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National Ad Campaign for Employee Free Choice Act Intensifies

Nationwide - A national ad campaign by American Rights at Work is intensifying to
build on the momentum from the spring recess and the thousands of
people who continue to participate in grassroots activity in support of
the Employee Free Choice Act. Coming off of two weeks of roundtables,
small business events, women's forums, corporate protests, and letter
writing and phone banking, working families are reaching a crescendo of
activity in favor of legislation that will give workers the freedom to
bargain with corporations for better wages and benefits.

"Opponents of workers' rights have attempted to say and do anything
to distract from the issue at hand, yet a majority of the public
remains committed to fighting for real solutions for our struggling
middle class," said American Rights at Work Chair David Bonior. "We are
resolute in our message that the Employee Free Choice Act is urgently
needed to create fairness in this economy and ensure workers can
bargain for a better life. Our elected leaders cannot allow the CEOs
who got us into this economic crisis to deny workers a fair shot at the
American Dream."

The momentum for the Employee Free Choice Act continues to grow,
with more than 400 grassroots events, 27,000 letters, and 100,000 phone
calls to Congress taking place during the recess. The enormous
groundswell of support across the country reflects the public's desire
for real solutions like the Employee Free Choice Act.

"This recess, we refused to allow our leaders to forget that workers
across the country are counting on them to make the economy work for
everyone again. This upsurge of activity sends the strong message to
Congress that we can, we must, and we will pass the Employee Free
Choice Act," Bonior concluded.

To view the ads and for more information, visit or
Below are the scripts for the renewed TV ad campaign:

"Fabric of America" TV: 30

"It's an idea that makes America strong.

It's a fair day's pay for a hard day's work.

It's health insurance when you're sick or injured.

It's job security to provide for your family.

It's the fabric of a sound economy. 
It built the middle class.

And it's what the Employee Free Choice Act is all about...

Letting workers choose to join a union to earn better pay and benefits.

The Employee Free Choice Act.

It's time our economy worked for everyone again."


"Greed" TV: 30


"It's the Wall Street way of doing business.

Getting rich is everything.
Reward yourself for failure.

Employees don't matter.

Exploiting them is acceptable.

Don't let workers get ahead.

That's why they think they deserve bailouts and bonuses for bringing our economy down.

And then turn around and try to keep workers from joining unions to earn better wages and benefits.

Don't let them get away with it.

Tell Congress to pass the Employee Free Choice Act now.

It's time the economy worked for everyone again."


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