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Former CIA Operatives Agree: American Occupation of Afghanistan Threatens US Security

Brave New Foundation Interviews Former CIA Operatives on National Security

LOS ANGELES - Afghanistan holds their elections this week and Gen. Stanley A.
McChrystal prepares to request additional resources for the war in
Afghanistan, former CIA operatives raise US security concerns due to
the American presence in Afghanistan.  Former operatives assert that
the US occupation of Afghanistan is a fruitless effort with unclear
objectives and no possibility of a definite end. They contend that
ultimately, this war only threatens the safety and security of
Americans, both in the US and abroad.

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"Our original objective in Afghanistan was to find Al-Qaeda leader
Osama Bin Laden. Eight years later, there is no Al-Qaeda left in
Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda has all fled to the Pashtun border of Pakistan.
The last thing we want is for Al-Qaeda, an international terrorist
organization to destabilize Pakistan and take over their nuclear
weaponry."  Bob Baer, Former Officer at the Central Intelligence Agency

"Both wars have made the Middle East and the world much more dangerous
for Americans and for any American presence overseas. Its creating much
greater hostility towards  the US and crating a whole lot more people
that would be happy to kill Americans or join in some kind of terrorist
operation." Graham Fuller, former Station Chief in Kabul for the CIA.

"I don't think the strategy we're pursuing right now, which is focused
on building up the Afghan army, building up the national police and
trying to establish central government control throughout Afghanistan
is going to work." Robert Grenier, Former Director for the CIA
Counterterrorism Center

Former CIA operative Bob Baer states that over the last eight years,
the US has changed its main objective from finding and destroying
Al-Qaeda to the never-ending arduous task of nation building. American
efforts in Afghanistan have only increased activity and membership of
the Taliban, a nationalist organization unaffiliated with Al-Qaeda.  He
explains that American involvement has only served to push the Taliban
into the mountains, endanger Pakistan, and ensnare the US in an Afghan
civil war.  Baer concludes that US efforts in Afghanistan only further
destabilize the region, and does nothing to protect the safety of the
American people.


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