Gitmo Solidarity Coalition

Gitmo Solidarity Coalition is a collaborative effort of individuals and organizations coming together to increase the power of our shared struggle to repudiate the practice of U.S.-sanctioned torture at all levels. Our focus is to close Guantánamo and to support the core demands of the Pelican Bay prisoners and other prisoners on hunger strike with them. We seek to strengthen collaboration among all groups and individuals who share our goals and to maximize our mission bringing justice and human rights to victims of torture.

Releases by this organization

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013
Nasal Tube-Feeding & Rally in front of Oakland office of CDCR
Gitmo Solidarity Coalition organizer Andrés Thomas Conteris — on day 80 of his fast in solidarity with hunger-striking prisoners in Guantánamo and Pelican Bay (the latter of whom recently suspended their hunger strike on Sept 5 after 60 days).
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