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June 13, 2011
5:25 PM

Kucinich to Secretary Clinton: Africa is Not an Imperial Holding of the United States

WASHINGTON - June 13 - Congressman Dennis Kucinich, author of a blueprint for self-determination and peace in Libya, today responded to reports, such as those in The New York Times, that Secretary of State Hilary Clinton urged African leaders to isolate the Gaddafi regime and to work with the Libyan rebels.

“There is a difference between diplomacy and threats. Africa is not an imperial holding of the United States; Africa should be left to make its own decisions about its dealings with Libya without undue pressure from the United States.  Such heavy-handed pressure from the Secretary of State appears to be in response to efforts by the African Union to facilitate a peace deal to end the war in Libya.

“The United States’ strategic and diplomatic interests would be best advanced by finding a peaceful solution to the conflict in Libya, not by threatening legitimate peace-seeking efforts,” said Kucinich.

See Rep. Kucinich Blueprint for Self-Determination and Peace in Libya here.



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