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Congressional Hispanic Caucus to Obama: “Terminate All 287(g) Programs”

Controversial DHS Program Racially Profiled Immigrants and Persons of Color

Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) released a letter urging President Obama to
"immediately terminate" the Department of Homeland Security's 287(g) program.   The letter stated that the
"misuse of the 287(g) program by its current participants has rendered it
ineffective and dangerous to community safety."

The letter states that the
program-which relinquishes the power to enforce federal immigration laws to
local law enforcement and correction agencies-lacked oversight, demonstrated
alarming mismanagement, deteriorated public safety and trust between
communities and local law enforcement, diverted scarce resources, and was
abused to "target immigrants and persons of color." For these reasons, the CHC
urged the administration to abandon current efforts to reform the
Bush-implemented program and instead terminate it immediately.

Last month, 521 local and
national advocates including the NAACP, ACLU, MALDEF, and others condemned
the Obama Administration's expansion of the program and asked the President for
its immediate termination.

"Sheriff Arpaio's rampant
racial profiling and civil rights abuses under the 287(g) program is but one
example of a national disgrace," said Salvador Reza of Puente in Phoenix,
Arizona. He added, " It is high time for the President to put an end to the
racial profiling, terror, and the suffering of our communities by terminating
the agreements once and for all."

Cesar Espinoza of America
Para Todos in Houston urged local chiefs and sheriffs "to preserve real
community safety by rejecting to re-sign the 287(g) agreements this month." He
explained that, "A program so flawed should be ended, not mended."

"Our country needs federal
immigration reform not local terror. As the CHC letter states, the 287(g) and
other similar programs fail to bring us closer to the goal of a renewed
national policy on immigration." said Diana Mejia Co-founder of Wind of the
Spirit in Morristown, New Jersey.

To view the full letter
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