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NOVEMBER 18, 1998   7:00 PM
The Progressive Magazine
The Progressive Magazine to Celebrate Its 90th Anniversary in January
MADISON, WI - November 18 - The Progressive magazine will celebrate its 90th anniversary on January 9, 1999.

Founded by Wisconsin Senator Robert M. La Follette in 1909, The Progressive features political commentary, investigative reporting, interviews, social criticism, humor, and poetry. The monthly magazine is based in Madison, Wis.

"We may be 90, but we're as vital as ever," says Editor Matthew Rothschild. "Many of the issues that the magazine confronted in its early years are even more urgent today: the power of corporations over our economic and political life, the concentration and homogenization of the media, the plight of workers, consumers, and small farmers, and the power of the Executive Branch to lead the country recklessly into war."

Throughout its history, The Progressive has published some of the leading social critics of the day. These include: Jane Addams, James Baldwin, Noam Chomsky, John Kenneth Galbraith, Helen Keller, Martin Luther King Jr., Jack London, Ralph Nader, George Orwell, John Reed, Edward Said, Carl Sandburg, Upton Sinclair, Lincoln Steffens, Norman Thomas, and Gore Vidal.

This year, The Progressive has added feminist social critic Barbara Ehrenreich and historian Howard Zinn to its roster of columnists, which includes Texas gadfly Molly Ivins and the poet June Jordan. Last year, The Progressive opened its Washington office, naming Ruth Conniff as Washington editor. Conniff is now a regular contributor to Fox TV News.

The Progressive has long stood for free speech, civil rights, women's rights, a just economy, a safeguarded environment, and a peaceful, non-nuclear planet. In April 1954, The Progressive published "McCarthy: A Documented Record," which went a long way toward discrediting Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin. And in 1979, it fought the U.S. Government for the right to publish "The H-Bomb Secret: How We Got It-Why We're Telling It," which became a landmark First Amendment case.

Over the years, The Progressive has won many awards. The most recent was in 1996, when managing editor Anne-Marie Cusac won the George Polk award for magazine reporting for her investigative story on the use of stun belts on prisoners.

In January, The Progressive is publishing a special anniversary issue. It will be a mix of the old and the new, featuring classic works by Robert M. La Follette and James Baldwin, as well as the freshest thoughts by today's Progressive writers.

The Progressive is also throwing a birthday party on January 9 in Madison.




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