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Culminating a Week of Lobbying, Afghanistan Vets to Stage Action in Front of Capitol Building in Opposition to War Supplemental

WASHINGTON - Afghanistan war veteran and retired Marine Corporal Rick
Reyes along with other Afghanistan veterans are set to demonstrate
public opposition to the $94 billion war supplemental. The action is a
culmination of a week of successful activities and lobby visits.

What:  Veterans culminate week of lobby visit with strong opposition to war supplemental
Where: East front of the US Capitol Building
When: Thursday, May 14, 11:30 a.m.

The veterans' efforts have prompted congressional offices to co-sponsor
the Jim McGovern amendment that would require the administration to
provide an exit plan for Afghanistan no later than December 2009.
Veterans were also warmly received by the Congressional Progressive
Caucus with Cpl. Reyes being invited to participate in a forum
featuring an expert panel on Afghanistan policy. Veterans have left a
long-lasting impression on congressional offices across Capitol Hill.

"I could not sit idle and watch as Congress approves close to $100
billion without having answered pertinent questions on Afghanistan. We
still don't have an exit strategy or benchmarks. There are lots of
questions that must still be answered. We must rethink our approach to
the war in Afghanistan." Marine Corporal Rick Reyes, Afghanistan Veteran

"I hope that in having shared my experiences with Congress I was able
to have an impact on policy that will have a lasting effect on American
troops and Afghan civilians alike."  Marine Jake Diliberto, Afghanistan

Rick Reyes and the group of veterans will gather in front of US Capitol
building beginning at 11:30 a.m. on Thursday. The veterans were
motivated to come to DC after listening to Cpl. Rick Reyes testify
before the US Senate Foreign Relations where he strongly criticized the
escalation of troops and the increase of funding for the Afghanistan

Brave New Foundation's Rethink Afghanistan is partnering with CREDO Mobile to support the vets in their efforts.

To learn more about Rick Reyes or the Rethink Afghanistan documentary campaign, please visit:


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