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New Ad: Will Specter Choose Wall Street or Workers?

WASHINGTON - Launching the first television advertisement since Senator Specter
switched party affiliations, American Rights at Work asks the Senator
if he will stand with America's workers and support the Employee Free
Choice Act or choose to back the corporate interests responsible for
our nation's economic meltdown. This ad serves as a reminder to Senator
Specter that workers in Pennsylvania and across the country are
counting on Congress to make the economy work for everyone again.

"This new ad makes it clear that the debate on the Employee Free Choice
is really a choice between helping the corporations that drove this
economy out of balance or helping working people who are losing their
homes and their jobs," said American Rights at Work Acting Executive
Director Kimberly Freeman. "We hope Senator Specter will join the
President and the majority of Congress who understand that if we truly
wish to restore our middle class, workers must be able to bargain, not
borrow their way to a better life."

Big corporations and CEOs are fighting the Employee Free Choice Act
because they want to maintain the status quo - an environment in which
they get richer while workers are struggling to just get by. Opponents
of workers' rights have attempted to say and do anything to distract
from the issue at hand, yet a majority of the public remains hungry for
real solutions for our struggling middle class.

"Without workers' freedom to bargain, the economy can't be rebuilt
in a way that guarantees the middle class will be rebuilt with it,"
said Freeman. "Thankfully the Employee Free Choice Act would put real
money into the hands of working families without costing the government
a dime. So as we look for a way out of our economic crisis, we must not
miss this opportunity to reform our obsolete labor laws so that workers
can have a fair and direct path to forming unions, meaningful penalties
are established for employers who violate the law, and workers and
employers can secure a contract in a reasonable period of time."

The ad joins increased efforts in Pennsylvania this week from the
broad coalition supporting the legislation. Actions include 10,000
phone calls to the Senator's office, an endorsement from 100 small
business owners, multiple roundtable events with community leaders, and
labor walks throughout the state.

To view the new ad and for more information, visit or

Below is the script for the new TV ad:

"The Right Thing" TV: 30

Pennsylvania backed Specter when he was the deciding vote for President Obama's stimulus package.

It's already bringing new jobs.

Specter usually does the right thing.

Two years ago; he supported the Employee Free Choice Act, to help working people join together for fair pay and benefits.

So now, where will Specter stand?

With Obama, Biden, and the working families of Pennsylvania...

Or with greedy CEOs, and Big Business lobbyists?

Call and Tell Specter Pennsylvania's for him.....As long as he's for the Employee Free Choice Act.



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