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September 21, 2010
10:00 AM

CONTACT: Climate Challenge

Brandy Baker 410.419.5033
Gregory Vickrey 202.487.1201

Climate Challenge – Environmental Media Program Internet Premiere

- September 21 - On September 22, 2010, Internet talk show Climate Challenge will premiere with host Karyn Strickler. Climate Challenge is the first and only media program in the U.S. dedicated exclusively to climate change and related issues.

The first premiere episode features the master of rowdy, non-violent civil disobedience campaigns, Randy Hayes, co-founder of the Rainforest Action Network and director of Foundation Earth. Hayes said, "The cathedral like rainforests are better off because of professional media work like Climate Challenge. Karyn Strickler's cutting edge commentary is razor sharp and much needed in the debate. False solutions are not to be tolerated and serious solutions emerge with every episode."

"Mountaintop removal coal mining, is nothing short of genocide, poisoning our waterways with lethal heavy metals, filling our lungs with silica, ammonium nitrate and inflicting a plague of cancers upon our communities," said former coal miner and Climate Challenge guest Chuck Nelson in the other featured episode. "Blasting creates the equivalent of dropping one Hiroshima bomb per week on West Virginia. Mountaintop removal coal mining isn't necessary, and we aim to stop it. As America citizens, we deserve protection from this heinous practice. We are not expendable."

Host Karyn Strickler, who is making her own Internet media debut, has non-profit leadership experience on environmental and women's issues and pivotal electoral campaigns, including Congressman Chris Van Hollen's 2002, break through race. She has directed state and national advocacy organizations like the Maryland affiliate of the National Abortion Rights Action League and the national Endangered Species Coalition and done grassroots political training on the international level. 

Climate Consultant Gregory Vickrey said, "Despite the fact that climate change is a daunting challenge, there is far too little coverage, knowledge or understanding of the issue, its consequences, the characters defining, it and the controversies surrounding it. As host of the show, Karyn brings unique political and campaign experience and a diligent approach to exposing climate change for what it is - a core problem of our time."

Strickler added, "Climate Challenge boldly explores every aspect of climate change and its relation to the environment, economy, national security, society and the future."

Our Climate Challenge website is under construction. Visit our interim blog spot at "Climate Challenge", which will feature a new show weekly. Visit us on Facebook.



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