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Nathan Moore

Free Speech Radio News

Independent Media Beacon Faces Closure on December 20th

FSRN’s Major Funder Defaults; Newscast Must Raise $30,000 This Week

years, Free Speech Radio News has aired national and international news as it
affects real people and communities. But our project of bringing independent,
critical perspectives to the air is under threat.  FSRN's major funder, the Pacifica Foundation,
is experiencing financial turmoil, and has been unable to pay FSRN enough to
keep our operations going. The Pacifica Foundation currently owes FSRN more
than $160,000.

staff and board have been working around the clock to raise funds, and the
response has been good so far. Last week, we raised $35,000 from more than 350
generous individual donors. But we're not out of the woods yet. Unless FSRN raises $30,000 by Friday,
December 17th, we will be forced to go silent following our December
20th newscast.

"FSRN is
an incredible news organization that produces more quality per dollar spent
than any news medium I know of in the world," said FSRN Board member and Free
Press co-founder Robert McChesney. "I have been so impressed by the professionalism
and quality of FSRN that I agreed to serve on its board. I dread to think where
we would be without FSRN."

Speech Radio News produces a half-hour daily national and international news
program that is deeply rooted in the communities from which it reports. FSRN
relies on our extensive pool of freelance reporters to bring local knowledge,
depth, and context to our stories from around the U.S. and world. FSRN is the only
U.S.-based radio newscast with local reporters on the ground in the Gaza strip or the tribal areas of Pakistan, where
western journalists are banned.  FSRN had
local reporters on the ground following the Haiti earthquake and the Gulf oil
crisis earlier this year, airing important perspectives on these major stories.


The media landscape is changing fast

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tremendous coverage is really what makes it so special. We air stories that no
other media outlet covers, going to the silence and speaking out. And in our
coverage of national politics from Capitol Hill, we air stories of people
living the effects of policy, and we try to make sense of Washington
machinations for the communities we serve," said Nathan Moore, General
Administrator of Free Speech Radio News.

Based in
the United States,
FSRN strives to provide thorough and contextualized coverage from around the world.
FSRN's newscast is aired on 114 non-commercial radio stations, and our news
stories receive tens of thousands of hits per month at

To find our more about FSRN's
current situation and how to help keep independent media alive, visit


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