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New TV Ad Campaign Shows Continued Momentum for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Five Figure Ad Buy Calls for Reform in Line With Schumer-Graham Framework

WASHINGTON - Building on important developments in immigration last week—with
Senators Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) outliningWhite House
and Senators Reid, Leahy, and Durbin expressing support for
action this year; and hundreds of thousands of people rallying on the
national mall
—America’s Voice is launching a five-figure ad
campaign to continue the drumbeat for reform in 2010. 
their forthcoming bipartisan immigration proposal; the

The ad
highlights the benefits of comprehensive immigration reform to American
workers and taxpayers, and calls on leaders in Washington to advance a
practical solution to ending illegal immigration.  Decades without
rational immigration reform have created a severely broken immigration
system and a second class of workers who are exploited by unscrupulous
employers.  By legalizing undocumented workers and leveling the playing
field in the workplace, comprehensive immigration reform will add $1.5 trillion
to the U.S. economy, drive up wages for all workers, and support nearly
a million jobs.

The America’s Voice ad campaign begins as
Washington is looking toward the 2010 elections
The ad reminds politicians that “Leadership isn’t about scoring points,
It's about both parties stepping up and working together to solve tough
problems.”  The Schumer-Graham effort is exactly the type of bipartisan
leadership the country is asking for, and members of both parties are
urged to follow suit.  In 2008, candidates supporting comprehensive
immigration reform beat immigration hardliners in 20 out of 22
competitive races
tracked by America’s Voice, and the trend
is likely to continue in 2010. 

Not only do American voters across the board support
comprehensive immigration reform, but Latino voters
see this as a defining issue and are looking for leadership from both
political parties.  They are also poised to make a difference in more than forty close
in twelve states across the nation.   

“Conventional wisdom has proven wrong time and
again on immigration reform, as it was with health care,” said Frank
Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice.  “These new ads call on
our political leaders to step up and do what is right for the economy
and American families, rather than continue down the path of partisan
politics that offers no solutions and no leadership.  Momentum is
growing and now is the time for action on comprehensive immigration
reform that levels the playing field, restores the rule of law, and
brings more workers and employers onto the tax rolls.”

The five-figure ad campaign is paid for by
America’s Voice and launches Wednesday, March 24 in Washington, DC. 

Click here to view the
television ad


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