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September 8, 2010
12:05 PM


Lurma Rackley
Public Relations Director
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Pakistan Floods: Two Million Children Will Miss Out on School

CARE rehabilitates schools and plans psychological support for children

ISLAMABAD - September 8 - "On World Literacy Day, the international community should look at the catastrophic school situation after the floods in Pakistan," says Heribert Scharrenbroich, chair of CARE Germany-Luxembourg on World Literacy Day, Wednesday, September 8.

Because of the floods in Pakistan, two million children could miss out on school at the beginning of this school year, either because their school buildings were destroyed or are being used as emergency shelters. "If children cannot go to school for a long time, then education, one of the most important pillars of poverty reduction, is being set back. Education is the springboard for children and young people to a better future," said Scharrenbroich.

In September, the school year started again in Pakistan. But in the flooded regions the start was postponed. The situation for the people of Pakistan continues to be dramatic. According to the United Nations, nine million children are affected, about 10,000 schools were damaged and 6,600 schools are currently being used as emergency shelters for displaced persons.

CARE will rehabilitate 42 schools in the Khyber Pakhtoonkwa province, near the border with Afghanistan, and will equip it with furniture and school materials. Most of these schools are girls' schools.

"It is also important that you not only to take care of buildings, but also the souls of the traumatized children," the CARE chairman says. "In the coming weeks, CARE will assist children with a psychosocial program. In a disaster situation, it is not only important to distribute relief supplies and construct shelters but also to take care of children and young people with sports and play so we can handle their depression and trauma. We will also carry out workshops in which parents learn to recognize the trauma of their children and help them to overcome them."

CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. We place special focus on working alongside poor women because, equipped with the proper resources, women have the power to help whole families and entire communities escape poverty. Women are at the heart of CARE's community-based efforts to improve basic education, prevent the spread of HIV, increase access to clean water and sanitation, expand economic opportunity and protect natural resources. CARE also delivers emergency aid to survivors of war and natural disasters, and helps people rebuild their lives.


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