigator
  • A War and its Fearsome Consequences: How the World has Changed Post-Iraq
  • WTO: Red Carpet for Delegates, Activists Get Harassment
  • Liberal Protesters Target GOP Budget
  • Williams Executed: Last Hours
  • WTO: ‘Importing Food is Importing Unemployment' |
  • Dr Who Saves the Earth (and Joins the Protests Against the War in Iraq)
  • Poll: Most Say Bush Has No Iraq Victory Plan

    Monday, December 12

  • Schwarzenegger Rejects Williams' Bid for Clemency
  • In Iraq, Campaign Turns Ugly in Days Before Election
  • Poll: Most Iraqis Oppose Troops' Presence
  • Maine Aid Worker Dies in New Orleans
  • Hong Kong on High Alert as Thousands of Protesters Fly In
  • Dow Chemical Said Shirking Responsibility 21 Years After Disastrous Gas Leak
  • Africa's Poorest Fight Hypocrisy and Vested Interests
  • No Word on Fate of Iraq Peace Hostages
  • Toxic Cloud Fear as Oil Blaze Rages
  • French Spy Service Warned US About Bogus Niger Uranium Claim: Ex-official

    Sunday, December 11

  • US Retreats at Climate Change Talks
  • Poland Launches Investigation into CIA's Secret 'Anti-Terror' Prisons
  • Military's Information War Is Vast and Often Secretive
  • Eugene J. McCarthy, Senate Dove Who Jolted '68 Race, Dies at 89

    Friday, December 9

  • Cindy Sheehan: 'I feel I'm carrying the world on my shoulders'
  • Congressional Scandals Register With Voters
  • Eyewitness: "I Never Heard the Word 'Bomb'"
  • Qaeda-Iraq Link U.S. Cited Is Tied to Coercion Claim
  • Torture Ruling Leaves Terror Policy in Chaos
  • Great Lakes Headed for Catastrophic 'Ecological Collapse': Report
  • Poland Was Main CIA European Detention Base: Group
  • Ecosystem Changes a Threat to Human Health: WHO
  • Hot Air: Summit Heads to a Close with No Sign of Progress
  • 'Rainforest Martyr' Murder Trial Begins in Brazil

    Thursday, December 8

  • How America Plotted to Stop Kyoto Treaty
  • Scientists: Greenland Glaciers Retreating 'At Alarming Pace'
  • Tire Giant Firestone Hit with Lawsuit over Slave-Like Conditions at Rubber Plantation
  • Acts of Defiance Against War Turned Ordinary People into Criminals
  • Passionate Pinter's Devastating Assault on US Foreign Policy
  • Campaigners Accuse Leaders of 'War Crimes'
  • Arabs Unimpressed by Bush Democracy Drive

    Wednesday, December 7

  • Does Anyone Believe Condoleezza Rice?
  • Records Show Burns' Abramoff Meetings
  • Watchdog Report Challenges Plan Colombia Effectiveness
  • German Citizen Held in Secret Prison Sues Ex-CIA Director
  • 2005 Costliest Year for Extreme Weather
  • Skepticism Seems to Erode Europeans' Faith in Rice
  • Gay Advocates Blast Ford's Pulling of Ads
  • DiCaprio Joins Tide Turning Against Bush Ov er Kyoto
  • Refrain Rises to Call Off Next Mardi Gras

    Tuesday, December 6

  • Food Crisis Feared as Fertile Land Runs Out
  • US Defense of Tactic Makes No Sense Says Legal Expert
  • Angry Activists Set to Hound Hillary Clinton
  • Sources Tell ABC News Top Al Qaeda Figures Held in Secret CIA Prisons
  • The Questions Condoleezza Must Answer
  • Ignore Africa at Your Peril, Think Tank Warns Bush
  • Illegal Trip Protests Guantanamo Prison

    Monday, December 5

  • UK Breaking International Law Over CIA Terror Suspect Flights
  • US Facing Pressure to Sign Up to Future Climate Protocols
  • Frist's Votes Found to Favor HCA Interests
  • In Venezuela, Chavez's Party Sweeps Legislative Vote
  • Saddam's Trial Will Not Be Fair, Says United Nations
  • German Ministry Probes What Govt Knew on CIA Error
  • More of Third World Fit for Wind Power: UN Study
  • Training of Iraq Forces Suffer 'Setback'

    Saturday, December 3

  • Protesters From 30 Countries Unite to Fight Global Warming
  • State Department Using Ideological Litmus Tests to Screen Speakers
  • US Turns Against Death Penalty as 1,000th Prisoner is Executed
  • Iraqi Journalists Condemn US Military Media Tactics
  • U.S. Denies Role in Venezuela Vote Boycott
  • Arab World Remains Hostile, Fearful Toward US
  • FBI Is Taking Another Look at Forged Prewar Intelligence

    Friday, December 2

  • Cities Voice Opposition to War in Iraq
  • Vietnam War Intelligence 'Deliberately Skewed,' Secret Study Says
  • Rights Group Lists 26 It Says US Is Holding in Secret Abroad
  • Covert Media Offensive in Iraq Sparks a Furor
  • Thousands of Firms Could Stop Reporting Emissions
  • Venezuela Touts Cheap Fuel to US as Bush Takes Heat
  • Majority Says Wal-Mart Bad for America: Poll

    Thursday, December 1

  • Flight Logs Reveal Hundreds of CIA Flights to Europe: Report
  • Fears of Big Freeze as Scientists Detect Slower Gulf Stream
  • Group Cites Trips for White House Aides
  • Bush: The Unpopular in Pursuit of the Unwinnable?
  • State Electronic Voting Examined; Deadline Nears
  • Hollywood Leads Campaign for Death Row Reprieve
  • Bush Accused of 'Recycling Tired Rhetoric'

    November 2005




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