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Waging Nonviolence

New Website Launches to Cover Nonviolent Actions and Campaigns Around the World

NEW YORK - Journalists and activists have launched a new website, called Waging Nonviolence (,
that provides news, analysis, and original reporting on the use of
nonviolence by ordinary people around the world in their struggle for

With currently no other website offering daily comprehensive
coverage of nonviolent actions—such as marches, sit-ins, strikes, or
fasting—Waging Nonviolence aims to fill that important role and show,
as Margaret Mead once said, that small groups of thoughtful, committed
citizens can change the world.

One feature on the site that captures Mead’s sentiment is
“Experiments with Truth,” a daily digest of the most interesting and
important stories of people using nonviolence, picked from a variety of
news sources and condensed into a brief summary with links to read

In addition, there will also be periodic dispatches from
on-the-ground journalists and activists covering or taking part in
nonviolent actions. Waging Nonviolence has a growing network of such
contributors, including Kathy Kelly, the co-coordinator of Voices for
Creative Nonviolence.

The blog also aims to serve as a place for vibrant discussion by
activists, scholars, students, and critics, as well as those just
discovering nonviolence, on subjects ranging from theory to strategy
and tactics. Far from being strictly about hard news and academic
analysis, Waging Nonviolence will include posts about the history and
culture of nonviolence, as well as the latest on articles, books, and
movies that both support and challenge nonviolent principles.

To learn more, visit: The RSS feed is located at

the content is of interest to your organization, please spread the word
and consider adding a link to Waging Nonviolence on your website.


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