Jessica Corbett, staff writer
#JusticeForJane rally
"What this administration is doing to Jane is what they'd do to every woman in this country if they could," says advocate as government attempts to block teen from having procedure
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
flooding in Texas
Called an "egregious violation of the First Amendment" by the ACLU, Texas city...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"By cancelling DACA, Trump has put 800,000 young people at risk of losing their...


Cognitive Dissonance 101. Hours after her sick bully of a husband bullied a pregnant Gold Star widow, Melania traveled to Michigan with Betsy DeVos - currently bullying children with disabilities - to speak out against bullying. In an excruciatingly robotic appearance, the "FLOTUS" urged kids be taught "the values of empathy and communication (at) the core of kindness, mindfulness, integrity, and leadership." It did not go well.