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Rachel Corrie Foundation

Parents of Rachel Corrie Respond to Gaza Flotilla Attack and sailing of MV Rachel Corrie

WASHINGTON - We are heart-sick and outraged
about the brutal attack launched by the Israeli Military on the Free
Gaza Movement's flotilla of boats in the early morning hours (Eastern
Mediterranean time),  Monday, May 31.  The boats were carrying
civilian passengers and humanitarian aid into the besieged Gaza Strip,
and were clearly in international waters when this illegal attack
in violation of international law. 

The number of dead and injured
are still unconfirmed, but lowest figures reported are 9 killed and
34 injured.  The Israeli Government has still not released their
names.  Over 700 citizens from nearly forty countries were on board
the flotilla vessels.    

We grieve for those who have
been killed and pray for the recovery of those who have been  injured. 
We salute them for their sacrifice in solidarity with Gazans suffering
under a prolonged and immoral siege, which is itself a despicable and
illegal act of collective punishment upon a civilian population. 
People on board the flotilla boats included human rights activists,
journalists, public servants, and Palestinians hoping to reunite with
family members.  Some of those on board, we know personally. 
We continue to marvel at the courage, dedication, and moral clarity
of all these activists.  Like our daughter Rachel Corrie, they
were coming to the aid of the people of Gaza because governments of
the world have failed to act.   Our hearts, go out, as well,
to the families and friends of all those on board the flotilla vessels,
many of whom may still not know the fate of their loved ones.   

We call on the U.S. Government
and governments of the world to act now.  First, the well-being
of all the flotilla passengers still in Israel must be secured, and
the identities of those killed and injured must be released
Second, governments around the world must demand an independent
into the attack upon the flotilla and the killings that occurred. An
Israeli-led investigation into an international incident of this
is unacceptable.  Our family's own experience has made it all too
painfully clear that the Israeli military is unable or unwilling to
adequately investigate itself.  Third, the U.S. and other governments
can and must insist that other boats from the flotilla, including the
MV Rachel Corrie, named for our daughter, be permitted to sail through
international waters to Gaza unobstructed.  Finally, we demand
that the governments of the world act as courageously as did the
on the Free Gaza flotilla and, themselves, break the illegal and immoral

siege of Gaza. 


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Cindy and Craig Corrie 

Available for interview.
Please contact the Rachel

360.754.3998 or 360-359-6790 


Cindy and Craig Corrie are
the parents of human rights activist Rachel Corrie who was killed March
16, 2003, by an Israeli military, Caterpillar D9R bulldozer in the Gaza
Strip as she tried to prevent the demolition of a Palestinian family's
home.  Seven years after her killing, a civil lawsuit in her case
opened in Haifa, Israel March 10th and is now in recess until
The Corries have made numerous visits to Israel, the West Bank, Gaza,
and Egypt.  In March 2009, they traveled with a Code Pink delegation
from Egypt through Rafah Crossing to challenge the Gaza siege and to
witness the aftermath of Israeli military attacks several months earlier

in Operation Cast Lead.  In September 2009, they returned to Gaza
with the first Rachel Corrie Foundation Gaza Delegation.  
The Corries reside in Olympia, Washington, where through the work of
the Rachel Corrie Foundation they pursue justice and peace in the Middle

East and address U.S. foreign policy in the region..  The Corries
are recipients of a Human Rights Advocate of the Year Award from Seattle University's Human Rights
Network, a Pillar of Peace Award  from the Pacific Northwest Region
of the American Friends
Service Committee, and a Peacemakers Award from The Rebuilding Alliance
in Redwood City, California.


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