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Climate Activists Drop Anti Carbon-Trading Banner over UN Motorcade

NEW YORK - Early Friday morning, at the end of the
first week of the High Level meetings during Climate Week in New York,
a caravan of police-escorted limousines and SUVs carrying UN delegates
was delayed as they approached the 42nd street bridge.A 25 foot banner
reading “UN: Cap + Trade is a Dead End” was deployed as the motorcade
drew near.

A group referring to itself as the
“Greenwash Guerrillas” claimed credit for the banner, and prior to a
hasty departure threw leaflets down onto the stalled traffic
articulating their demands:


  • We know a highly-developed campaign has been launched in the United
    States by the worst transnational corporate polluters, Wall Street
    financiers, and well-funded professional enviros along with their
    lesser-funded camp-followers to pass a bill, any bill, possessing the
    namesake of ‘the climate’;
  • We hold that polluting corporations have never advocated for
    anything that would harm their bottom line, their short-term profits or
    their shareholders;
  • We recognize that Wall Street financiers, responsible for a
    world-wide economic recession due to a speculative bubble collapse,
    have set their sites on a $14 trillion carbon trading system as a means
    of reviving their fortunes;
  • We know that corporate polluters have effectively defanged the
    mainstream US environmental movement.  Many organizations that appear
    to publicly support environmental defense are welcoming disastrous
    policy within the US and the leadup to the December COP15 Climate Talks
    in Copenhagen.  The mainstream environmental movement has become little
    more than a sounding board for corporate sponsors of profit-generating
    climate change legislation.
  • As a people, we cannot define the
    systematic destruction of our environment, the unprecedented
    exctinction crisis, and oncoming impacts of climate catastrophe as a
     money-making opportunity. We will not forget or forgive those who
    mindlessly, selfishly advocate a cap-and-trade system. The False
    Solutions agenda of the corrupt circles  of government at home and
    abroad will meet resistance.


    Agent Simple Green

    The Greenwash Guerrillas



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