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Women Blockade Trump Campaign Headquarters in More than Dozen City Protests Against GOP Misogyny and Racism

Morning actions kick off a wave of national women-led demonstrations organized as #GOPHandsOffMe

Today thousands of women are protesting in a dozen cities around the country. The multi-racial group, many of whom are survivors of sexual assault, are calling for all women to reject both the Republican nominee and the Republican Party more broadly and for members of the GOP to withdraw their endorsement of Donald Trump.

The day of protests started with demonstrations in New York City and Washington, DC. In New York, women dressed in all black joined hands to block the doors to Trump Tower. The women banged pots and pans, held signs showing a cat baring its teeth with slogans like “Pussy Grabs Back’ as they chanted “GOP hands off me” and “Donald thinks he runs this town, pussy came to shut it down.”

This latest wave of protests comes just a day before the third presidential debate and on the heels of tapes demonstrating Trump’s misogynistic behavior. In the past week a number of women who have been harrassed or assualted by Trump stepped forward to join other women who, over the past decade,have reported sexual assault by the man who the GOP has now nominated as their presidential candidate.

“It’s not about lewd language; it’s about promoting and condoning sexual assault,” said Cindy Wiesner, one of the action’s organizers, referring to Donald Trump’s comments toward women. “It’s unforgivable. As women of all colors, we reject Donald Trump and the GOP and call on the rest of the nation to reject them too.”

“It’s not just Donald Trump. The GOP has attacked women's bodies and access to healthcare, and used racism to divide us for decades,” said Jodeen Olguín-Tayler, who helped organize today’s protests. “As a Latina and survivor of sexual assault, I’m joining women across the country who are rejecting both Trump and the Republican party that has produced him.”

The black-clad women formed human chains in front of the doors of Trump buildings and properties in more than a dozen cities, stretching out banners reading “#GOPHandsOffMe” and “This Pussy Votes.” Many women of color shared stories of how they had been personally impacted by anti-women Republican policies. Repeatedly, the speakers rejected Donald Trump’s misogyny, connecting his behavior to decades of anti-women, anti-immigrant and anti-black policies supported by the GOP.

“The Republican Party is at war with all women. Black, trans, poor, and immigrant women are impacted first and worst,” said Brigid Flaherty. “Together, women have the power to reject Trump and the GOP and to live full lives free from fear of racial, economic and sexual assault.”

Today’s protests are part of a national wave of multiracial women-led demonstrations. #GOPHandsOffMe actions are being held throughout the day in cities including Boston, Denver, New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, Oakland and beyond. Organizers across the country stressed that women, as a group, have the political power to reject sexism, racism and xenophobia.

“When women act together as a group, we can change the world. Through our speech and action, women can make a world where women are safe, immigrants are valued, and black lives matter,” said Natalie Green, who held a sign reading “GOP Hands Off Me.” Olguín-Tayler echoed this saying “women, especially women of color voters, are the mobilized voting bloc that will save this country from the terrifying threat of Trump, a sexual predator, becoming President. We are putting all politicians on notice: get ready to be held accountable to our priorities and demands.”

“We know that Republican leaders are only abandoning Trump because he’s losing; they don’t care about women, Muslims, immigrants, or black people,” said Yong Jung Cho. “The fact is, the GOP has never cared about any of us. Even after Trump loses in November, the Republican party must be held responsible. We will never forget this.”

You can see photos of the events here.

These actions are echoed in a video series of short calls to action by more than two dozen nationally recognized women leaders. These videos echoing all over social media the past 24 hours include Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza, Immigrant Rights and MaCarthur Genius Award winner Ai-jen Poo, Reverend Angel Kyoto, and performance artists including Eve Ensler and Sarah Jones -- all thank women for rising up and demanding #GOPHandsOffMe.

Those videos are being collected at this website throughout the day.

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