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NOVEMBER 3, 1998  11:31 PM
The Interfaith Alliance
Amber Khan 202-639-6370 ext. 106
American Electorate Rejects Narrow Agenda and Partisanship; Religious Right Handed Defeats Across the South
WASHINGTON - November 3 -

Statement by Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy, Executive Director of The Interfaith Alliance, released the following statement regarding the 1998 mid-term elections:

As results from the mid-term elections are tallied and winners declared one message is clear. American voters responded to charges of a pervasive cynicism that would create apathy and disaffection by making a faithful decision to vote. Large numbers of voters from the mainstream of American life registered their refusal to be strong-armed and manipulated by people avowing a narrow agenda even when that agenda was cloaked in the language and symbols of religion.

The Religious Right's multi-million dollar voter persuasion campaign did mobilize voters. Ironically, the results were not what leaders of the Religious Right promised. Impatient with a paralyzed government that is challenged by innumerable issues of importance, voters went to the polls to say, "listen to us." This democracy belongs to all of the American people not just to politicians blinded by partisanship and committed to narrow issues of self-interest.

The American electorate said to its political leadership, "it's time to get on with the business of government." In many ways, this is a victory for moderate Republicans and Democrats. More importantly, this election was a referendum on values, the values of moderation and civility.


Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy is the author of Faith and Politics and Executive Director of The Interfaith Alliance (TIA), a non-partisan centrist organization of Muslims, Jews, Christians and other faith traditions dedicated to promoting the positive and healing role of religion in public life transcending the traditional left/right political spectrum. With a membership of 80,000 and a grassroots network of 112 clergy-led alliances across the country, TIA is encouraging people of faith and goodwill to be involved in civic life to promote civility, mutual respect and cooperation.




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