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August 25, 2016

Dear Common Dreamer,

Journalism has been the cornerstone of democratic societies for generations. At its best, it maintains transparency and keeps those who have power accountable to those who do not.

According to a reader from British Columbia who wrote in earlier this week, Common Dreams is “the rarest gem” and keeps this vision of journalism alive.

AnThermometer - $38,000 left to go!other reader agreed:

THANK YOU for refusing to compromise. We appreciate your voice and honesty every day. We have sent the biggest donation we can manage at this point with the hopes that it may help. Thank you for keeping the voice AND the faith that if we all stick together, we can work together to ameliorate things for the better!

Now, more than ever, our world needs this type of journalism. We need journalism that speaks truth to power. We need journalism that can move people to action. We need journalism that can create change.

If you support journalism that is dedicated to our progressive values, please make a donation to our Summer Campaign.

We have just under $38,000 left to raise - so now is the time to step forward. Help keep our progressive voices in the media, and help us keep truthful journalism alive.

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With hope,

The entire news team at Common Dreams