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CEOs Reap Benefits While Insurance Companies Systematically Deny Care to Ill Policy Holders

CEOs Reap Benefits While Insurance Companies Systematically Deny Care to Ill Policy Holders

WASHINGTON - As Congress breaks for recess and the health insurance industry
prepares to blitz the American public with attack ads on health care
reform, Brave New Films kicks off its new "Sick for Profit" online
campaign at
The first video contrasts the lavish lifestyle and extravagant earnings
of United Health Group's (UHG) CEO with their policyholders, who suffer
from severe medical conditions but have been denied proper medical
care. According to Forbes magazine, United Health Group CEO Stephen
Hemsley owns three-quarters of a billion dollars in UHG stock options,
and his 2008 compensation was a whopping $3,241,042.00.

At the same time, UHG is unwilling to provide the care for its
insured.  UHG patient Holly Bailey suffers from idiopathic
pseudoobstruction.  Ms. Bailey's gastrointestinal system is unable to
absorb nutrients from food.  Despite having gone through a series of
invasive procedures, baffled doctors determined that Ms. Bailey could
only survive through the use of TNP, or total parenteral nutrition
(intravenous feeding as her sole source of nutrition).  However, UHG
denied Ms. Bailey the TNP her body needed, citing that it was an
unnecessary procedure.  UHG refused to pay for the only form of
treatment that could save Ms. Bailey's life, forcing her and her family
to come up with the $6,000 cost. Only by taking out a loan on their
home were Ms. Bailey's parents able to come up with the money to pay
for the costs of treatment.

"They deemed [TNP] 'medically unnecessary' and that they were not going
to pay for any of it.  I tried to explain to them that if I do not have
this, I will die, and still they refused." Holly Bailey, United Health
Group Patient

Stories such as that of Holly Bailey and others are highlighted in the videos.

As the health care debate rages on, powerful insurance companies are
spending millions of dollars to control the direction of the debate,
obfuscate these issues.

*According to



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