We launched WeWillReplaceYou.org – we're fighting for an America that truly stands with all its people. We will elect a new generation to fight with #AllofUs

We will run candidates who who will stand with all working people. We refuse to allow a corrupt and hateful ruling class to continue destroying our country. We will organize a democratic revolution to make America a real, democracy for the first time in our history – where all of us have what we need to thrive.

Releases by this organization

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Monday, July 17, 2017
Dozens to Risk Arrest to Save Health Care for Millions of Americans
On Monday July 17, #AllofUs will be joining members of Our Revolution, Center for Popular Democracy, Democracy Spring, Physicians for a National Health Program, National Nurses United, Progressive Democrats of America, ResistHere, Ultraviolet, and the Working Families Party for a sit-in at Senate...
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016
25 Millennials Occupy Speaker Ryan’s Office to Demand He Publicly Un-Endorse Trump & Reject GOP’s Dog-Whistle Racism
This morning, less than 24 hours since Donald Trump repeated his call for expansive racial profiling, a multiracial group of 25 young leaders began a sit-in at Speaker Paul Ryan’s office. The occupiers are demanding that Ryan publicly reject Donald Trump and disown the 50 years of dog whistle...
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