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JUNE 23, 1998
2:14 PM
CONTACT:  League of Conservation Voters
Lisa Wade 202-785-8683
Conservation Group Pegs Anti-Environment Congressional Candidates For Defeat
WASHINGTON - June 23 - The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Action Fund today named the first six Congressional candidates to its Dirty Dozen list of anti-environment legislators targeted for defeat in the November elections.

The first six Dirty Dozen targets are: incumbents Helen Chenoweth (Idaho-1), Charlie Stenholm (Texas-17), John Hostettler (Ind.-8), Mark Neumann (Wis.-1, running for Senate), Bill Redmond (N.M.-3) and challenger, former Congressman Bob Dornan (Calif.-46.) The remaining six Dirty Dozen candidates will be announced later in the fall.

"We've named these six candidates to the Dirty Dozen because they consistently vote against public health and safety protections and conservation of our natural resources," said League President Deb Callahan. "They vote to please the polluting special interests, not the public's interest in a clean and healthy environment. Our Dirty Dozen campaigns will take their anti-environment records directly to the voters. After failing to represent their constituents' concerns about the environment, we believe the voters will flunk the Dirty Dozen candidates at the ballot box."

In 1996, LCV's first Dirty Dozen campaigns helped defeat seven of the 12 candidates pegged by the LCV Action Fund as the most vulnerable anti-environment candidates for Congress. The list of defeated candidates includes former Congressmen Michael Flanagan (Ill.-5), Fred Heineman (N.C.-4), Jim Lightfoot (Iowa-Senate candidate), James Longley (Maine-1), Steve Stockman (Texas-9), Randy Tate (Wash.-9), and former Senator Larry Pressler (S.D.), the only incumbent Senator to lose in 1996. The average environmental rating for the defeated Dirty Dozen members was 13 percent, their replacements have since earned an 84 percent rating.

LCV Action Fund plans to dedicate $2 million to its 1998 Dirty Dozen efforts, 25 percent more than in 1996. The money will be spent on advertising, polling, voter education and local grassroots organizing efforts.

"People of all political stripes want, and deserve, public health and safety protections and an environment they can enjoy," said Mike Hayden, LCV board chair and former Republican Governor of Kansas. "The candidates we've targeted for the Dirty Dozen aren't responsive to conservation concerns, and as a result, may find themselves in November with a one-way ticket home."

According to the LCV Action Fund, each of the Dirty Dozen targets has compiled an extreme anti-environment record.
Rep. Helen Chenoweth (Idaho-1)
Lifetime LCV Score: 2 percent
Rep. Chenoweth was targeted as a member of the Dirty Dozen in 1996, and was narrowly reelected with only 50 percent of the vote. While in office, Rep. Chenoweth has voted against environment and public health protections 98 percent of the time. Chenoweth's chairmanship of the House Forests and Forest Health subcommittee jeopardizes the protection of national forests and public lands.
Rep. Charlie Stenholm (Texas-17)
Lifetime LCV Score: 15 percent
Rep. Stenholm has the worst lifetime environmental record of any non-freshman Democrat in Congress. He has been an outspoken opponent of stronger clean air standards and led the effort to block implementation of new food safety protections. Although he labels himself a "fiscal conservative," Stenholm consistently votes for anti-environmental pork-barrel subsidies that jeopardize the environment at taxpayer expense.
Rep. John Hostettler (Ind.-8)
Lifetime LCV Score: 14 percent
Rep. Hostettler has voted against environment and public health protections 86 percent of the time during his two terms in Congress. Although Indiana has the most river-miles under a mercury pollution advisory of any state, Hostettler consistently votes against water quality protections and enforcement. Hostettler's vote to slash EPA's 1996 budget would have cost Indiana $50 million in environmental enforcement funds-fortunately, these measures failed.
Rep. Mark Neumann (Wis.-1, Senate)
Lifetime LCV Score: 29 percent
Rep. Neumann vowed to "wage war" on the EPA by cutting funding for environmental enforcement. Neumann voted for the "Dirty Water Bill" which relaxed public health standards on water. He also cosponsored H.R. 1984, the "Dirty Air Bill," to delay implementation of updated clean air rules. His anti-environment record will not be well-received by Wisconsin voters in his effort to move up to the Senate.
Rep. Bill Redmond (N.M.-3)
Lifetime LCV Score: 21 percent
In his first term in office, Rep. Redmond has vowed to greatly decrease environmental funding. His cosponsorship last year of H.R. 1984, a measure to delay implementation of the updated clean air standards, has drawn criticism from the media and concerned citizens in his district.
Former Rep. Bob Dornan (running in Calif.-46)
Lifetime LCV Score: 14 percent
During his 18 year tenure in Congress, Dornan voted against environmental protections 71 percent of the time. He consistently voted anti-environment on clean water, even though his Orange County district would have benefited from stronger public health protections.
The non-profit League of Conservation Voters is the bipartisan political voice for the environment. LCV is the only national conservation organization dedicated full-time to holding Members of Congress accountable for their environmental votes. The LCV Action Fund endorses Democratic and Republican pro-environment candidates, makes donations to individual campaigns, encourages citizen support for Congressional candidates with proven environmental commitment through the EarthList program, and runs the biannual Dirty Dozen campaigns.
To learn more about LCV, the Dirty Dozen campaigns or Congressional environmental voting records, access the LCV web page at


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