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Students to United Nations: Stop Hiding Science about Global Collapse

Next 35 years of earth’s resource extraction will likely equal past 300,000 years*

Brussels - Representatives of tens of thousands of students from every European country called on the United Nations and the world to “stop withholding the science facts about global collapse, or nothing will be done to stop it”.

The students - representing 24,500 students from the prestigious Schola Europaea international schools - demand that the UN and other influential institutions “keep our future uncompromised with another 5,000 years of civilizations and inform the public of crucial scientific findings immediately by prominently including them in organization publications and websites”.

The stern warning and demand comes in the form of a letter to UN Secretary General António Guterres and heads of key UN agencies and European Union leaders. Emphasizing science, which the UN does not dispute, the letter points to the total failure to realize the decades-old UN existential objectives agreed by all nations: 1st sustainable development (1987) by preserving nature, 2nd stabilization of atmospheric greenhouse gases (1992) to stop global warming.

“The UN has failed to reveal to the public the undisputed scientific realities that nothing meaningful has been, is, or is intended to be done to prevent unsustainable development including climate change from inevitably resulting in global social and economic collapse.”

To realize the objectives the group calls for laws for Earth’s closed mass system including reductions of natural resource consumption and greenhouse gas emission by national per capita responsibility.

Student representative Zoe Sleath says, “As Albert Einstein warned, the political-economic-social laws of man must obey the physics-chemistry-biology laws of nature - ‘The laws of man must obey the laws of nature, or man will not survive’”.

The students request to prominently publish the facts in their letter - all of which are in UN science data which few people see - has been refused by UN officials.

Paolo van Dommelen, a student representative, says, “UN officials blame governments for inaction, who in turn blame electorates who don’t want cuts in the products they love which are made by means of extractions and emissions.”

Student representative Carolina Teixeira says, “Our philosophy teacher invited scientists to speak to the school; we didn’t know the facts presented, our teachers, parents and media didn’t; if this science isn’t known by the public, governments won’t act at the scale required and global collapse is certain”.

“The good news”, student representative Jules Pye says, “is that science and social media know that billions of years of evolution produced humans who first and foremost find happiness in other humans, activities and nature, not products. Decrease in material consumption, changing to fewer, lasting, quality products will increase, not decrease happiness and wellbeing.”

Annele Baltmane, student representative adds, “For 30 years governments have made no meaningful consumption or emission cuts, now they say that reductions required today are impossibly large. They should go on to admit that from their point of view, there will never be a right time or amount to cut - and this would mean collapse is inevitable, our future destroyed.”

Summing up, student representative Patricija Marijauskaite says, “Half of what Europeans and Americans consume comes from distant countries, if they collapse so will we. We have the science, technology and wealth to lead the world. The EU and US must do their responsible share or other nations will not. This won’t happen unless people including our parents, teachers and peers are informed by the UN now. This is why withholding knowledge about consumption and climate combining to cause collapse is such a truly terrible crime against humanity.”

*Key science withheld:

  • Sustainable Development - “meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” for nature from which humans, all products and all life are exclusively made: 30 years of complete failure, natural resource extraction has doubled in just one generation, this rate will fatally compromise future generations. The next 35 years of resource extraction are projected to equal the past 300,000 years, the time of the H. sapiens species. By 2100 humanity’s likely average lifetime extraction will be the equivalent of stripping off the top 1/5th of a meter from all ice-free land - and it won’t stop there.
  • Climate Stabilization: for 30 years of total failure, there has been no “stabilization of atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations”, destabilization records are broken year on year. Destabilization is now basically such as to cause 1.5°C warming; with the Paris Agreement fully implemented destabilization in less than 25 years will likely cause dangerous 2°C, continuing on to cause catastrophic 4°C by 2100 - and it won’t stop there.
  • Natural resource degradation, depletion and destruction combined with 4°C+ global warming will cause food, water and other critically essential shortages resulting in global famines, pandemics, wars, armies of refugees destroying everything; after 5,000 years of civilizations the inevitable and imminent likely result will be nothing less than global economic and social collapse.
  • Responsibility for collapse: Consumption is the cause of unsustainable development: the world’s 1 billion richest people consume 72% of Earth’s natural resources, the 1.2 billion poorest people consume only 1%. Cumulative emissions are the cause of climate change; UN Very High Developed nations (incl. EU, US) cause 70 times more cumulative CO2 emissions per person than Low Developed (incl. Nigeria and other African nations), 19 times more than Medium Developed (incl. India), 5 times more than High Developed (incl. China).
  • To stop collapse with another 5,000 years of civilization requires laws for Earth’s closed mass system: changing from quantity to quality, extracting the fewest possible natural resources, making only the very best, lasting, shared, cyclical products, with reductions by responsibility, eg EU cut resource consumption by 4% and emissions by 11% per year now, increasing with inaction.

For complete science and references see OurFutureUncompromisedScience.pdf letter attached.

Letters sent to:

United Nations, Secretary General António Guterres


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United Nations Environment Program, Executive Director Erik Solheim

United Nations Development Program, Administrator Achim Steiner

United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural Organization, Director-General Audrey Azoulay

United Nations Framework Convention Climate Change, Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa

United Nations Human Rights, High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet

United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, Executive Director Henrietta Fore

Intergovernmental Panel Climate Change, Chair Hoesung Lee

European Union, Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker

European Union, Council President Donald Tusk

Students available for interview:

Paolo van Dommelen,

Patricija Marijauskaite,

Jules Pye,

Zoe Sleath,

Carolina Teixeira,

 Additional science information, Birgit van Munster, Michael Wadleigh,, +44 7538 416407.


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