National Insecurity: Poverty, Class and the Recession

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Claudia Rowe, Public Information Officer

Marguerite Casey Foundation

National Insecurity: Poverty, Class and the Recession

WASHINGTON - The Marguerite Casey Foundation
launches National Insecurity, an eye-opening series that examines
poverty across America in light of current economic and political

The stories begin with a national overview showing where
millions of
families are today – the California mail sorter who wonders how many
hours she’ll work in a given week; the single mother of three supporting
her family on $19,000 a year – and offers perspectives from economists
about where we may be headed as a country.

That snapshot segues into a detailed look at the Mississippi
Delta, one
of the nation’s poorest regions, where unemployment is far above the
national average and inadequate public schools collide with decades of
entrenched poverty. Here, a 21-year-old man struggles to graduate from
school while educators encourage him to drop out.

National Insecurity examines both the “new
poor”—victims of unexpected economic downfall—and those
trying to escape generations of deprivation. The series, which will
showcase new families, also examines how public policy directly affects
groups; how it shapes a family’s present and sets the tone for its

Narrated photo galleries accompany the written text. All
components can
be viewed in Marguerite Casey Foundation’s online newspaper, Equal

The series is created by Claudia Rowe, a former contributor to The
York Times whose reporting was honored in 2009 by the Neiman Center
Harvard University. Now working as Public Information Officer at the
foundation, she is nationally recognized for her writing on race and



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