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Peaceable Assembly Campaign

Die In at the White House, Commemoration of War Victims

Minnesota Contingent of the Peaceable Assembly Campaign to Commemorate Wars’ Victims at White House Action

WASHINGTON - Today, a Minnesota contingent of the Peaceable Assembly Campaign will seek to commemorate
the victims of US war at the White House:

WHEN: 10:30 a.m., January 26, 2010.

WHERE: The White House.

WHAT: A die-in, protesting the U.S. occupation and wars in Iraq and
Afghanistan, highlighting opposition to the Obama Administration's
recent military escalation in Afghanistan.

WHY: To mark the beginning of President Obama's second year in office
and in support of finding alternatives to U.S. militarism.

WHO: Twenty-seven Minnesotans representing multiple congressional
districts who have come to continue lobbying their elected
representatives to stop funding for war. The action is the result of a
partnership with the Chicago-based anti-war campaign Voices for
Creative Nonviolence.


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The Peaceable Assembly Campaign seeks an end to the U.S. wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and an end to U.S. support of the continued occupation of the Palestinian territories. Begun in September, 2009, and continuing till June 2010, participants will engage in both legal and extralegal (nonviolent civil disobedience/civil resistance) lobbying efforts, urging Representatives and Senators to stop authorizing and funding wars and occupations. Witness Against Torture participates in PAC vigils during its January 11-22 Fast and Vigil for Justice (

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