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Molly Haigh, 907-750-1999, Thrilled with Illinois for Passing Automatic Voter Registration

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Today Illinois became the sixth state in the nation to pass automatic voter registration. Statement from Debra Cleaver of, an online voting platform that allows people in less evolved states to easily register, and allows everyone to quickly check their registration and vote by mail. They even fax things for you.

"Automatic voter registration in Illinois will be a huge victory for democracy. We at believe that people love to vote, and voting should be easy. Unfortunately, there are some powerful people who don't want people to vote, and they have been passing restriction after restriction to make voting harder. In the first election in decades without key provisions of the Voting Rights Act, automatic voter registration is just common sense."

States with automatic voter registration already: Oregon, California, West Viriginia, Vermont, and Connecticut (after they were sued.)

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