The New IPCC Report, Main Conclusions and the Story Left Untold

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The New IPCC Report, Main Conclusions and the Story Left Untold

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has today released the final part of the 5th Assessment report. For the first time scientists are clearly stating to decision-makers that they should aim for zero emissions.

COPENHAGEN - The fastest way to do this is to speed up the adoption of renewable energy, a process which is already happening around the world.

Greenpeace Head of International Climate Politics, Martin Kaiser said:

"For scientists, there is nothing vague about how to deal with climate change. Governments need to pay attention and phase out coal and oil now or end up doing it later at a much higher cost. However, those who seize the potential of renewable energy will leap ahead to a sustainable future."

Greenpeace Nordic Climate Policy Advisor, Kaisa Kosonen said:

"Renewables and the smart use of energy are the quickest and cleanest ways to cut emissions. Using any technology which 'handles' emissions rather than replaces fossil fuels is like smoking crack to solve an alcohol addiction."

Greenpeace Denmark Executive Director, Mads Flarup Christensen said:

"Other countries need to show Denmark's courage; we have committed to 100 per cent renewable energy and now we aim to speed up the process of saying good-bye to coal. This is not a bluff, this is the move of a progressive country with a very good hand of cards."

Greenpeace Denmark Energy, Climate and Policy Advisor, Tarjei Haaland said:

"Investors who don't see the writing on the wall and continue to recklessly throw their money into the fossil fuel industry's pit won't just be hurting themselves, but the economy of the countries in which they live. Any investment into coal and oil is dangerous both economically and environmentally."



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