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Stop the Frack Attack

Thousands to Protest Dirty and Dangerous Fracking on Saturday

“Stop the Frack Attack” is First-Ever National Rally on Fracking

WASHINGTON - Thousands of “fracktivists” will travel to Washington DC this week for Stop the Frack Attack, the first-ever national protest to stop dirty and dangerous fracking.

The 3-day summit will culminate in a rally on the West Lawn of the Capitol on Saturday, July 28 at 2pm, followed by a march at 3:30pm to the headquarters of America’s Natural Gas Alliance and the American Petroleum Institute.

More than 130 local and national organizations are joining the summit to call on Congress to take action to protect community rights, public health, drinking water, and the global climate from the impacts of fracking. They will also demand the closure of legal loopholes that allow the oil and gas industry to ignore parts of the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, and other bedrock environmental laws while fracking.

Who: 136 local, state, and national organizations and thousands of fracktivists, environmentalists, and climate activists.

Speakers include: Bill McKibben, Board President and Co-Founder of; Josh Fox, producer of “Gasland;” Calvin Tillman, former Mayor of DISH, Texas; Allison Chin, Board President of the Sierra Club; and community members from swing states affected by fracking.

What: First-ever national mobilization to “Stop the Frack Attack”.

Where: West Lawn of the Capitol.

When: 2pm,  Saturday, July 28th, followed by a march to America’s Natural Gas Alliance and the American Petroleum Institute departing from the Capitol at 3:30pm.

Visuals: Thousands of activists in front of the US Capitol building with signs and banners calling on Congress to take immediate action to stop dangerous fracking. Activists in hazmat suits will deliver jugs of contaminated water to the headquarters of the America’s Natural Gas Alliance, and large drilling rigs will transform into windmills in front of the American Petroleum Institute headquarters.

**Full schedule for the Stop the Frack Attack  is available at **


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Stop the Frack Attack will be a national mobilization on the West Lawn of the Capitol on July 28th, 2012. The mobilization has been endorsed by over 130 community based and national organizations and has an advisory board of fracking-affected community representatives from 8 states.

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