Thousands Gather Prior to State of the Union Address to Participate in Live Stream of Rethink Afghanistan's "Cost of War"

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Thousands Gather Prior to State of the Union Address to Participate in Live Stream of Rethink Afghanistan's "Cost of War"

Brave New Foundation, CREDO, and True Majority Urge Americans to Rethink the "Cost of War" as POTUS Presents State of the Union Address

before the nation prepares to watch the President's State of the Union
Address, Brave New Foundation, CREDO Mobile, and True Majority will be
launching its first online live stream action.  Brave New Foundation
will live stream "The Cost of War," a segment of the critically
acclaimed documentary Rethink Afghanistan, giving concerned
citizens a chance to measure the President's proposals against military
spending in Afghanistan.  Brave New Foundation Director Robert
Greenwald and Political Associate Derrick Crowe will accompany the
stream by live blogging the event.  

Interested participants can join at: 

To view the Cost of War please click the link below:

are spending $190,258 every minute on this war in Afghanistan. Just
think of all the schools we could build, teachers we could hire,
mortgages we could save, and jobs we could create with this obscene
amount of money. We simply cannot afford this war that is not making us
safer in this economic climate; it is time for all of us to Rethink
Afghanistan." Robert Greenwald, Director, Brave New Foundation

is a war where a loss is inevitable and the only issues are the timing
and the cost. We need a concrete exit strategy."
Michael Kieschnick, President of CREDO Mobile

live stream comes in the wake of hundreds of citizens against the
Afghanistan War storming the White House Facebook page yesterday,
demanding that the President Obama detail an exit strategy in
tomorrow's State of the Union address.  They are among over 20,000
petition signers that are calling for President Obama to provide a
concrete strategy for the 2011 withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan in
his State of the Union speech tonight.  With all the concern regarding
an increase in the cost of war in Afghanistan, the petition managed to
gather these 20,000 signatures within of a couple of days.

To view the petition and White House Facebook page, please click the link below:


White House Facebook:

The live stream event begins at 5:30pm (Pacific Time) and will proceed as follows:

  • Rethink Afghanistan's Facebook Page will carry a live stream of the "Cost of War" segment of Rethink Afghanistan prior to the address.

  • Brave New Foundation will then proceed to present a live stream of the State of the Union address on the same page.

  • Brave New Foundation's Robert Greenwald and Derrick Crowe will be live blogging and answering questions from participants.



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