Progressive Organization Brave New Films' Lawsuit Forces Apology From Michael Savage's Right-Wing National Radio Network

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Progressive Organization Brave New Films' Lawsuit Forces Apology From Michael Savage's Right-Wing National Radio Network

Apology Arrives on Eve of Radio Talk Show Host Michael Savage Getting Dropped from his Flagship Station KNEW-910 AM

September 29, 2008, Michael Savage's national radio network sent
YouTube a takedown notice demanding the removal of the Brave New Films
(BNF) video "Michael Savage Hates Muslims."  As a result, YouTube took
down all of BNF's online content.  BNF sued Michael Savage and his
radio company, The Original Talk Radio Network, Inc. (OTRN), for
damages caused by the removal of BNF's content and to vindicate BNF's
free speech rights.  BNF was represented pro bono by Bingham McCutchen
LLP and Stanford Center for Internet and Society's "Fair Use Project,"
which was founded in 2006 to provide legal support to a range of
projects designed to clarify, and extend, the boundaries of "fair use"
in order to enhance creative freedom. 

were not going to allow extreme members of the right to intimidate
progressive organizations into inaction.  Mr. Savage systematically
targeted the Council on American Islamic Relations for simply printing
his hateful words onto one of their fundraising materials.  These
despicable acts, as well as Mr. Savage's hateful rants against Muslims
on his radio show, spurred us into action
." Robert Greenwald, Producer, Brave New Films 

up to the 2008 elections, Michael Savage spent much of his time spewing
hatred towards Muslims on his radio show.  That same year, Michael
Savage decided to target the Council on American Islamic Relations
(CAIR).  It was at that point that Brave New Films released the video,
"Michael Savage Hates Muslims".

His radio commentary, as well as the "Michael Savage Hates Muslims" video, can be viewed at:

August 21, 2009, OTRN and Michael Savage reached a settlement with
Brave New Films that included a written apology. The apology reads as

A free and independent press is essential to the health of a functioning democracy

acknowledges that it made a mistake by asking YouTube to remove Brave
New Films' video "Michael Savage Hates Muslims" from the YouTube site. 
Upon further examination, it is clear that video should not have been
included in OTRN's September 29, 2009 takedown notice.  OTRN apologizes
for this error."
Settlement Agreement Written Apology, August 21, 2009


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