Statement on Trump’s FY2019 Budget by Brian Dixon, Senior Vice President, Population Connection Action Fund

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Statement on Trump’s FY2019 Budget by Brian Dixon, Senior Vice President, Population Connection Action Fund

WASHINGTON - Population Connection Action Fund’s senior vice president for media and government relations, Brian Dixon, issued the following statement on the release of Donald Trump’s FY2019 budget proposal:

“This budget proposal indicates that this administration will continue to push a dogmatic agenda to deny people everywhere access to contraceptives. Couple this budget’s call for a shift of global family planning and reproductive health support to “fertility awareness” programs with Trump’s Global Gag Rule and you get greater unmet need for contraceptives and all the suffering that comes with that.

At home, he promises to continue the misguided attack on Planned Parenthood clinics and further restrict access to the trusted care that it provides to millions of American families.

This budget confirms that Trump and his cronies in his White House of ill-repute are hell-bent on substituting religious dogma for evidence and that the gratuitous cruelty of their first year can be expected in the second as well.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that real investment in family planning, reproductive health and access to contraceptives saves lives, improves health and spurs economic opportunity for people everywhere – especially women and girls. Decades of evidence bears out the claim made by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright that this investment helps build “stronger families, stronger communities and stronger countries.”

This budget is a blueprint for disaster, and we’re counting on Congress to soundly reject it.”



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Population Connection Action Fund works to stabilize global population by fighting to ensure that every woman in the world has access to affordable, effective, and appropriate contraceptives.

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