Lies of omission

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August 17, 2016

Dear Common Dreamer,

A lie is an intentional deception. Where definitions differ is on omission—is intentional omission of the truth actually just a lie?

Either way, it’s hurting us. Every day.

Just this week we have another example: On Monday, NASA published a study about the connection between a methane “hot spot” and natural gas extraction, processing, and distribution. This is directly related to fracking, but of course hasn’t been covered by our corporate media counterparts.

A Google News search for “NASA study emissions” revealed 18 articles, none of which were published by a corporate news source. A further search for articles returned by “NASA fracking study” and published within the last week revealed just two pieces:

Search results for "NASA fracking study"

And it’s not just omissions in coverage on issues like fracking or the climate emergency.

Where have you read coverage in the past week on civilian deaths from US drone strikes? Or on US federal agents spying on climate protesters? Or on the six million Americans who are drinking toxic 'teflon chemicals' with their water?


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