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Congressman Grayson and Afghanistan Veterans Urge Congress Not to Fund Troop Surge

WASHINGTON - Congressman Alan Grayson, alongside members of Veterans for
Rethinking Afghanistan, urged Congress to exercise its authority over
the military's budget and oppose the funding of any troop increase in
Afghanistan this morning.  In a speech
on the floor of the House, Congressman Grayson read a petition against
the war of over 100,000 signatures and urged his colleagues and all
Americans to oppose the war in Afghanistan.  Congressman
Grayson and the Afghanistan veterans want Congress to stop President
Obama's planned escalation of the war in Afghanistan.

Congressman Grayson said, "The
goals of expelling al-Qaeda and overthrowing the Taliban were
accomplished years ago. The notion that an increase of 30,000 troops is
necessary to ensure America's security is absurd. It took about a
thousand Special Forces troops to overthrow the Taliban in 2001.  Why
do we need a hundred times that number now to keep them out? Instead of
spending billions on the other side of the world, we can spend that
money here to rebuild America. We simply can no longer afford this war.
The American people are tired of war."

veterans of the war in Afghanistan joined the Congressman at a morning
news conference.  Both are now members of the Veterans for Rethinking
Afghanistan. One of the veterans, Matthew Justice, echoed the
Congressman's sentiments that the strategy in Afghanistan has become
blurred.  "We have lost sight of our mission in Afghanistan.
Sending more troops will not make us safer, instead it will only fuel
the insurgency who views us as an occupying force,"
he said.

To hear more veteran voices urging Congress to oppose the funding of any troop increase, please click:

Congressman Grayson was also joined by Robert Greenwald of Brave New Foundation, who agreed that the war's costs are too high. "At $1 million per soldier per year, America can't afford this pointless war that is not making us safer," he said.


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