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SEPTEMBER 21, 1998    6:09 PM
CONTACT:  International Action Center
Deirdre Sinnott  212-633-6646
U.S. Delegation Led By Ramsey Clark Returns From Fact-Finding Mission In Sudan; Ramsey Calls For Restitution In Destruction Of Factory
NEW YORK - September 21 - Ramsey Clark, former U.S. Attorney General, and a delegation from the International Action Center (IAC) will return to the U.S. early September 22 after a fact-finding mission to Sudan. During their mission they visited the Al Shifa pharmaceutical factory that was destroyed by U.S. bombs on August 20, 1998. The delegation interviewed surviving workers, families of the victims of the surprise attack, UN representatives, and visited refugee centers.

Speaking on September 20 at a demonstration of thousands of Sudanese people, Ramsey Clark apologized for the destruction of the Al Shifa pharmaceutical factory and called for the U.S. to make financial restitution, according the Associated Press reports.

Clark and his delegation will be returning Tuesday morning, September 22, and will hold a press conference at 36 East 12th Street 6th floor, Manhattan at 12 noon.

"The U.S. claimed that they had credible evidence that the Al Shifa plant was producing weapons, but that's a lie," said Sara Flounders co-coordinator of the IAC and one of the members of the delegation to Sudan.

"The fact is, we have abundant documentation that the U.S. charges are completely false. This was a life-saving pharmaceutical factory. Even the New York Times said in an article on Monday that the decision to destroy the only pharmaceutical factory in Sudan was based on guesswork. The U.S. wanted to punish the Sudanese for their independence and to show the world that the Pentagon can and will bomb anywhere, anytime with impunity."

The Al Shifa plant, that went into production just two years ago, raised Sudan's self-sufficiency in medicine from 3 percent to over 50 percent and produced enough veterinary medicine for all of Africa.

A public meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 14 at the International Action Center's office at 39 West 14th Street at 7:00 p.m. Video evidence and eyewitness testimony will expose the U.S. bombing and its ongoing effects on the people of Sudan.




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