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Prof. Peter Erlinder, 
Phone: 1-651-271-4616

Second International Criminal Defense Conference

Law Conference Upholds Free Speech Rights: Rejects Rwanda Dictatorship’s Attempts to Censor Thought and Speech!

ad hoc organizing committee of the Second International Criminal Defense Conference, being held in Bruxelles on May 21-23,[1] 
New Times, for publishing several articles
drawing international attention to the importance of the Conference for
everyone concerned with continuing violence in central
wishes to thank Rwanda Chief Prosecutor Ngoga, and

ad hoc committee defends the right to freedom of speech and
thought and expects non-disruptive exchange of ideas that will be
subject to public critique, and historical/scientific evaluation, as
were those from Nov. 2009 Hague Conference. 

Ngoga mischaracterizes the historic Military-1 Trial 
Judgement of February 2009 completely rejects the “long-planned genocide” theory, which Rwandans are not permitted to question.( which:

all four defendants of “planning or conspiracy” to commit genocide, or
other crimes, either before or after April 6, 1994;

Acquitted the highest ranking officer to be tried at the ICTR, Gen. Gratien Kabiligi, of all charges; and,

Acquitted Col Bagosora (who is represented by Me. Rafael Constant of
Paris not Mr. Erlinder) of all charges that occurred before April 6 and after April 8, 1994.

The Kagame regime habitually calls its political opponents “criminals” as has been 
demonstrated in the arrest and prosecution of Madame Victoire
Inagabire and others, in the run-up to the August elections. Kagame
used the same tactic to virtually eliminate political opposition in the
2007 “sham- election” that formalized his monolithic regime.

Conference organizing committee rejects the Kagame government’s efforts
to outlaw questioning of the role of Kagame’s RPF in crimes that have
been charged to RPF opponents. Kagame/RPF responsibility for the
assassinations of the Presidents of Burundi and Rwanda is the subject
of French and Spanish indictments, and a wrongful death civil case in
U.S. federal court. 
RPF responsibility for these crimes has been confirmed by former
Chief ICTR Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte, and others from ICTR
Prosecutor’s Office.



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