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Robert Greenwald Presents Theatrical Release of "Rethink Afghanistan"

Due to Overwhelming Demand, Premiere Added in Washington, D.C.

to overwhelming demand, Brave New Foundation and Director/Producer
Robert Greenwald has added a Washington, D.C. premiere of Rethink Afghanistan
on the eve of the eighth anniversary of the war in Afghanistan.  The
D.C. premiere will follow the New York City premiere held on October 2nd, 2009.


D.C. premiere will take place on Tuesday, October 6th, 2009 at the
Mandarin Oriental Hotel at 1330 Maryland Ave SW, Washington, D.C.  To
view installments of Rethink Afghanistan, please visit  

The premiere will take place in Oriental Ballroom C and begin promptly at 8:30pm.  A panel will follow the screening, featuring:

*Rep. Donna Edwards, Representative from Maryland's 4th District

*Rep. Alan Grayson, Representative from Florida's 8th District

*Malou Innocent, Foreign Policy Analyst at the Cato Institute

*Fahima Vorgetts, Director of the Afghan Women's Fund

*Robert Greenwald, Producer/Director of Rethink Afghanistan

Rethink Afghanistan
is a hard hitting documentary that was among the first to raise the
hard questions regarding the military intervention and is currently
part of a growing movement to end the war. Launched in January of 2009
on a small budget, Robert Greenwald released a series of online
segments that that raised significant and serious questions in an
effort to change public opinion on the war.

Rethink Afghanistan
exposes the true costs of the occupation, the daily struggle facing
U.S. soldiers, and the hardships facing Afghan civilians and women,
featuring interviews with military personnel, policy experts,
journalists, politicians, and Afghan civilians. 

echo chambers in Washington have long argued that Afghanistan is the
war of necessity. This reasoning excluded any opposing viewpoints and
has mired us in what is now perceived as the endless war.  With well
over 500,000 viewers and growing, we are pleased that Rethink
Afghanistan is now at center of the movement to end the war."
 Robert Greenwald, Director, Rethink Afghanistan

recent months, with waning support for the war, hundreds of everyday
Americans have gathered to watch segments of the documentary through
grass roots screenings in local churches, theaters, and community
centers across the country. Rethink Afghanistan is currently being embraced by the growing movement to end the war.



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