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Filmmaker Deborah Koons Garcia Calls Out Sewage-Sludgers for Ecoterrorism Smear

SAN DIEGO - Watch this video:

It was filmed at  the currently occurring BioCycle magazine conference in San Diego, CA.  On Tuesday, 4/12/11,  keynote speaker Deborah Koons Garcia, director of the films "The Future of Food" and "Symphony of the Soil," condemns dumping toxic sewage sludge onto farms and gardens, a deceptive and widespread practice.  She strongly criticizes her hosts and especially co-keynoter Sally Brown, a BioCycle columnist, for smearing opponents of toxic sludge as "ecoterrorists." BioCycle and Brown, a U of WA associate professor, promote growing food in sewage sludge which they always call by its PR term "biosolids," or simply refer to as "compost."

The Food Rights Network and the Organic Consumers Association are calling on Brown and Goldstein to retract their smear and apologize. See this News Release: Sally Brown and BioCycle Magazine, Supporters of Growing Food in Sewage Sludge, Call Organic Food Advocates “Ecoterrorists”

The conference is continuing in San Diego.  For more info:
Phone: (608) 260-9713

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