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College Professors, Administrators Heavily Invested in Midterm Political Elections

WASHINGTON - Geriatric medicine. Woodworking. Business. Psychology.

Educators may have varied academic interests, but some of the most politically active share one thing in common: the habit of donating huge sums of money to federal candidates, a Center for Responsive Politics analysis of federal campaign records indicates.

While the recession continues to slash institutional education budgets for everything from collegiate athletics to research and financial aid, political donations from employees within the education sector continue to flow during the run-up to 2010 midterm elections.

Contributions from the education sector this election cycle have come from across the country, and from employees of non-profit and for-profit educational institutions both. The donations largely benefit Democrats. And for some students, the partisan leanings of their professors are sources of curiosity -- something, they say, that could even affect the way they learn.


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