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Freedom From Facebook, a diverse group of organizations sharing deep concerns about Facebook’s extraordinary power over our lives and democracy, is calling on the Federal Trade Commission to use its broad authority to break up Facebook’s monopoly and re-establish competition in the social networking space by spinning off WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger into independent businesses. Freedom From Facebook also calls on the FTC to develop interoperability standards, so users will have the freedom to communicate between competing social networks, as well as implement strong privacy rules to give users more control over the collection and utilization of personal information. Learn more at

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Thursday, November 15, 2018
Freedom From Facebook Files Legal Complaint with the FTC Against Facebook
Today, Freedom From Facebook filed a legal complaint with the FTC against Facebook and is urging the commission to conduct a through investigation of the corporation. The complaint calls on the FTC to fully investigate the recent breach of 50 million users’ accounts, and conduct a broader...
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