Andrea Germanos, staff writer
"Consumers have little chance of justice when our courts take the debt collector's side in almost every case—even to the point of ordering people jailed until they pay up," says report author Jennifer Turner. (Photo: Bill Smith/flickr/cc)
New ACLU publication looks at how "debt collection industry uses prosecutors and judges as weapons against millions of Americans who can't afford to pay their bills."
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"If you're not with us, you're against us."


Americans spent President's Day wishing we had one, honoring the 44 former actual ones we did have along with a few fictional contenders - Vote For Lisa Simpson! - and marching to protest the sick hollow shell of a human being now occupying a once-lofty office. Meanwhile, after just one ugly, tattered, inept, felonious year in office, The Cheeto has already been declared by 170 political pundits the worst president in history. What a surprise. Said no one ever.